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artist: Attack Attack! date: 07/25/2011 category: compact discs
Attack Attack!: Attack Attack!
Released: Jun 8, 2010
Genre: Metalcore, post-hardcore, electronica
Label: Rise
Number Of Tracks: 10
If you're expecting something groundbreaking don't look to this album for any inspiration.
 Sound: 5.3
 Lyrics: 5.5
 Overall Impression: 5.5
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overall: 5.7
Attack Attack! Reviewed by: tancanada, on june 10, 2010
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Sound: Crabcore. Yep, remember that music video that had the hipster crabs doing their crabby thang in it? It's this bands video, and they're back with their self titled album. Luckily, there isn't any crabbing to be done on this album, but even with the lack of ridiculousness this is still just a mediocre record at best. It's typical nu-metalcore at its best, guaranteed to make the trendy girls wet, but really no one more than that, except me. But I'm an exception. Upon first listen of this band, you'll hear the stereotypical staples of this genre of music today: heavily tuned guitars with lots of brutal lows, and lots of candy bubblegum electronica with clean singing all mish moshed together. There are also some other genre's that can be found on this album, including rap, euro-pop and even some dubstep. In some parts this is done pretty well, while in other parts it's a major WTF, although it's not nearly as abrasive as Someday Came Suddenly was. Gone are the the incredibly clich and cheesy party dance synths, thank God. On this album there continue to be synths, but in 90% of the parts on the album, it's executed fairly well, staying nice and fun without being homosexual'd into the dirt. The guitars are what you would expect from Attack Attack: incredibly easy. Guitarwise this isn't any better than their last record, I could probably play all these songs with my guitar around by ankles, or even standing with my knees spread apart, crouched down and with my head bobbing back-and-forth making my dyed hair woosh all nicely oh wait. // 7

Lyrics: Well, the lyrics math the music alright. These lyrics suck though. Pretty much every single song is about either girls (who could've called THAT one?!) or their ex-vocalist Austin being a jerk. I wouldn't have a problem with either of these, but the songs about chicks are exceptionally cheesy, and the lyrics in the songs about Austin are exceptionally generic and, well, stupid. Take AC-130, probably overall the worst song on the CD for example: You think you could be God Who appointed you judge You take yourself too seriously Keep building your walls? up higher Then you can be your own king You're better off dead You're better off dead C'mon seriously? I wrote better lyrics when I was a pissed off 12 year old. These guys still have a lot of progressing to do song-writing wise, but who cares when you're attractive?! // 4

Overall Impression: Overall, this is a very boring and average modern sceniecore album. If you're expecting something groundbreaking don't look to this album for any inspiration. Like I said, it's better than their last one by far, but still not really that great. I hate to rate this so low, but I guess I'm just not into this album. Maybe I'm just a butthurt old AA fanboy, but hey, judge for yourself. Recommended tracks: Sexual Man Chocolate, Smokahontas, A For Andrew. // 6

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overall: 8
Attack Attack! Reviewed by: sdfoxford, on june 16, 2010
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Sound: First off, I truly like the sound of Attack Attack. I loved Someday Came Suddenly, and I really do like this new album. The things that caught my ear where the screamy, screamy-singy, singy of their style. I loved the techno-dance beats in the music last time, even though others seem to not like it. As for the album Attack Attack, they have defently moved in sound. With the departure of Austin (for the record I loved his screams) and Caleb steping up to take the front man spot the screams have got more low end to them now. Caleb isnt a horrible screamer, but I have deffently heard better (*caugh* Austin *caugh*). Johnny's clean vocals are as good as ever and offer a good contrast to Caleb's lows. The guitars are normal. For me, if it sounds good, I really don't care how complicated the parts are. This album makes it clear that you don't have to have shreeding to have a good album. And as for the keys and dubstep, freaking amazing! I love dubstep and have been thinking about doing some of that myself, but looks like the guys in Attack Attack beat me to it. // 7

Lyrics: The lyrics are a little diffrent form Someday Came Suddenly's Christian inspred tone. It seems like there are more emotions that are comming into this album. And as a practicing Christian myself (Latter-day Saint "Mormon"), it would be defficult to always write about God. We all have days where we want to express other feelings that we are having, such as love, hate, confusion, and just having fun. // 8

Overall Impression: When I was first going though the album I was a bit taken back with the change in pace and sound. If you are expectign a clone of Someday Came Suddenly, you will be dissapointed. If you go into this album with being able to accept that bands do grow and change in their style, expect awesomeness. Good Job Attack Attack! Can't wait to see you guys in Orlando @ Warped Tour! // 9

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overall: 3.7
Attack Attack! Reviewed by: Havoc69, on october 14, 2010
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Sound: Ok so AA!, a band that depending on ur opinion might be the worst band to ever exist or the best. I enjoyed the first album abit I guess, wasn't anything special but no one can deny, stick stickly wasn't catchy when it came out. So lets see how they did for their second record, after losing Austin Carlie, then gaining a new screamer (forgot his name)and losing that one too, Caleb the synth dude stepped up to the vocals. The sound has changed alot from the first album actually, now its more dubstep than trance and techno and well honestly it couldve been so good but they failed. Most if not all the songs sound far too similar, to the point I checked my playlist to see if I didn't put one song on repeat. Guitars...well I know all the fanboys go like geetars don'tz havez to be technicals you elitist bastards, ur just jealous olololol.And I agree guitars don't have to be technical to be good, but christ the guitars in this album are just horrendous, the tone is bad, all they do in every song is chug chug chug verses and fast chords for breakdown, with very few exceptions. They could fire their guitarists and just keep the bassist and the songs would sound the same. Please dudes at least add abit of originality in the guitar playing. While guitars don't have to be technical to be good, they at the very least should be fun to listen to and add something to the song. Synths are pretty good here, I'm not a huge dubstep fan myself so I miss the more trancey directions but it was still pretty good. I like that they added more piano to the songs. But same as everything else in the album even the synths start to sound alike, probably because unlike the previous album the synths are pretty much always present here, never letting up they become annoying. So overall the sound was eeehh bad, it was far too generic, so much it hurt to listen to the album. Jesus guys at leats mix things up a bit but even the suprise song on the album (the N'sync-ish Lonely) was boring. // 2

Lyrics: Lyrics where bad.Like the above interview said their all about girls and Austin Carlie. Also I found them to be less christian then the previous ones. But I wont comment to much on them as I don't really follow them much. Singing- Ok i used to love this dudes clean singing on the first album but he sings far more than he should in this album and that ruins the songs.His voice sounds identical to the clean vocalist/guitarist from The Devil Wears Prada and while TDWP uses him wisely, AA! Overuses him to the point you wanna cut ur ears off. However major props to the band for less autotune on his vocals, makes them much more bearable. Screaming-Caleb's screams are actually pretty good, I like em more than Austin's. His growls are better and his overall screaming sounds more hardcore. // 6

Overall Impression: So well basically if you where a hardcore fan of the first album or a hardcore fan of all the generic post hardcore out there than you will love this album. I thought the first album was better, which isnt saying much. I like the smaller use of auto-tune, calebs screaming and some synth parts but overall the album was terrible.Most of the songs that where catchy enough to hear more than once quickly get old. I hate the guitars and how generic this album is. I'm not too big a fan of the post-hardcore genre (or most -core genres) so maybe that's why I don't see the hidden magic or originality in this album but for me it sucked, big time. It did have 2 catchy-esque songs I guess, Lonely, I swear I'll change and sexual man chocolate, though these songs get old very quick. If it was stolen I'm sure I wouldn't even notice, or care. // 3

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overall: 4.3
Attack Attack! Reviewed by: happypacman, on july 25, 2011
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Sound: The Deluxe Reissue of Attack Attack's self titled album features 4 brand new songs, the ten original songs, two (dubstep) remixes, and two acoustic versions. Here is the review for the 8 new tracks. 01. "Last Breath": So this song is pretty generic sounding, and I'm trying to decide if Caleb is losing his voice and can't scream properly anymore, or if that's a new style. Other than it it's pretty catchy, definitely not a favorite track, but it isn't bad either. 02. "Pick A Side": This is for sure my favorite track out of the new ones. It starts off with just the guitar, nothing special there, Attack Attack has never been known to have very complicated music. I think this song does the new vocal style very well, it's like a mixture of half-screaming and half-singing. It sounds pretty good in this song, whether it's on purpose or he just can't scream. 03. "Criminal": Woo breakdown! What an original way to start a song? How about we take that into a terrible chorus that is slightly catchy, but sounds more like something you'd hear on a modern rock station. Between all the crappy parts featuring him singing there are some instrumentals that I enjoyed, aside from the attempt at a guitar solo, that just doesn't suit them at all. Overall this song is just a disappointment, and could've at least used one scream in it. 04. "All Alone": The intro sounds more like a pop punk song, and the song does that intro justice. It's another very light song, and after about a minute and a half of listening I'm really disappointed that Attack Attack has left their old style behind. Tracks 5-14 are just the regular album songs, and these are the 4 remixes. 15. "Sexual Man Chocolate Remix": Instead of just reviewing this song I'll go through my thought process as I listen to it. *Awesome they kept the piano intro* *Oh it's cutting out, I'm guessing it's dubstep* *Moment of silence, I hope there's a dubstep drop that reminds me of breakdowns* *WTF IS THIS?!?!?* *At least the chorus is still catchy...* *......* :'( To anyone out there who likes dubstep, you may like this. But I really hate dubstep, hell, maybe this isn't even dubstep. But it's still not a good listen. 16. "AC-130 Remix": Everyone knows "AC-130". You're better off dead if you don't. It's remarkable that they can call this song a remix though. It keeps a small amount of lyrics or any resemblance to the real song. There's a few parts where you can hear "you're better off" and it gets cut off by this dubstep crap (Facepalm). 17. "I Swear I'll Change Acoustic": Ok, this song got me smiling again. Not at all because it was good, but moreso because of the fact that Caleb sounds terrible without autotune and what not. Or else his voice is completely destroyed and he sounds like this now haha. Listen to this if you want a good laugh, if not, it's an easy skip. 18. "Turbo Swag Acoustic": Pretty much the same as the above, Caleb just makes me laugh in these two songs, I don't think I'll ever be able to take him seriously again. The best part is at the end when he goes "Yeahhahahhhah", hahahh fail. // 5

Lyrics: Lyrics are terrible. "Last Breath" and "Pick A Side" had decent lyrics, but between "Criminal" and "All Alone", I'm going to have to lower this score a lot. "Now I'm the criminal, now I'm the criminal, now I'm criminal, but you gave me the key." That's sooooooo deep. It almost seems as if they're trying too hard, and not just having fun anymore. Think of "Smokahontas", or "Stick Stickly", or pretty much any song off "Someday Came Suddenly", and how fun they were. That's what Attack Attack is missing, the new sound just sounds so serious and like they're trying too hard. // 4

Overall Impression: So after these new additions to the Attack Attack song list I am severely disappointed. "Someday Came Suddenly" is probably my all-time favorite album, and even after losing Austin and with the release of Attack Attack!, I still enjoyed about 80% of that album. I can say that the only song I quite enjoy out of these is "Pick A Side". "Last Breath" is pretty good too, I'd buy it off iTunes. If this was stolen I would not hesitate at all to not give a crap. I bought the hard copy CD, and I might as well have paid $2 dollars on itunes for "Last Breath" and "Pick A Side". I'd say give it a chance, but don't expect anything great. I hope this isn't a decline of Attack Attack, I wouldn't be surprised if they became sell-outs by there next album. // 4

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