Stand Up and Scream review by Asking Alexandria

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  • Released: Aug 25, 2010
  • Sound: 6
  • Lyrics: 4
  • Overall Impression: 5
  • Reviewer's score: 5 Decent
  • Users' score: 8.2 (178 votes)
Asking Alexandria: Stand Up and Scream

Sound — 6
Well, let me start by saying that there is absolutely nothing new to be found here. Nothing. At all. The music is horribly generic and leaves you feeling empty with ripped-off riffs and breakdowns everywhere. There are some fresh breakdowns to be found but if you're anything like me, sick of open d "odd time" chugs then they wount impress you either. The riffs are reminiscent of old as I lay dying with chug-note-chug staccato and boring to say the least. I hate that this band thinks 0-5-0-7-0-8 still works and hell I probably just tabbed a part of one of their songs. Hahaha. Might be better if they used more than two strings for the majority of their songs. Actually, I'm being nice. The guitar flat out sucks for a 2009 hardcore album. Synth is catchy in some parts. I would like it more if they actually had a synth player. A producer more than likely composed these parts. Chiodos inspired dance beats throw the pace off. The drumming is fantastic though. Not anything too different but keeps pace and carries the generic riffs very well. It is however mixed and produced very well. If I were you, I'd pick up with roots above and branches below or constellations first.

Lyrics — 4
The lyrics are those of a pmsing twelve year old throwing a fit and sound like it in some parts. Not creative and not good with gems like, "karmas a bitch, right?" The growls are good but throw the pace off a bit as they sound like emmure or something similar. His scream is refined and tasteful but not all the time because it sounds like a barking dog at some points. Chanting can be found, but again nothing new. The clean singing is... Not very good but not terrible. At least he keeps key well but that's not too hard because the only scale hell ever need to practice is d minor. Like every other band in the post hardcore genre.

Overall Impression — 5
There are better bands but if you're between the ages of 12-16 this might be the best damn thing you ever heard. Tdwp is better, abr is better, and attack attack is in the same boat with these guys. The s.s. Ahhhh, were sinking. Alerion is probably the best song on the album which is very sad because its the intro. I don't love anything about this album or the stagnate post hardcore genre. I think this album will be forgotten in 2 years and tossed in the trash along with someday came suddenly and anything by a skylit drive. If someone stole this album from me I'd hunt them down and shake their hand and pray to god they hate it as much as I do.

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    you are absolutly terrible
    Bjorney wrote: They are absolutely terrible