No Defeat review by Attack Attack!

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  • Released: Dec 10, 2012
  • Sound: 10
  • Lyrics: 10
  • Overall Impression: 10
  • Reviewer's score: 10 Gem
  • Users' score: 2.6 (72 votes)
Attack Attack!: No Defeat

Sound — 10
Not usually a fan of Attack Attack!'s sound, but this new single blows them right out of the water. They have a harder sound without trying to hard. It's not all screams, crabcore, and synth - to me it's more so a "paying attention to what music really should sound like and where it should come from" sound. Change is a good thing, and most AA fans are going to start comparing vocalists and arguing over who is better. I do somewhat like their old sound and Caleb Shomo is a good vocalist, but I'm not going to lie when I say I think their new sound and new vocalist are a better fit.

Lyrics — 10
My favorite lyrics from the song come from the first verse: "Out of my way, For the last time, you won't break me (you wanna break me) Why wouldn't you try on, or get in the game But I won't fall As the presence, her presence is consumed by your shadow We're here to wake up" These lyrics are definitely better than "Welcome to my party as I'm lettin' you in raise my hand to the DJ let the music begin McSwagger is the type man." Phil Druyor's (of I Am Abomination) vocals blast right through your speakers. His edgy cleans are incredible. I have always been a fan of I Am Abomination and I feel Attack Attack! made a great choice when it came to who was going to be their new front man. I expect their next album with Phil will make every other Attack Attack! album looks like pure bullshit.

Overall Impression — 10
My overall impression of "No Defeat" is that it's just incredible. I have never once wanted to head bang to one of Attack Attack!'s songs, but this song I could head bang to all day. It is definitely a punch in the face (in a good way of course). The only thing that will suck, is when some AA fans will dislike the vocals and the sound change - personally, I love when bands change their sound. It shows their not afraid to try new things and sometimes change is for the better. As for when a new full length will come out, I'm not sure but I know when it does come out, I will be buying a copy.

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    Please make it go away, please ;_; faux-djent with cheesy hard rock singing and a load of other cliches..
    Really? You compare the lyrics to this song to their dance track to make your point?
    The song isn't bad for the genre it's considered to be. Just none of their fans like it because it's the least hardcore thing possible, so good luck to them for trying to branch out but they just lost 90% of their fanbase
    btw all 10s across the board is a little much. im getting the impression that you didnt give the song many listens. iv probably given it about 10 or so times just to make sure...
    This song is sh*t and so is this review. Kids... if you wanna hear metal do yourself a favor and listen to Sabbath instead.
    But this isnt near metal by any means. Falling to the "listen to sabbath" cliche just makes you look like a boring old man.
    Not true. It's a cliche but it doesn't make him sound like an old man. Sabbath are as big now as they ever were in the past! Deep Purple on the other hand...
    Kids these days don't wanna listen to metal.. they would rather listen to borring post-Hardcore/Metalcore/Crabcore...
    Not all post-hardcore (and other related genres) artists are awful. (Crabcore though...) Many are even legitimately good metal artists with a hardcore bend. Then there are artists like AA! which are laughably bad, but are a terrible representation of what REAL hardcore influenced music is. Thrash was highly influenced by punk, but no one criticizes thrash as not being metal. Hardcore can be infused into metal properly, and some artists pull it off. Then there are some of these dime a dozen BMTH, AA! and other softcore bands that suck. Don't write off the genre because a few terrible bands play it.
    Go back to bed grandpa. We're all out of cooked carrots and you finished your applesauce. Sabbath is tame as shit.
    i actually kind of like this new sound. i don't understand why everyone always thinks that a band HAS to stay with a heavier. more hardcore sound. that stuff gets old so fast. i'm pretty sure i've heard a million songs that have a galloping palm-muted riff with screams over it. i've also now probably heard a million songs that have all that... but with an electronic twist. it was time for them to branch out into something new. good for them.
    yikes...ive heard enough from these guys. new vocalist isnt bad by any means but the other guys arent doing anything special in the song...
    That song would actually be pretty good if they didn't do so much digital s**t on the vocals...
    What happened to these guys back when they were fun... I liked the first album... cuz well... it was fun. And I like fun.
    And Austin was doing vocals, just saying. Stick Stickly is definitely my favorite by them.
    Sam Rulez D00d
    Yeah, not gonna lie, I jammed Someday Came Suddenly back in the day. The problem is that people took them seriously. And then they took THEMSELVES seriously. Not saying Someday Came Suddenly was a musical masterpiece, but it was good for what it was intended to be - fun.
    I'll give them props, I hate the hell out of Attack Attack but this song is definitely a step in the right direction.
    I liked them with Caleb Schomo but you have to admit. He wasn't the best songwriter. This is solid, matured, and tons more proffesional sounding. And the new guy isn't that different from Caleb. Everyone's just freaking out cause there isn't any screaming. In one song. And they recorded it literally days after Caleb anounced he was leaving.
    I like this song,especially the vocals, in my opinion I think that they are taking a direction out of the scene.
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    Phil Druyor is the only good thing about this song. His work on I Am Abomination is still way better though, especially since I Am Abomination actually writes good music to go behind the vocals.
    I didn't like Attack Attack!'s first album very much, but I liked their 2nd quite a bit. I hated their 3rd one. But honestly, this sounds like their best song yet. This song sounds like if they weren't trying to take their djent style of their last album seriously - which is exactly what they should have done. This mix of pop and djent-ish music is....interesting. I can say I've never heard anything like this song, and I'm substantially impressed that they actually stepped back up after their awful last album (to me).
    It sucks, but to their credit, it does sound like they're improving a little, so maybe they're at least trying a little.
    whoa, what happened to them? i listened to a bit of their stuff on youtube a long time ago and it was unbearable, but this doesn't sound like punching bag material anymore.
    When I heard Phil was helping out with vocals, and before I heard the track, I was REALLY hoping that maybe that it'd go in a sort of I Am Abomination route, with better guitar work and such, but then I was presented with complete disappointment. The only good sounding part of this song is when Phil wasn't over processed with effects.
    So I've had the unfortunate displeasure of being at 3 shows that Attack Attack has also played at, and I have to say that their music is only a part of why I can't stand them. At every show, in between every song, the singer stops everything to complain about how hard his life has been. Finally after maybe the third or forth song, he literally stops the show for a good 5-10 minutes to give the extended version of his pity my past story, which stays the same word for word at each and every concert. I get it, throw in a few words here or there, but he took a crappy performance and made it unbearable.
    "Genre: Post-Hardcore" Are you trying to get the Fugazi members to kill themselves, UG?
    The vocals are actually pretty good. But no one else is doing anything interesting at all...
    this band is no longer attack attack after multiple vocalist swaps and what sounds like a complete genre change why even call yourself the same band?
    Ew... this is worst than Riot by Bullet for my Valentine. Why are all of these bands getting terrible and digitized.
    not sure how long you've been a fan of AA! (if at all).. but they've ALWAYS been "digitized".
    This was just a track they recorded to get Phil's part in the band out there. They're not even Attack Attack! anymore. They're now called Nativ. I think the track is catchy as **** honestly but it is rather simplistic. Not that that's a bad thing but everything else seems to have a problem with that.