A Death-Grip On Yesterday review by Atreyu

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  • Released: Mar 28, 2006
  • Sound: 5
  • Lyrics: 5
  • Overall Impression: 4
  • Reviewer's score: 4.7 Poor
  • Users' score: 8.5 (250 votes)
Atreyu: A Death-Grip On Yesterday

Sound — 5
The sound of this album is quite a bit diffrent from their 2004 release "The Curse." In this CD there is a lot more soloing going on. However, just because there are many solos does not mean that they are good. Pretty much it is just a step up from "Visions," and a step below "Suicide Notes And Butterfly Kisses."

Lyrics — 5
The lyrics deal with heartbreaks and suicide as usual. Ex's And Oh's talks about drinking to get away from your problems. My Fork In The Road (Your Knife In My Back) talks about backstab. Nothing too creative. The singing however is an upgrade. Instead of pure growling, Alex is starting to sing more (Ex's And Oh's)

Overall Impression — 4
Basically, I was dissappointed. I was kind of expecting another cross between "Suicide Notes And Butterfly Kisses" and "The Curse." "The Creature" was a pretty good track 'till it got to the singing part in the chorus, then it was murdered. If it were stolen, I wouldn't care.

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    Personally I think that the album is kick a$$. I purchased it the first day it came out and was impressed. I hadn't been a huge Atreyu fan until I heard the first song Creature, which was followed up by one great song after another. Atreyu, we salute you.
    hahahhaha ^ anywyas this cd was a bit disappointing, maybe i havnt gotten used to it yet
    Atreyu sounds good and has good songs but i can understand wtf their saying. but watever genre they are it rocks and the guitars are awesome
    About Atreyu.. well they bore the shit out of me after awhile... every friggin song.. hey im going to scream the exact same way for versus of every song.. hey im the drummer and im going to sing exactly the same for the chorus of every song... the theft is great because it changes things up.. other then that Atreyu is to predictable in their music.. and they will never make the song right side of the bed again so they will never have a better cd then the curse.
    Atreyu isn't emo, emo is a bunch of guys in girl pants, mop cuts, tight shirts, and they sing like women. Atreyu is more... fine tuned in the album. Their drummer's singing is much less mellow, unlike songs from Suicide Notes and Butterfly Kisses. Their guitar parts are so trancing sometimes, it's really awesome. I think they have a really cool sound. The point I want to get across is whetehr or not you call them death metal or whatever, I don't care. Some bands deserve respect anyway. I think they've come a long way and this is where the band wants to be.
    i keep trying to convince myself that i like this CD, and i kinda do...but whenever i find i want to listen to some atreyu i generally go right to something from The Curse. I was, however, quite impressed by The Theft
    cool cat
    whoever thinks atreyu sucks is crazy and they need to start listening to real music
    Emos suck. Atreyu rocks. Therefore Atreyu arn't f**king emo!! Atreyu kick ass.
    i agree with the fact the atreyu is nothing near to "black metal". the album is awesome and i am glad it doesnt stray to far from the styles of the old ones but i am also extremely happy with the changes the style of some of the songs such as "the theft" which make tghe album feel tht little bit more "complete" in a way
    I would personally prefer it if they didnt scream. In Suicide notes and butterfly kisses the screaming singer sounds like he is throwing up into the microphone
    [quote=[.Malice.]]a) Atreyu is nothing near death or black metal. b) This is exactly like the other hundred thousand emo-ish metal-ish cds that already came out. c) Atreyu has 0 originality d) The band sucks. Really bad.[/quote] a)right b)wrong c)wrong d)very wrong
    i loved lip gloss and black, the solo is amazing. i think this album is good too, i like shameful.
    The fact of the matter is this album is awsome. Some people use big words to diss them but it probably took them an hour to find what they had to say anyways, making them hypocritical posers. People are going to hate or love Atreyu but thats only their opinion. Atreyu has fine tuned there sound and to add to that, they sound pretty f***ing amazing. The main point is that no matter what the hell you say they are good and hopefully always will be.
    I love the new solo's they made for the albumb. brandons voice has come along way! hes probaly one of my favorite singer/songwriter now.
    crows of havoc
    i love thus album. its so ****ing awsome! i've been an atreyu fan for a long time and i'd have to say this is one of their best yet!
    this album is good, but i was specting something better, the curse is better than this one,they sounds sometimes like papa roach in getting away with murder CD... dissapointed