Relationship Of Command review by At the Drive-In

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  • Released: Sep 12, 2000
  • Sound: 10
  • Lyrics: 8
  • Overall Impression: 9
  • Reviewer's score: 9 Superb
  • Users' score: 9.8 (47 votes)
At the Drive-In: Relationship Of Command

Sound — 10
Relationship of command was the last, and arguably, the best of all At The Drive-in's albums. It starts off with Arc Arsenal, perhaps the heaviest of all their songs, which has a cool tribal drum and great little riff by Omar, and leads into Cedric screaming out "Beware!" as only he can. Then a little drum roll and a shout of "hey," and pattern against user starts. This is followed by One Armed scissor, ATDI's onlt single. Next is the fast paced electro rock of Sleepwalk Capsules, and perhaps the albums highlight, Invalid Litter Dept. After that the album has a slight Plateau over the next few songs, before arriving at cosmonaut, a brillilant fast paced song, with great back-up singing by Omar. If you happen to pick up one of the CD's with bonus tracks, you will get a few great tracks that probably should be on every CD.

Lyrics — 8
The lyrics are, to say the least, unusual. They have meaning, but not everyone will decipher them on their first few listenings, if at all. There are some of great messages hidden through the songs and thier various locations, which range from an abadoned space station to a Mexican Ghetto. Cedric has a brillant voice, which is mainly used to shout or scream in his time at ATDI, he has shgown to be capable of nearly hitting the whistle register in The Mars Volta.

Overall Impression — 9
I beleive this to be a modern classic in rock and roll. In a time in which nu-metal and pop dominated the scene, this was one of the few albums to come out and show rock was still alive. It could have easily been a chart buster, but that never really happened. If some theif stole it, not only would he have added something great to his CD collection, but I would also have a valid reason to go and buy another copy. All I can say is: buy it now.

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    ive not listened to this album a great deal yet so im just guna leave a quick response for now until i no all the songs!!! SOO GOOD! BUY IT NOW!! DEFFO 5 STAR RATING!!!