Lead Sails Paper Anchor review by Atreyu

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  • Released: Aug 28, 2007
  • Sound: 9
  • Lyrics: 8
  • Overall Impression: 9
  • Reviewer's score: 8.7 Superb
  • Users' score: 7.4 (323 votes)
Atreyu: Lead Sails Paper Anchor

Sound — 9
I think when Atreyu said they were going to go in a different direction they did just that. Newer music ment for them to try something new. More singing less screaming, heacy sogns, slow songs, better guitar work and etc. This album is rather different from their older stuff, like Butterfly Kisses and The Curse, but it still manages to hold it's own with catchy riffs and uprising choruses. The band managed to do well with their change and even managed to bring back '80s hair metal a little bit. Doomsday, very good opener for the CD. Very well written and probably one of the best on the CD. It opens with a heavy crunchy riff then the intro finishes with ear jerking solo by guitarist Dan Jacobs. The verse is powerful and still holds down the fort even without the screaming. The chorus really brings emotion to the song as drummer Brandon Sallers sings while others back him up with Ah's. The breakdown at the end of the song is brutal and unexpected and shows Atreyu fans that Atreyu can still be heavy. Becoming The Bull, the song itself starts of with a riff that rivals that of Her Portrait in Black. The verse is slow but yet still heavy and the chorus completely brings the song together. The slow part at the end of the second chorus is very soft and easy then afterwards Atreyu breaks lose with another breakdown and then leaves Brandon to sing solo with a piano in the background before the last and final chorus hits along with a solo at theend whichis performed by their other guitarist Travis Miguel that also shows that both Atreyu's guitarist are rather skilled. Lose It is as people say the song that sounds the most like an old Atreyu song. The intro is heavy and has a torqie lead riff over top fo it. The verse is slow but catchy and the chorus involves both singers as Alex screams and Brandon sings adn the second verse is done by Brandon himself. The middle of the song features a banjo for a couple seconds then goes to the last chorus. the song ends with Alex screaming and yet again goes back to the intro riff. Lead Sails (And Paper Anchors) compeletly out of the ordinary but Atreyu said they were going to try something new so they did. With a country type beginning the band still manages to make the song solid. Alex and Brandon trade off vocal parts through out the song and make the song sound like it still came from Atreyu hands. The song is definately a good defintion of an outro to the CD.

Lyrics — 8
Though the lyrics lacked a bit since Deathgrip and likewise The Curse, at most, but they still can piece the songs together on the album. The lyrics for Doomsday are powerful and very thought provoking, which is always done in Atreyu style. Becoming the Bull's do what the song is about. They grab the bull by the horns. That is pretty much what they did on this album. Lose It's lyrics are short but really have a meaning to them. The screaming in this song is exceptionally good too. Lead Sail's lyrics are a little repetitive but maybe on purpose to give the people visions in their head while listening to the song. Overall their lyrics were above average on this album. Alex did a very well job writing them.

Overall Impression — 9
Overall this was probably one of Atreyu's better albums. Butterfly Kisses was good but it was lacking a lot of good guitar work. The Curse had very good lyrics and likewise very good guitar work (ex: Bleeding Masscara, Rememberance Ballad). Deathgrip was good but also lacked as good lyrics as The Curse but still held its own with the lyrics written for the album and also introduced a new style of metal music wise (ex:Creaure, We Stand Up, Ex's and Oh's). Lead Sails was different and lacked lyrics just like Deathgrip but yet again the guitar work on the album was very well done (ex: Doomsday, Becoming the Bull). The highlights of this album is definately Doomsday, Becoming the Bull and Lose It. I love the new music and I love how they had the guts to try somehting new. Nothing negative here. Atreyu handled this album well. If you like Atreyu and good guitar work then pikc this up at your local music store cause it's well worth it.

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    While I do think it's a good album, I do like their older stuff better as well. It's nice to see a band try something different.
    cleft11 wrote: i dont have a problem with bands changing their sound, lets face it, with every new album it changes. but what irritates me so much is when they effectively 'sell-out' their original fans. they completely disregard the style of music that made them famous, and all of the fans that they have acquired. they change their music so it becomes more 'radio friendly' and commercial, all so they can sell more cds and get more money. what happened to the good old days when music was about expression and how good the music was, not the distorted view of exploiting talent to make money. it makes me sick. I dont know who to blame more, Atreyu themselves, or the selfish and greedy major record labels why use bands to make more profits. Indeed, RIP Atreyu, we will miss you.
    Wait a minute, you think they are doing this to be sellouts??? Have you not read any of the intervies with dan jacobs?? im pretty sure somtimes band like to play and make music that they enjoy playing, perhaps to get back to the roots of what they listened to growing up since that is what shaped thier playing or maybe just because they have grown tired of always playing the same exact type of music! I will admit that i like the older stuff better but you cant label them sell outs just because they felt like it was type to play differently do what they enjoy.
    I don't mean to be mean but Campbell22, M. Shadows can still scream its just he decided not for City of Evil and now their new album. It's proven in their new DVD that has a documentary on it that M. Shadows was planning on doing only singing on City of Evil while they were recording Waking the Fallen. It's a little fun fact.
    Fatally Jon
    Bands change a lot; Atreyu has changed tremendously. Personally, I like the new Atreyu because now I can tell the songs appart. Don't get me wrong, I loved "The Curse", but you can only rip through so many of those heavy-riffed, palm-muted songs before they all just melt together into one general noise. I feel that each song on "Lead Sails Paper Anchor" received its own special attention and time; it wasn't just "oh, let's write another metal riff", especially with "Falling Down"! Who would've thought, in a million years, that a band like Atreyu would pull off a song like that? The thing is, most bands play what they want to play. Some bands set out to write that record "just for the fans", but how often is that record good? It seems like the fans just want old Atreyu. Well, you've all got your copies of "Suicide Notes..." and "The Curse". Go listen to them instead of labeling a band a "sellout" as soon as they try something new. If they played the same old music, they wouldn't be happy as a band and then you'd all be bitching about how all their songs sound the same. The bottom line is, they play what they want to play. So what if they didn't want to scream? So what if they want to try more upbeat sounding songs? That's their decision, not yours.
    DamageMachine wrote: I'd like to see anyone on here who is bashing the singing to go to gigs almost all week and scream for 2+ hours through a whole tour and tell me their voice is feeling just fine, you **** up your voice big time!! I'm not an Atreyu fan, but I know when to stick up for bands that are getting bashed by ignorant asses. He dosen't want to **** up his voice like the Matt did from Trivium. His doctor pretty much told him if he kept up with the screaming he would blow and possibly lose his voice, now for all you Atreyu fans, would you really like it if Alex lost his voice, didn't think so!!
    Well in case you havint realized there still gonna be doing stuff from there old albums on tour first of all. Second there are vocal trainers who can teach you how to scream without damaging your throat so thats no excuse.
    I would just like to point out that this album could have been by Sum 41, and might have been better. Even with the screaming gone i at least expected the same guitar prowess as before. If anyone has heard Falling Down I think they would agree, it sounds like Justin Timberlake could be throwing that down. Disgusting.
    dg-guitarist wrote: Quackles wrote: Count me out as an Atreyu fan Why thank you. It seems you have one to. Kudos to you as well. you obviously never were one BumSnack wrote: TheDisturbed78 wrote: This is is compete shit, i was so ****ing pissed when i heard alex singing, what the **** happened to the curse and suicide notesand butterfly kisses, they are losing so many fans its ridiculous. No, they are losing the dumb metalcore fans that are about as loyal some dumb hooker. They are keeping the loyal ones that appreciate good music. 100% correct, kudos to you for having a brain
    I dont care what everyone says! Its not 80's or metalcore, its ATREYU !!! Doesn't matter what you think they sound like.
    I love this album, no matter what anyone says. I was VERY surprised to see a cover of Faith No More's "Epic" as a hidden track on the album, but it is a great cover.
    I Walk Alone
    HavokStrife wrote: And WTF is up with the whole, "We're gunna swipe our album art from that awesome AFI CD noone under 20 ever heard of."
    True that. true that. I enjoy this CD. Not as much as A Deathgrip On Yesterday or the other two, but it doesn't mean this album sucks.
    ill say, in my opinion Avenged Sevenfold PWNED but totally PWNED Atreyu.. and its not matt shadow fault if he can't scream anymore..
    this album is pretty good. The change in vocals in surprising, but it's also refreshing. AND there's more guitar solos, which are pretty cool. I'd almost write a review, but i don't want to take the time right now. i'd say 8/10....A tad more screaming and it would be friggin perfect. BTW, to the reviewer who said Dan and Alex's singing, Dan (Jacobs, guitarist) doesn't do vocals; it's Brandon, their drummer.
    hmm its a tough call...i heard the album,and its not that i dont like it cause its not like cures or a deathgrip,i dont like it cause i jus dont like it...it kinda reminds me of papa roach...so yea its cool for other bands to try new shit...and its cool to break new barriers....but yea this album though good in attempt is jus kinda eh...and as far as people sayin shit about metalcore and this and that...you guys are jus as bad,i mean what genre are you listening too right now what do you claim to be good music?people are so quick to say that this is old this is played out this is a fad...and all thats jus to make them seem like they are up on a newest thing..in any case,im still a fan of metalcore(good metal core...AILD,ADF RIP,KsE,old ATREYU,ALL THAT REMAINS...)but i also like other shit too..so its not that im js a metalcore fanboy...there was jsut something inmetalcore that grabbed me..whatver **** it...
    AvengedThrice wrote: I love this album, no matter what anyone says. I was VERY surprised to see a cover of Faith No More's "Epic" as a hidden track on the album, but it is a great cover.
    Couldn't agree more. When I first heard the cover song, I was like "holy crap I know this song!" Good cover in my opinion. Atreyu put their own take at it and it worked well.