A Death-Grip On Yesterday review by Atreyu

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  • Released: Mar 28, 2006
  • Sound: 10
  • Lyrics: 9
  • Overall Impression: 10
  • Reviewer's score: 9.7 Superb
  • Users' score: 8.5 (250 votes)
Atreyu: A Death-Grip On Yesterday

Sound — 10
Atreyu openly said that this album was going to be purely their own style, edging away from their original music. But they havent gone too far from it, which is infact a good thing. Their incline to their original albums still shown in songs like "Your Private War" But a much mellower side is shown in songs such as "The Theft." I can not find many faults with this album at all. The only thing is, is that all of the tracks are great, exept some of the songs which truely stand out above the rest. This sometimes means that the other, perfectly good songs, are in shadow. But its a great album either way.

Lyrics — 9
Well its the same as before on most tracks, which is awesome if your a fan of atreyu. What truly brings out the lyrics on this album is once again these original songs to the Atreyu palet. These softer, almost the good kind of Emo, lyrics they show really hold their own. For those of you that havnt heard the album, these songs are amazing. Dan, Travis, Marc and Brandon have all done a great job putting the music together, and the lyrics and music complement eachother perfectly. Fans of the EP's such as Fractures In The Facade might not be impressed here but otherwise its an awesome album, even great for new fans of the band.

Overall Impression — 10
I'm really stuck with what rating to give this, it is an awesome album. I don't believe their are many albums it compares to, others may disagree with me but its many varying genres in one album makes it hard to sum-up. I would have to say their are four key songs on this album, and they are: Creature, The Theft, Ex's And Oh's, My Fork In The Road (Your Knife In My Back). But the real proof is in the fact that these songs I was so sure were the best ones, but when I came to right them down I was argueing with myself as to whether these was the best ones. Every song is awesome in its own rights, I thing the reason some might be seen as better than others is because it depends on your mood at the time. If it was stolen/lost, or even if the booklet inside got a tiny rip on it I would replace it, I can see this album being the center of my collection for a long time. I am going to give it ten, you can choose to agree or disagree.

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