Heart Of Gold review by Ashlyne Huff

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  • Sound: 8
  • Lyrics: 7
  • Overall Impression: 8
  • Reviewer's score: 7.7 Good
  • Users' score: 3 (7 votes)
Ashlyne Huff: Heart Of Gold

Sound — 8
Singer-songwriter Ashlyne Huff trusses dancehall-pop grids with a power pop grinding relatable to The Ting Tings, and infuses electro-pop rattling with a sassy voicing reminiscent of Jo-Jo on her new release Heart Of Gold from Liquid Digital Media. The 5-track EP crisscrosses genres from the club-hop of Trippin' It Up to the soft billowy acoustics of Sweet Nothing and the dark guitar-rock raptures seething and shuddering across Heartbeat and Make It Rain. The songs are molded by the electric guitars and supported by the molten flexing in the rhythmic beating. Every song has a good balance between electro-pop frizz and substantive rock-inspired swells with the exception of Comeback which is sullied by a bumblegum-pop finish that makes it fall into The Jonas Brothers territory.

Lyrics — 7
The lyrics are loaded with relatable sentiments dealing with life, love, and loss like in the title track emphasizing Let me tell you, you're gonna miss this heart of gold / Can you shut up for long enough to hear what I have to say just once / We're not gonna talk about it later, now is the time I won't be here tomorrow but you just might / You are everything that I can live my life without. Other lyrics have a penetrative hook like in Make It Rain when Huff touts, You wanna fix my problems / You wanna fight my battles / You wanna make it better like a love letter / You wanna be my hero / You wanna hold my hand Don't care what you do / Just make it rain.

Overall Impression — 8
Though Ashlyne Huff's songs are club-oriented, they are also perfect to be the soundtrack to individual lives. The lyrics are personable and the music stimulates activity whether it spurs your feet to move, your heart to pulse faster, or your mind to reflect deeper about personal issues. Electric guitars are not always a component in electro-pop tunage, but on Huff's album, the guitar sound is prominent without overwhelming the other instruments. Huff's album is a strong debut for the singer-songwriter and has the potential to launch her into commercial radio.

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    "Dancehall-pop," "electro-pop frizz," "dark guitar-rock," "molten flexing in the rhythmic beating" .... Yeah, stick to listening to pop music instead of writing about it. PS - "guitar-rock" is not a subgenre of rock because by definition rock is guitar-oriented.