Lead Sails Paper Anchor review by Atreyu

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  • Released: Aug 28, 2007
  • Sound: 10
  • Lyrics: 9
  • Overall Impression: 9
  • Reviewer's score: 9.3 Superb
  • Users' score: 7.4 (323 votes)
Atreyu: Lead Sails Paper Anchor

Sound — 10
Atreyu has had since the beginning, a unique sound of it's own. It has always fit into a metalcore style, yet seemed to stand out against a lot of generic metalcore bands. With this album, a newer sound comes from the band. It has almost a pop type of sound, while remaining true to it's metal roots. And the new sound is creative and original. It's not a cookie-cutter album, each song is it's own.

Lyrics — 9
I would say that Alex's ability to write lyrics, as well as scream and sing them, has greatly increased on this album. It started on "A Death grip on Yesterday" and has arrived here. The lyrics are sung beautifully and the screams are just the right touch, not obnoxiously over-present, but still there, adding in the metalcore roots into a newer style of creativity for Atreyu.

Overall Impression — 9
"Lead Sails Paper Anchor" compares well against Atreyu's previous work. Most every song on the album has something that connects the sound to their older style, but connects outwards into a new place, which is excellent. Why release the same thing over and over again? That'd be boring, and Atreyu know it. Notable songs on this album are: "Doomsday," "Falling Down," "When Two Become One," and "Blow." The cover of the song "Epic" is pretty good too, not the best cover ever, but still, entertaining. There really isn't a whole lot of things to dislike about this album, but the expansion of style and skill on this album is amazing, and inspiring. Songs which can stand on their own, while reminiscent of old songs, still have a new taste to them.

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    "This is the album we always wanted to make. We'll do what we want and we don't give a f*** abotu anyone else"
    I think on this album they decided to just have a little fun and try something outside their usual style. Personally, I loved it. It's different, and there's less screaming. I'll give you that. But it's still better than most of the commercial crap that passes itself off as rock these days. Of course I part of why find this album enjoyable is probably my broad musical tastes. I'll listen to pretty much anything from Job for a Cowboy to The Beatles. I appreciate talent. And this band's got it. What they do with it is up to them. Not you. But for all those "I'm so hardcore I literally cum blood" people who won't tolerate this album, try listening to "The Squeeze" off the 2.0 version. It feels a lot more like the "good old days" and may be a signal that they're heading back in that direction for the next album.
    I think that this is a great album made by them... There is a lot less screaming... but sum how they still managed to make a bad ass album. im not really into their type of music. im more into rage against the machine... but listening to lead sails and paper anchors made me want to explore the metalcore genre more and now i cant stop playing in drop C and other s*** like that.. i juz like the badass, all up in ur face music.... overall great album 10/10 hands down!! \
    A_new_level. You are now my worst enemy. The fact that you even said "pianos, acoustic guitars, etc" makes you a failure at life. Have you ever even heard "Lip Gloss in Black" it has piano, does it suck! I bet every Atreyu fan would disagree. Your review was shit. It seems like nobody cares that this band found a new sound, one that in my oppion will change the music scene. Im tired of crappy emo/hardcore/techno/cut my wrist/bullshit. Its getting old. You are the worst music reviewer ever.
    This is a great slbum. This was the first album I heard from Atreyu (besides that one song "Her Portrait In Black" for Underworld 2) and I loved it. I saw them on Taste of Chaos 08 with A7X and I think each of Atreyu's albums is better than the last. I have all of thier albums, and I still think LSPA is the best.
    I much prefer this style, being a fan of Ozzy and other 80s bands. Ic an see why people are dissapointed though, because if AC/DC started playing free form Jazz I would not be best pleased either
    TheDisturbed78 wrote: This is is compete shit, i was so ****ing pissed when i heard alex singing, what the **** happened to the curse and suicide notesand butterfly kisses, they are losing so many fans its ridiculous.
    i bet they all voted john mccain today.
    half of the people complaining about the change in style are probably complaining on the new dragonforce album because they haven't changed their style.
    TheDisturbed78 wrote: This is is compete shit, i was so ****ing pissed when i heard alex singing, what the **** happened to the curse and suicide notesand butterfly kisses, they are losing so many fans its ridiculous.
    actually there not losing fans, its perfectly normal for a band to change there sound and try something different, i absolutely loved atreyu previous albums and i personally thought this album was really good
    I can't believe nobody's written a review for their new album yet. It's been out for like 5 days. You'd think UG would have done it themselves by now.
    I've learned that anytime someone starts an album review with saying how amazing the other albums were, they're close minded and are going to hate on the album. I listen to a ton of Atreyu and I think it's really good, it doesn't suck because it's not like 95% of metalcore out there.
    I like the album, there are many good songs on it. On their older albums always where about 2 or 3 I really liked but I like most of the tracks on this one. Especially Lose it and Becoming the Bull.