Guilty Pleasure review by Attila

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  • Released: Nov 24, 2014
  • Sound: 3
  • Lyrics: 1
  • Overall Impression: 2
  • Reviewer's score: 2 Junky
  • Users' score: 3.7 (12 votes)
Attila: Guilty Pleasure

Sound — 3
There really isn't much music out there where I hate so many of the artists first few albums, then all of a sudden, they take a u-turn. Attila tries desperately to grab the listener's attention on their newest album, "Guilty Pleasure." Earlier in the year, Chris Fronzak had stated that there would be a new alum coming out by the end of the year, released "Proving Grounds," and stated that the album would be called "Guilty Pleasure." Believe me, I wasn't sure if he was serious or not, but for a split second, I thought he had a good idea going for them. This track, however, is one that is catchy, and honestly one of the very few catchy songs on the entire album. The only thing is, it's extremely generic. The guitars are mainly in the open note or chug the first fret so many times. And that's basically most of this album in a nutshell. And to add onto that, some insanely Fred Durst inspired vocals, and some occasional gutturals, which aren't bad, but of course, Attila doesn't f--king take themselves seriously, so in the end this just sounds like a big cluster f--k of a mess.

Lyrics — 1
Personally, I found only the lead singles catchy, and everything else was basically complete garbage. For a little while after liking "Proving Grounds," and "Hate Me," it became very clear to me that I could only spin those songs once in awhile as a "guilty pleasure." But now that it's been nearly 5 months since this release, the only thing that comes to my mind after listening to these songs again is "wait, why was listening to these songs again? How are they even "guilty pleasures"?" With Fronzak continuing his "suck my f--k" ridiculousness into "Proving Grounds," and using "f-g" and "b-tch" as insults, I don't care if he was kidding or not. He's dumb as f--k from watching YouTube videos of him (especially the one where he accidentally hits the wrong guy at the show who was messing with him). "Proving Grounds" is really cringeworthy during the chorus chorus too:

"Let me hear you say
F--k everything they
I'll live another
And if they doubt you,
tell 'em to suck it and hold it down on the proving grounds."

Overall Impression — 2
Don't like my review? Well, you can "suck my f--k." But seriously, I'd rather go back and spin Emmure's last album over this. I mean, Emmure's does try a tid bit more, but not much more. "Guilty Pleasure" isn't even worth a spin. You'd be better off burning the CD if you bought it, and if you do enjoy this album, go ahead and listen, but in the end, Attila is a band where (for someone like me at least) can find to be catchy, but for all of the wrong reasons. Basically, Attila is like Taco Bell. You listen to the album, and f--king regret it afterwards, much like eating at Taco Bell, and dealing with the end results after the meal by sitting on the toilet...

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    Btw, this is the lowest score I've ever written a review for. Side note, I had like 2 spelling mistakes, so sorry for that guys.
    Quite possibly the worst music I've ever heard. And the tough guy faces at the beginning of the video....lmfao
    Not to praise them for anything because they honestly don't deserve it, but Attila could be a gateway band for a younger generation to get into heavy music much like Limp Bizkit was when I was growing up. Someone obviously spend a lot of money on production because the sound is very pleasing to the ear even if they're only playing open notes.
    Atilla is under the genre Party Metal. At one point I believe I saw an interview where they said they don't take themselves seriously.
    Pvt Pancake
    For me, I feel like these guys are deliberately making overly simple music to fit in with their party image. If you listen to songs like Payback or About that Life you can hear how good their guitarists actually are and how much talent they have. I've seen these guys in concert and they absolutely killed it.
    The band this guy signed on his label (yea, I know...) is bloody hillarious, you guys should check it out.