Later Days review by Asthmaboy

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  • Sound: 8
  • Lyrics: 9
  • Overall Impression: 9
  • Reviewer's score: 8.7 Superb
  • Users' score: 8.5 (8 votes)
Asthmaboy: Later Days

Sound — 8
Despite Asthmaboy's Later Days being an album that was self produced, and recorded in bedrooms with cheap equipment it sounds like a professionally engineered album.This album is full of great acoustic guitar strumming, delicate piano playing, the occasional synthesizer and great singing. I first heard the Western Washington duo after they added me on myspace. I thought okay, another crappy band, but I gave them a listen and was quite surprised. You'll first notice the guitar and piano duet on the track Disappearing Trick with a soft and delicate verse and chorus. The song Fast Asleep starts out with some reversed piano playing and singing, until it slowly fades out and the piano and vocals kick in, and then ends the same way it started. The seventh track on the album, Russian Song, is a nice little acoustic duet that sounds like it was recorded at a party. The title track, Later Days has very bittersweet guitar playing and singing which end the album very well.

Lyrics — 9
Glindon Marten, vocalist, shows some very impressive and unique singing. His voice is almost Ben Gibbard like, and it's very calming and relaxing. On Disappearing Trick the lyrics sound like they are directed towards someone who was never there for the lyricist, "So next time I want to treat someone like shit, I can practice your disappearing trick." While it may not seem like these lyrics would work well with the type of music, Marten's delicate voice and falsetto make it all come together in the end, in an almost Sam Beam(Iron & Wine) fashion. There are also some very sad, and romantic lyrics. Down to the Puget Sound, is about a comet that destroys the human race, while everyone is worried about how they won't know the outcome of their favorite T.V. shows, "It's a shame that we'll never know, The conclusion to our favourite shows."

Overall Impression — 9
Glindon Marten and John Boone, who make up Asthmaboy, deliver a great album for all you indie kids, acoustic music lovers, and everyone who is a fan of nice relaxing music. The most impressive songs on the album are, in my opinion, Disappearing Trick, Fast Asleep, One Thought Per Second, and Motion Picture. But every song on the album has something special. There wasn't much filler on it at all, except for one song that was just a recording a hypnotic tape with some ambient synth, but it's only about a minute long. The fact that this album was recorded in their spare time, and in their bedrooms leads to the impressiveness of it all. Everyone should give this album a listen, because it's free! You can download it right off their website.

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    i love this band, i've been listening to them since september and their amazing, Disappearing Trick is an amazing track
    i love this band, i've been listening to them since september and their amazing, Disappearing Trick is an amazing track