Lead Sails Paper Anchor review by Atreyu

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  • Released: Aug 28, 2007
  • Sound: 10
  • Lyrics: 9
  • Overall Impression: 10
  • Reviewer's score: 9.7 Superb
  • Users' score: 7.4 (323 votes)
Atreyu: Lead Sails Paper Anchor

Sound — 10
There's no doubt that Atreyu's most recent release, "Lead Sails, Paper Anchor", has a signifcantly new sound to their music. It's almost all-over rock wise in some ways, but they still keep it heavy and, for the most part, in-your-face; just how any rock-fan would enjoy. Some have complained that the style of rock (and metal) of Atreyu's new sound have taken a turn for the worst, rather than taking a different good step to a sound they probably wanted to accomplish. What influenced them, I'm not sure, because it definitely stands out amongst the other Atreyu albums. The style they've accomplished, however, doesn't bother me, as I'm sure it doesn't with many others. People have great songs to select from "LSPA". There's some heavy, badass songs with awesome guitar riffs like "Blow" and "Lost It", and there's also a more heart-felt side of Atreyu that I've been curious to see for a while, and that can be heard in the song "Lead Sails, Paper Anchor." This is definitely a different song that's been written by Atreyu for as long as I've listened to them, and it's easily one of the best ballads I have ever come across, and if you enjoy ballads as much as I do, you'll be able to tell. Another thing that stands out in Atreyu's new material is the lyrics. They stand out more because Brandon (the drummer and back-up singer) sings a lot more throughout most of the songs, compared to "A Death Grip On Yesterday" when he mainly sang in choruses and sometimes the verses. Now, he sings a lot more, and their lead singer, Alex, seems to have been training a lot to get a more mature screaming voice that sounds more authentic. The album clearly has a lot to offer this time around.

Lyrics — 9
In "LSDA", the vocals are certainly better, or maybe for some, worse than the other albums. If you enjoyed listening to Brandon's singing that produces more emotional and sing-able songs, then this album will particularly be enjoyable for you. On the previous album, Alex's screaming almost bothered me; it didn't seem genuine or, in some ways, talented to pull off. However, this time around, his voice has improved dramatically. He can pull off real, talented screaming, and he can also sing, but his real singing isn't so prevalent on the new album. The lyrics themselves are a combination of both cliche and creative. In some songs, you'll notice you'll hear lyrics that have probably been used before or just similar to other music. In some other songs, lyrics are original and you can tell there was more effort put forth into the songs. Whenever cliche or unoriginal lyrics pop-up, however, the sound of either lyricist's voice makes up for it by sounding worthy of listening to.

Overall Impression — 10
I didn't expect Atreyu's new material, that as people have mentioned, sounds '80s-ish (which I do in-fact agree with, but I don't complain at all about the '80s-themed material), but the CD overall is nearly a masterpiece in my point of view. There's a lot to offer throughout the whole thing because of how much different styles they incorporated, and it's material worth listening to if you're a rock/metal fan. Anyone can especially enjoy the solos that are found throughout the album. The solos will strike anyone as being either mind-blowing or downright kickass, because each solo visibly has talent behind it. With both heart-felt and in-your-face lyrics, as well as sick guitar riffs and solos, the album is without a doubt a must-have for anyone. You can either listen to critics or fans about how their sound is different and a bad way for the band to go, or you can listen to the actual music that Atreyu has brought forth and appreciate it and enjoy it for what it contains. Any rock/metal fan can pick this up from a store and by the end of the day feel like they have purchased a worthy album of being on their shelves. After all, I was one of those fans.

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    I Walk Alone wrote: I enjoy this CD. Not as much as A Deathgrip On Yesterday or the other two, but it doesn't mean this album sucks.
    My thoughts exactly.
    oh get over it they changed their style who doesnt lately? its a good album thats all that matters. two words for it though PARTY BEATS!
    man I was about to buy it yesterday cause it was only 10 bucks, but decided not to. Kind of regretting it now >.
    anybody else think his voice sounds like the guy from hinder on some of the songs??? and on honor it sounds alot like sum 41's lead singer.
    thank god peopele stopped bitching about it! AHH that pissed me off!!!! they said they wanted the change if you heard the interview and victory did **** them over!
    well i though this cd was very good they cant have the same type of music every time they have to change sometimes
    Johnny1029 wrote: AvengedThrice wrote: Johnny1029 wrote: I don't mean to be mean but Campbell22, M. Shadows can still scream its just he decided not for City of Evil and now their new album. It's proven in their new DVD that has a documentary on it that M. Shadows was planning on doing only singing on City of Evil while they were recording Waking the Fallen. It's a little fun fact. Theres also the fact that M. Shadows blew out his voice. Uh, no, I watched the documentary. He chose to not scream. Pick it up and watch it.
    I do own the documentary. And I do know he chose not to scream on CoE. I'm just saying, blowing out his voice contributed a lot towards the sound of his voice on City Of Evil. Listen to the clean vocals on Waking The Fallen. His vocals are deeper, fuller, and altogether better quality. Point proven methinks.
    this is what happens when bands try to reach out to a larger fan base to make more money, sucky albums.
    at first when i listened to about the first 30 seconds to first minute of all the songs on their myspace .. i was making fun of it with my one friend. But the day Lead Sails Paper Anchor came out I just said the hell with it, and I bought it. Even though Alex chose to actually sing rather than scream on this album made me think it was going to suck. But after listening to the album maybe 1 or 2 times, he really dosn't need to scream because the bassist screams [Mark McKnight?] sorry im too lazy to look it up. But McKnights screams are just as good as Alex's. Musically, this cd's pretty good and catchy, dispite the fact that the chorus's to almost every song is 8 beats with 4 different power chords. If there is one song that I completely dislike, its prolly the title song, "Lead Sails and a Paper Anchor"
    honestly, i am dissapointed in atreyu....IMO they sound similar to a lot of other bands out there on this cd... and i think that with their metalcore sound, they also lost what set them apart from many other bands i mean, i would definitely rather listen to this cd than a band like fall out boy but i really do miss the old atreyu... im hoping that they realize this cd wasnt too good and that they go back to their metalcore sound, but thats not very likely
    yes, it doesnt mean band changes are bad. but this album is not a good metal album, neither is it a good metalcore album, period
    to all the guys that hate the new album, how do you think the band feels. they made the album, and they like it. whats so bad about the 80's style. i've loved Atreyu since the beginning, and evolution is neccassary for a band to develop. screw the genres. Atreyu, good job, you rule