Attack Attack! review by Attack Attack!

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  • Released: Jun 8, 2010
  • Sound: 7
  • Lyrics: 8
  • Overall Impression: 9
  • Reviewer's score: 8 Superb
  • Users' score: 4.8 (79 votes)
Attack Attack!: Attack Attack!

Sound — 7
First off, I truly like the sound of Attack Attack. I loved Someday Came Suddenly, and I really do like this new album. The things that caught my ear where the screamy, screamy-singy, singy of their style. I loved the techno-dance beats in the music last time, even though others seem to not like it. As for the album Attack Attack, they have defently moved in sound. With the departure of Austin (for the record I loved his screams) and Caleb steping up to take the front man spot the screams have got more low end to them now. Caleb isnt a horrible screamer, but I have deffently heard better (*caugh* Austin *caugh*). Johnny's clean vocals are as good as ever and offer a good contrast to Caleb's lows. The guitars are normal. For me, if it sounds good, I really don't care how complicated the parts are. This album makes it clear that you don't have to have shreeding to have a good album. And as for the keys and dubstep, freaking amazing! I love dubstep and have been thinking about doing some of that myself, but looks like the guys in Attack Attack beat me to it.

Lyrics — 8
The lyrics are a little diffrent form Someday Came Suddenly's Christian inspred tone. It seems like there are more emotions that are comming into this album. And as a practicing Christian myself (Latter-day Saint "Mormon"), it would be defficult to always write about God. We all have days where we want to express other feelings that we are having, such as love, hate, confusion, and just having fun.

Overall Impression — 9
When I was first going though the album I was a bit taken back with the change in pace and sound. If you are expectign a clone of Someday Came Suddenly, you will be dissapointed. If you go into this album with being able to accept that bands do grow and change in their style, expect awesomeness. Good Job Attack Attack! Can't wait to see you guys in Orlando @ Warped Tour!

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    chaselowe wrote: Attack Attack! is the most original band out there right now.
    Please, please tell me you're joking. Please.
    nashawa wrote: Weeeeooooo! Go Tanner! Congrats on the front page. Why didn't you mention the blatant Emmure ripoff though?
    I agree. on top of that, their best song on the album imo "renob nevada" is so much like for the fallen dreams its not even funny. I don't think attack attack utilizes their keys/synth as much as they did before on SCS. I do, however, like caleb's screaming much more then austin's sorry. I do still kinda like this cd. Like asking alexandria, these guys are way overrated.
    nashawa wrote: readymade98 wrote: Crab-core is super fun to do playing live. Their guitar talent is limited, but the programming and the melodies are way too impressive. They are pioneers. Super good band. Pioneers? How?
    they have dubstep w/ metal. no one really goes to the lengths they do.
    I personally love this album because its is SOOO catchy. It's also kind of different... yes the guitar work is pretty simple, but not everything has to be technical to be good. that would be boring right? If you don't like Attack Attack! then okay, but don't bash them because you have nothing better to do. Go write on a review about a band you like. -- No i'm not a scene kid, i like all kinds of bands like BTBAM, THA, TDEP, TAB, ABR, ABRB, vanna, WCAR, and a lot more
    I actually liked both albums and love their transitions from heavy to light. The way both albums sound like, to me, is that they make music just for the music not the money.
    Actually nevermind, your point is invalid because you called Attack Attack the best band out there right now.
    chaselowe wrote: Oh yeah, and this review sucks.
    Do one yourself then. Until then, suck my cock
    Seriously, all you elitist ****s, are so far up your own asses. Do you actually like anything or is it more fun for you to go around slamming bands that some people actually enjoy? So, theyre not the most ****ing technical band out there, but really is technicalality everything? SO what if i could play all their songs with a low slung guitar? doesnt that just enhance the live show as they would have more time to engage in antics onstage? How can you say that this album is generic? Name other albums from bands that sound very similar? and if you do, i'll probably like them too. Fuck you. I fail to see how Attack Attack! are any gayer than going around looking at reviews for bands you dont even like, annoying the piss out of people who do like them. Personally the album is a great step forward from SCS, and i didnt mind it. Caleb is quite talented at a vocalist.
    Attack Attack! is the most original band out there right now. Caleb Shomo can scream way better than Austin Carlisle. The new album IS great. Sure their sound may have changed, but that's what happens when a band gets a new vocalist. They change. Some of you people need to get over it.
    I love this album. I can't really say that i like it more that SCS though because it is like listening to two differents bands. But in my opinion this is a GREAT album and they have lost two frontmen since SCS, they've been through alot of shit and they came out of it, brushed themselves off and put out a good album. I love every song but Shut Your Mouth and "I Swear I'll Change". good job AA!.
    Meh. They were probably the first to do the whole Hardcore/Metalcore/Somethingcore/Electronic/Dubstep thing and actually get somewhere with it. So I respect them for that. Album could be better though. Just my opinion. I still listen to it when I feel like some AA!
    am i the only one on here who actually LIKES the new album? i have to say, i love it. i prefer the new dude, and the new sound. i really don't see how anyone could hate THAT MUCH on attack attack.
    should have never gotten rid of austin did much better with him as the singer.. i loved scs....this cd is ok but not really if u kno what i mean
    attack attack is a great band, and have definatley served as a creative inspiration to me. complicated music isn't necessarily good music, music is ART and is whatever the musician wants it to be. i fully enjoy this cd, and would recommend it to anyone looking for a good fresh music experience, and it also has some of the best metal production i've ever heard.