Lead Sails Paper Anchor review by Atreyu

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  • Released: Aug 28, 2007
  • Sound: 9
  • Lyrics: 9
  • Overall Impression: 10
  • Reviewer's score: 9.3 Superb
  • Users' score: 7.4 (323 votes)
Atreyu: Lead Sails Paper Anchor

Sound — 9
The latest album by Atreyu "Lead Sails Paper Anchor" was surprisingly was a great hit and to my impression I think it's the greatest one yet! The metal core band has a great '80s metal and is certainly like feels like you get to listen to the music you weren't able to here. The opening song Doomsday was a great song. The song had a '80s style and had an intro solo that had the skill of guitarists Travis Miguel and Dan Jacobs work was used with a lot of techniques including artificial harmonics, bending, hammer ons, pull offs, tapping, using the whammy bar, and the palm mute. My impression; it will come up in a new C-D of Atreyu's greatest hits. "Becoming The Bull" had an awesome riff and is one of the songs that had a hard/metal core style. On track 5 "When Two Are One" The band created song well: They made an awesome intro solo, a pre-verse solo which in my opinion, was the best, and a tapping solo that closed the song. The closing song "Lead Sails (And a Paper Anchor)" was surprisingly a whole different song than the others in the album. I really liked the intro, it was kind of like in the style of more classical music but I like Atreyu's great creativity with many harmonies and how the song was put in a style of a different genre of music.

Lyrics — 9
I think the lyrics are great and the singers are amazing! Lead singer Alex Varkatzas doesn't sing very well but when sings screaming, it's definitely something. In Track 2, "Honor," They had great vocals which was probably the best song comparing it by vocals. In the chorus, bassist and vocals Marc McKnight shows that he can sing too. In my opinion, he's better than Varkatzas. I like how he noted the words and how in one word, he made a volume much louder and after that he started to sing more softly. After that, Varkatzas chanted screaming: Fight. Fight. Fight, 'till the break of dawn! Then the process would repeat again with different lyrics. There was a group-chant before the chorus saying: "We believe in what we say!" At first, I thought that Atreyu had hired about 20 people to chant it which amazed me. "Doomsday" had a group-chant also and it was before the chorus as well. Drummer Brandon Saller was a backup singer singing the same words as Travis and Varkatzas but a bit after make the impression of the vocalists good. The theme of the songs didn't make much sense to me which was a disappointment since the singing skills were amazing. There were different moods in different songs like "Honor" which had a proud kind of mood. Varkatzas sings: "open arms (we) embrace tomorrow, closed fists tarnishing today, we're not afraid to open our mouths and sing: We believe in what we say!" In "Becoming the Bull," the song had a mood that you're alone and nobody's there for you which is like a feels like rejected mood. Varkatzas says: "grab the bull by the horns, the old adage goes, nobody tells you where to go from here, seems like fate's pulling you, decisions have to be made, the path is the hardest earned." The song "Blow" (Track 10) had an angry mood to it. Travis sings: "So f--king blow those words out of the back of your head, I've heard it all and I'm done with shit. You tell me lies and give what you get so blow those words out of the back of your head."

Overall Impression — 10
Because of this C-D, this band is now my favourite artist. Guitarists Travis McKnight and Dan Jacobs teamwork makes the number one reason why this album so good; many harmonies, crazy all-out whammy-bar solos and just their insane skill. They take the stage showing off but I don't care. They're good, that's all that matters. Comparing to other bands, the other bands are still awesome but Atreyu would still be my favourite. I think tracks 1-5: Doomsday, Honor, Falling Down, Becoming the Bull, When Two Are One, and track 10, Blow, is the best songs of the album. I like how the solos are the style how I like it and is very refreshing to hear. I love the lyrics and how their compliance with their music is perfect, how the guitarists make the best solos and if I lost it, I would buy it again definitely. If I got the chance, I'll buy the other C-Ds too! If it got stolen, yea, bad choice. The thief's mom will be crying because I would track down with my television experience (C.S.I) and slit the stealers throat. I hate that, well, nothing! The group definitely deserves credit for their work.

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    just cause these guys say "hey, lets try something new" doesnt mean there album suckes, honestly, if u dont like there new sound, shut up, keep it to yourself
    I gotta say I like there old stuff better, but I don't think the new album is bad, I don't really mind them not screaming as much (not that I dislike the screaming at all), cuz "Ex's and Oh's" and "The Theft" were awesome, but I'm really not into the whole 80's thing, it seems like sooo many bands are doing that right now. I hope they go back to a little more of a modern sound the next album.
    i cant say i was excessively happy with this album, i was hoping for something ummmmm whats the word BETTER.....but you know whatever...blow was a bad ass song but other than that nothing really stands out for me....a deathgrip on yesterday, the curse and suicide notes and butterfly kisses all RULE and SNABK is my favorite of those...with DOY as a close second.....dissaponited...
    Why are people hating on bands for changing their sound? I just dont understand, and espicaly Atreyu they have proven themselves time after time after time. Why dont people see the fault in bands like a7x, their new album was just a horrible try at a more pleasing City of Evil. They didnt try to really change anything. They just created a fake metal/emo album that was boring and uninspired. At least Atreyu tried at creating a new sound.
    In my opinion, this is their 2nd best album, after the Curse. Suicide Notes was good, but lacked a few key elements, like production value and the guitar work was average.
    i think its a great album and i hope that they make alot more and if you cant accept their new sound well too bad its their call
    Shut up. If you don't like it, don't buy it. If you want old Atreyu material, start a ****ing tribute band and try to make it yourself or something. nobody is selling out, just doing what feels good. YOU write some songs. Play them for ten years or so. Then see if you want to play the same shit. You may find that your tastes have changed, maybe you grew up a little, maybe you want to write something that shows a little bit of tribute to what made you want to pick up that guitar/bass/drumstick/mic. Once you hit puberty or move out of your mom's basement you MIGHT understand.
    Why it is just a 7 stars cd??? I've just heard 3 songs from the cd and they where random I SWEAR, and I luv'em.
    JVDumarC wrote: Why it is just a 7 stars cd??? I've just heard 3 songs from the cd and they where random I SWEAR, and I luv'em.
    its only 7 stars becuz old atreyu fans are disapointed with it, if u have heard their old stuff (metalcore) u could definately tell the difference. if this were any other bands first album, id give it a 8 or 9.....but this is not Atreyu