The Best Of... review by Atreyu

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  • Released: Jan 23, 2007
  • Sound: 7
  • Lyrics: 7
  • Overall Impression: 7
  • Reviewer's score: 7 Good
  • Users' score: 6.9 (53 votes)
Atreyu: The Best Of...

Sound — 7
Atreyu's music has been shown widely through the world of metalcore and has mainly shown in their rise in ranks of Victory Records. Atreyu has one of the greatest metalcore sounds out there and they have many great lyrics that tell stories and also express feelings and past experiences of the members of the band. This album has come along after 3 album releases from Atreyu and the music compilation has turned into The Best Of Atreyu. The layout of the album is divided into 3 parts which are the sections from the 3 albums previously released. This album contains most of my favorite songs from the artist and has laid them out in a good order with some album original music thrown in between the widely known songs. The album originals are also very good and could be released to the public but I guess Atreyu just did not want to do that.

Lyrics — 7
The Lyrics are mainly from past experiences from the members of the band. The lyrics give you an idea of the feelings of the band when they composed the song. The lyrics also go great with the music and are right on rhythm and nothing is really off and there is a balance of equal singing and screaming. Alex Varkatzas (vocals) has a great voice for both singing and screaming. Although he mainly does a range of low to high screams he also has a great singing voice which is showcased in the song The Theft. Brandon Saller (drums and vocals) has a great singing voice that is showcased through all of the songs usually in the chorus and in backing vocals of sections of echoing singing from Brandon and screaming from Alex.

Overall Impression — 7
The Best Of Atreyu compilation does compare to other albums as it is a gathering of great songs from past albums. Although there are no new songs from the band on this album there are many great songs that were previously released with the 3 earlier albums. Those songs include Lip Gloss And Black and Ain't Love Grand from Suicide Notes And Butterfly Kisses (2002), Demonology And Heartache and Right Side Of The Bed from The Curse (2004), and Ex's And Oh's and Shameful from A Death Grip On Yesterday (2006). The most impressive are the ones released to the public through radio and music videos on DVD's that were released from Victory Records. Those songs include The Crimson, Lip Gloss And Black, Ain't Love Grand, Ex's And Oh's, Demonology and Heartache, Right Side Of The Band, The Theft, and Shameful. Others were mainly album releases that were not that famous but also have a good sound. Those include A Song For The Optimists from SNABK, You Eclipsed By Me from The Curse, and Untitled Finale from ADGOY. I Love the way Atreyu has had a varying sound from album to album and the talent of Brandon to be able to play drums and sing at the same time and it not just be a simplified rhythm but some complex things. Also, Alex's screams are envied by some metal bands that wish to have a sound similar to Atreyu's. Alex's voice is showcased as singing in The Theft and is shown to be a great voice behind all the screaming vocals that are in other songs. There is little that I hate except for the fact that the song At Least I Know I'm A Sinner from Suicide Notes And Butterfly Kisses which was a great song with lyrics that were mainly Anti-Christian. If this album were stolen from me or if it was lost I would definitely buy a new copy because I truly cannot go without this great album that has shown that Atreyu is a very accomplished band.

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    Look, nobody should be saying anything bad about this album. Mainly because it was released so Atreyu could end their contract with Victory and switch labels. They were in it for a few albums, and when they saw how shitty Victory had become, they got out however they could.
    Punk Metal, Alternative Metal, Death Metal/Black Metal , Screamo
    Actaully they have had more than 3 albums, they also had a mini-album 'Visions' and thier Ep, i forget it's name because it's long However, the three album that mot people commonly know is all of the material releases through Victory Records.
    I think this band is put down too much, its name isn't out there when it should be which means very few fans and money for the Band. They are really amazing but i think not enough is done to get this band heard out!