Slip Into Something More Comfortable review by Asteria

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  • Released: Feb 20, 2007
  • Sound: 10
  • Lyrics: 10
  • Overall Impression: 10
  • Reviewer's score: 10 Gem
  • Users' score: 8.2 (5 votes)
Asteria: Slip Into Something More Comfortable

Sound — 10
Where do I begin? First off this band is amazing, I just found them on purevolume and now I love them. There sound is amazing, I can't find no other like it. All the songs are love songs just about but it doesn't matter and you really won't care. They're music is sort of the emo/punk genre and it sounds awesome. They have good guitar and bass lines, they are more talented than some major bands whose bass just mainly follows the guitar but they don't. The drums are pretty good too. These boys have worked hard and I really hope one day they get out there and make it big because they deserve it. And also I don't have that much of a doubt that they won't.

Lyrics — 10
I love the lyrics from this band. They have a really good lyricist. I love the line, "A kiss of death with a birth defect", it's probably my favorite lyric. And they lyrics go so well with the music, you just have to listen to it. And wow, the lead singer will blow you away. He has an amazing voice, and it's unique, I haven't really heard another like it. I love his voice. I'd have to say that the top 5 best tracks on this album are, 1. Slip Into Something More Comfortable, Even though it is the album title song, which usually isn't the best on any album, I think it is. 2. The Taste The Touch. 3. Drink Life To The Less 4. Midnight Fix. 5. A Second Chance To Make A First Impression. This is just my thought on the songs, yours might be different but I don't think by much.

Overall Impression — 10
I don't really think that Asteria compares to other artists, there might be one or two but I can't really think of any at the moment, of all the bands I have on my Zune (which is a lot). What I love about this album is I don't know, I guess just how amazing it is. I love everything really, the sound, the lyrics, vocals, everything. The only thing I might not like so much is how they are all love songs but they're all really good love songs. They really express their feelings well through there songs and that's also another thing that I like. I do not own this cd, but I wish I did, I had downloaded it. I'm hoping to buy it because I like to have all the albums of my favorite artists. And if it was stolen or lost I would deffinantly buy another copy. And I hope to get there first album too. I love these guys and I can't wait until they go on tour and hopefully comeo little old Maryland. And I hope you love them too.

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    Horrible review. We get the idea that you like them. But a more unbiased and neutral review would be more beneficial to all of us. Saying you like them is fine, but you went a bit overboard. I hope you payed for the download, and not through the illegal channels.
    bad review, its not because you love the band, all the musicians are super etc.
    I concur. I love this band as well, but this was a horrible review.
    umm i like this band , but , i can find alot of bands that sound like these guys , ya they have a bit of like , themselves in it , but there not that original
    sry every1 i culdnt fall asleep and i was bored so i was like what the hell? no one had one yet so i was just like w.e. yeah i just realise now it is terrible, and i did go overboard sry. it was too short so i went back and added.