The Best Of... review by Atreyu

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  • Released: Jan 23, 2007
  • Sound: 5
  • Lyrics: 5
  • Overall Impression: 5
  • Reviewer's score: 5 Decent
  • Users' score: 6.9 (53 votes)
Atreyu: The Best Of...

Sound — 5
Atreyu are a leading edge metalcore band, arguably the best in their sub-genre, and overlapping into others. Their sound is distinctive, if you played a song to a person into modern rock music, they could identify that it is Atreyu, and possibly even the track title. This 'Greatest Hits' CD/DVD, and I call it that loosely, is Victory Records for what they really are. You may or may not know that Atreyu are leaving the label, and this is Victory sucking all of the money out of the band. They did this without Atreyu's permission, and I defend the band. I would recommend that other bands signed to the label follow suit and look for a better label. I would give this a worse rating, but I have to admit there are a few decent songs on there, but as I own all three albums, I see no need for this CD. One for the completists.

Lyrics — 5
It basically contains songs from all three albums, all of the released songs, which aren't that many, and other songs included just to fill up space on the CD, and to tempt people to buy it. The DVD is useful, if you want all of their vidoes which you can put on you iPodand other mp4 players, or just for general entertainment. Alex and Brandon are talented singers/screamers, I still really like the band, I just think that Victory are milking what talent Atreyu have to make millions, which is extremely immoral.

Overall Impression — 5
If you do not own any of the previous three albums, then I would recommend you buy this as a cheap introduction the the band over a large timescale, and then buy their older albums. Otherwise, avoid this fake attempt at ripping the general public off. If somebody stole this, which I doubt they would, I would not replace it, but I never would have bought it in the first place.

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    mr. riff
    Atreyu is a good band IMO but Victory sucks. Good thing they left Victory. WTF is with that album cover. I would get this for the DVD but I could pobably get the videos somewhere else.
    Bit early for a best of, imo. Though as with any 'best-of' unless it has some kind of never before seen bonus stuff, then it's always more sense to buy the individual albums, unless you're just getting into them.
    Atreyu is not black metal. They're barely pushing deathmetal. I wouldnt label them under those two catagories. Maybe screamo or metal
    I never labelled them under death metal, i believe UG did that.
    Its a nice compelation of songs if u dont have ne of their cds, and the dvd is good. There is a wolf bustin through the lamb thing when u pull apart the cover and there is blood everywhere. Anyways im glad they left victory because most of the bands on that lable are gettin more and more emo.
    I'v not really heard that much of Atreyu. I'v been meaning to get round to getting their last album for a few months but, I think this will be a better option. shame there's no track listing in the review but that's what Amazon is for right
    Atreyu was pretty much my first metal band, back before their second album came out...It really blows what Victory is doing with their stuff, as I respected the label up until this point. You shouldn't make a best of comp unless the band is done. In my opinion...
    if you think atreyu is the best metalcore band out need to learn the genre...listen to Botch, Converge, or the Dillinger Escape Plan for good metalcore (even though DEP and Converge arent straight up metalcore) atreyu are cheesy and boring and have a terrible screaming vocalist
    Between the Buried and Me need to get off of Victory as well...they never fit in with "That crowd" IMO.....but I have always liked atreyu and i didnt pick up "Deathgrip..." but i heard it at a stip club and from ehat i heard i liked it....but this collection is lame....just pick up their olders cd's at a discount cd place.....5 bucks for "Suicide Notes..." and "The Curse".....way better then this waste of money.
    To be honest if your a true atreyu fan you will see right through this album and how is it a best of? most people would be like whos atreyu? go out and buy there 3 albums its better then buying this
    i just downloaded Every Song on all 3 of there albums, thats the best idea, why pay 15 bucks for three CD'S when you can download for free unless i guess you have Insane Slow Dial Up
    I was going to buy this before I read the review... at first I was pissed about the bad rating because I love Atreyu, which was the only reason I read through it really, but what Victory is doing is f*cked up and I already have all the CDs plus the DVD on Deathgrip anyways.