Attack Attack! review by Attack Attack!

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  • Released: Jun 8, 2010
  • Sound: 2
  • Lyrics: 6
  • Overall Impression: 3
  • Reviewer's score: 3.7 Poor
  • Users' score: 4.8 (79 votes)
Attack Attack!: Attack Attack!

Sound — 2
Ok so AA!, a band that depending on ur opinion might be the worst band to ever exist or the best. I enjoyed the first album abit I guess, wasn't anything special but no one can deny, stick stickly wasn't catchy when it came out. So lets see how they did for their second record, after losing Austin Carlie, then gaining a new screamer (forgot his name)and losing that one too, Caleb the synth dude stepped up to the vocals. The sound has changed alot from the first album actually, now its more dubstep than trance and techno and well honestly it couldve been so good but they failed. Most if not all the songs sound far too similar, to the point I checked my playlist to see if I didn't put one song on repeat. Guitars...well I know all the fanboys go like geetars don'tz havez to be technicals you elitist bastards, ur just jealous olololol.And I agree guitars don't have to be technical to be good, but christ the guitars in this album are just horrendous, the tone is bad, all they do in every song is chug chug chug verses and fast chords for breakdown, with very few exceptions. They could fire their guitarists and just keep the bassist and the songs would sound the same. Please dudes at least add abit of originality in the guitar playing. While guitars don't have to be technical to be good, they at the very least should be fun to listen to and add something to the song. Synths are pretty good here, I'm not a huge dubstep fan myself so I miss the more trancey directions but it was still pretty good. I like that they added more piano to the songs. But same as everything else in the album even the synths start to sound alike, probably because unlike the previous album the synths are pretty much always present here, never letting up they become annoying. So overall the sound was eeehh bad, it was far too generic, so much it hurt to listen to the album. Jesus guys at leats mix things up a bit but even the suprise song on the album (the N'sync-ish Lonely) was boring.

Lyrics — 6
Lyrics where bad.Like the above interview said their all about girls and Austin Carlie. Also I found them to be less christian then the previous ones. But I wont comment to much on them as I don't really follow them much. Singing- Ok i used to love this dudes clean singing on the first album but he sings far more than he should in this album and that ruins the songs.His voice sounds identical to the clean vocalist/guitarist from The Devil Wears Prada and while TDWP uses him wisely, AA! Overuses him to the point you wanna cut ur ears off. However major props to the band for less autotune on his vocals, makes them much more bearable. Screaming-Caleb's screams are actually pretty good, I like em more than Austin's. His growls are better and his overall screaming sounds more hardcore.

Overall Impression — 3
So well basically if you where a hardcore fan of the first album or a hardcore fan of all the generic post hardcore out there than you will love this album. I thought the first album was better, which isnt saying much. I like the smaller use of auto-tune, calebs screaming and some synth parts but overall the album was terrible.Most of the songs that where catchy enough to hear more than once quickly get old. I hate the guitars and how generic this album is. I'm not too big a fan of the post-hardcore genre (or most -core genres) so maybe that's why I don't see the hidden magic or originality in this album but for me it sucked, big time. It did have 2 catchy-esque songs I guess, Lonely, I swear I'll change and sexual man chocolate, though these songs get old very quick. If it was stolen I'm sure I wouldn't even notice, or care.

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    @Havoc69 I disagree on the singing being worse on AA!'s new album. I found it to be one of the biggest step ups from the Someday Came Suddenly album.
    SkylitGavin wrote: @Havoc69 I disagree on the singing being worse on AA!'s new album. I found it to be one of the biggest step ups from the Someday Came Suddenly album.
    Well i didnt mean it was worse per se,as i found it better for not using auto tune as much i just meant the clean vocals where used far too much,it got annoying
    There's a lot left to be desired 4 months since the release... They definitely need to release that rumored B-Side or a new EP or some singles of some sort to keep me interested.
    I Love How EVERYONE Talks Shit On Their Talent But None Of You Can Produce Anything Close To Either Of Their Albums, No Matter How "Bad" They Are, You're Worse, So Shove It.
    Remember that just cause you dont like the sound of the music doesnt mean it's not good. I am not a fan of this kind of band but Attack Attack! really do something for me. I can feel their energy and I love the way things come together in an unusual way. This is a new and growing genre and you cant put down all the new bands who are helping shape a new sound
    The album was crap. Absolute garbage. Caleb, the vocalist, produced My Ticket Home's EP. My Ticket Home is another little scene band that thinks they're heavy, but they're still much better then AA. But back to my point, on Someday Came Suddenly they played Drop C# and did the typical 5h8p5h8 octave chrod crap. But after Caleb produced My Ticket Home's EP, they dropped to Drop B and started doing the now-trendy chug to bends. Attack Attack! has almost 100% stole My Ticket Home's sound (Minus the dance. I hope they feel good about taking those kid's sound. Because now everybody is gonna do it. Every kid that straightens his hair and plays guitar is gonnna have their guitar in Drop B because of this shit. So thank you Attack Atatck! for ruining lower six-string-tunings for me. Now I'm only gonna use my seven-string or go to Drop D. Faggots.
    Disagree on stole MTH sound. They are my favorite band (don't give a shit if you disagree, you aren't me) and if you look at all teur video diaries and updates you'll notice they hangout with AA! Also, Sean, MTH clean vocalist, appears in the music video for Smokahontas. If ever band that shared the same tuning counts as stealing, then ever generic Drop-D tuned "metal-core" band would have stolen all of their music from somebody else. I don't know about you, but Drop-D got boring as shit after listening to TDWP, AAS, Asking Alexandria and more for an entire summer. Don't agree? Don't care.