Attack Attack! review by Attack Attack!

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  • Released: Jun 8, 2010
  • Sound: 5
  • Lyrics: 4
  • Overall Impression: 4
  • Reviewer's score: 4.3 Poor
  • Users' score: 4.8 (79 votes)
Attack Attack!: Attack Attack!

Sound — 5
The Deluxe Reissue of Attack Attack's self titled album features 4 brand new songs, the ten original songs, two (dubstep) remixes, and two acoustic versions. Here is the review for the 8 new tracks. 01. "Last Breath": So this song is pretty generic sounding, and I'm trying to decide if Caleb is losing his voice and can't scream properly anymore, or if that's a new style. Other than it it's pretty catchy, definitely not a favorite track, but it isn't bad either. 02. "Pick A Side": This is for sure my favorite track out of the new ones. It starts off with just the guitar, nothing special there, Attack Attack has never been known to have very complicated music. I think this song does the new vocal style very well, it's like a mixture of half-screaming and half-singing. It sounds pretty good in this song, whether it's on purpose or he just can't scream. 03. "Criminal": Woo breakdown! What an original way to start a song? How about we take that into a terrible chorus that is slightly catchy, but sounds more like something you'd hear on a modern rock station. Between all the crappy parts featuring him singing there are some instrumentals that I enjoyed, aside from the attempt at a guitar solo, that just doesn't suit them at all. Overall this song is just a disappointment, and could've at least used one scream in it. 04. "All Alone": The intro sounds more like a pop punk song, and the song does that intro justice. It's another very light song, and after about a minute and a half of listening I'm really disappointed that Attack Attack has left their old style behind. Tracks 5-14 are just the regular album songs, and these are the 4 remixes. 15. "Sexual Man Chocolate Remix": Instead of just reviewing this song I'll go through my thought process as I listen to it. *Awesome they kept the piano intro* *Oh it's cutting out, I'm guessing it's dubstep* *Moment of silence, I hope there's a dubstep drop that reminds me of breakdowns* *WTF IS THIS?!?!?* *At least the chorus is still catchy...* *......* :'( To anyone out there who likes dubstep, you may like this. But I really hate dubstep, hell, maybe this isn't even dubstep. But it's still not a good listen. 16. "AC-130 Remix": Everyone knows "AC-130". You're better off dead if you don't. It's remarkable that they can call this song a remix though. It keeps a small amount of lyrics or any resemblance to the real song. There's a few parts where you can hear "you're better off" and it gets cut off by this dubstep crap (Facepalm). 17. "I Swear I'll Change Acoustic": Ok, this song got me smiling again. Not at all because it was good, but moreso because of the fact that Caleb sounds terrible without autotune and what not. Or else his voice is completely destroyed and he sounds like this now haha. Listen to this if you want a good laugh, if not, it's an easy skip. 18. "Turbo Swag Acoustic": Pretty much the same as the above, Caleb just makes me laugh in these two songs, I don't think I'll ever be able to take him seriously again. The best part is at the end when he goes "Yeahhahahhhah", hahahh fail.

Lyrics — 4
Lyrics are terrible. "Last Breath" and "Pick A Side" had decent lyrics, but between "Criminal" and "All Alone", I'm going to have to lower this score a lot. "Now I'm the criminal, now I'm the criminal, now I'm criminal, but you gave me the key." That's sooooooo deep. It almost seems as if they're trying too hard, and not just having fun anymore. Think of "Smokahontas", or "Stick Stickly", or pretty much any song off "Someday Came Suddenly", and how fun they were. That's what Attack Attack is missing, the new sound just sounds so serious and like they're trying too hard.

Overall Impression — 4
So after these new additions to the Attack Attack song list I am severely disappointed. "Someday Came Suddenly" is probably my all-time favorite album, and even after losing Austin and with the release of Attack Attack!, I still enjoyed about 80% of that album. I can say that the only song I quite enjoy out of these is "Pick A Side". "Last Breath" is pretty good too, I'd buy it off iTunes. If this was stolen I would not hesitate at all to not give a crap. I bought the hard copy CD, and I might as well have paid $2 dollars on itunes for "Last Breath" and "Pick A Side". I'd say give it a chance, but don't expect anything great. I hope this isn't a decline of Attack Attack, I wouldn't be surprised if they became sell-outs by there next album.

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