Stand Up and Scream review by Asking Alexandria

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  • Released: Aug 25, 2010
  • Sound: 10
  • Lyrics: 8
  • Overall Impression: 10
  • Reviewer's score: 9.3 Superb
  • Users' score: 8.2 (177 votes)
Asking Alexandria: Stand Up and Scream

Sound — 10
First of all let me say that if you are reading this, stop what you're doing and go get this album. It is a must have for anyone who considers themselves a fan of the hardcore/metalcore/screamo or the whatever you want to call it genre. This is Asking Alexandria's first full length on Sumerian Records and it is simply amazing. For this 13 track album to be the bands first efforts is nothing short of mind blowing. From the first notes in the opening track I knew I was going be a fan. The guitar tones are crystal clear, the effects are fun, and the synth/electronica add such a nice touch to the songs. They don't over use the synth parts, so don't think they are a dance/screamo band that just wants their music played at house parties. The clean vocals are very sharp and the screams have great range(There's also guest vocals from Shaun of Alesana). I've been listening to this album on repeat and can't stop. It's addicting. My first reaction was "WHOA, this is EPIC" They have such a great balance of brutal breakdowns, crowd pleasing gang vocals, and fun syth interludes.

Lyrics — 8
The lyrics fit the music so well. Everyone has their own meaning to behind lyrics so I'm not going to bore you guys with what I think all these songs mean, since I didn't write them. But some fun lines in the album include. "Cross my heart I hope you die. Left by the roadside. Karma's a bitch, right?" "Get on your knees!" "Load up your six-shot baby put it to my head.. Pull the trigger, blank I'd figured..put it to me, dead." Obviously these lyrics fit the sound, as you all will see. Even the screams, for as heavy as they are, can be picked up on. Everyone will find themselves singing and screaming to these guys. Which is great, since the album is called "Stand Up And Scream".

Overall Impression — 10
Ok, so here is the best part to review about these guys. I think this will get a lot of you to follow Asking Alexandria and become instant fans. If someone asked me who Asking Alexandria sounded like, I would say...They sound like Attack Attack!, Miss May I, and We Came As Romans had an orgy and produced this band. Asking Alexandria incorporate all the best parts from these three bands in my opinion. Vocally they lean more towards Miss May I. While they musically sound similar to Attack Attack! and We Came As Romans. They definitely have some Devil Wears Prada sounding parts and some guitar work similar to The Word Alive. All these influences combined makes for a killer album. I can't say yet which song is my favorite since they are all so good. My advice is to crank up your speakers, hit play, and prepare to dance because it is such a fun album to rock out to. I'm expecting big things from this band. They are off to a great start. Everyone go get Asking Alexandria's new album Stand Up And Scream on Sumerian Records and get ready for your new favorite album of 2009!

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    This album is good!!! If you want to listen to the entire album, check out my YT @
    imho most things are fine on this album but the song structure REALLY suffers. once again just my humble opinion.
    not trying to hate on the band, but this album is pretty generic. most of the songs are really predictable, and they've definitely ripped off some other bands.
    generic music and sure the vocals may sound like miss may i but they are some of the worst lyrics i have ever heard in my life
    Horribly generic, after a listen through i couldn't identify a guitar riff that couldnt be classified as a breakdown Sure he sounds like Levi from MMI, but his lyrics are what i would expect out of someone in gradeschool