Outlawed Review

artist: Attila date: 08/25/2014 category: compact discs

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Attila: Outlawed
Released: Aug 16, 2011
Genre: Deathcore, Experimental
Label: Artery Recordings
Number Of Tracks: 10
This album is hella-fun. Attila have found thier niche, and continue to dig themselves a spot further in it, becoming one of the few heavy bands I would recommend playing at parties.
 Sound: 8.5
 Lyrics: 8.5
 Overall Impression: 9
 Overall rating:
 Reviewer rating:
 Users rating:
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overall: 7.3
Outlawed Reviewed by: ninjagayden777, on august 25, 2011
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Sound: Attila are the very essence of heavy partying. Since thier first Artery recording, "Rage", I've been hooked on thier catchy simplicity, IDGAF attitude, and sick writing. Outlawed picks up where Rage left off, with plenty of heavy riffs, interesting leads, and creative drum fills. The music has the tone of a deathcore band, but is significantly more bouncy. Definately easy to mosh to or rock out at home with some friends. Not anything that hasn't been done before, but they do it well. I also found the guitar leads were more common on this album, showcasing that they aren't incapable of playing more complex material. They just prefer things simple, with the occasional flourish, which fits them extremely well. // 7

Lyrics: The lyrics are pretty much the same as last time: parties, women, booze and blunts. While I aplaud them for writing for what they actually know about, I can't help but wonder what they'd sound like if they had at least one song on this album that wasn't about getting trashed or laid... There are also some true groaner moments on this album. The "drity talk" in the song Dirty Mouth could have been left out entirely, and Payback, while fun, gets sort of annoying by the time the "rap screams" kick in. Yet overall, they pull everything off well. Just not tastefully. Vocally, Attila have improved by miles. The low death growls are more pronounced and sound less forced like they did on "Rage". The mid range shouts are far better as well. Just like last time, don't expect any cleans on this album. // 7

Overall Impression: For lack of better words, I have to say this album is hella-fun. Attila have found thier niche, and continue to dig themselves a spot further in it, becoming one of the few heavy bands I would recommend playing at parties. Equal parts frat throwdown, hardcore intensity, and metal edge, "Outlawed" is an album that, despite being lyrically monotonous, is a great listen. For fans of: Dr. Acula, Asking Alexandria, Upon A Burning Body. // 8

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overall: 10
Outlawed Reviewed by: emily.debord.54, on august 25, 2014
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Sound: Greatly put together! Metal at its finest! And the way that the vocals range from screams, growls to rap is an amazing feat that not many others would be able to pull off! Way to go Fronzilla! Also the guitar and bass and drums are an awesome mix. You cannot help but jump when you hear them. They are purely great talent. They are truly good people as well. I've met Chris Fronzac, he is one hell of a guy. He treats his fans how they are meant to be treated. With respect. Sound quality is amazing, over all feel is great. Just a great album to have. // 10

Lyrics: I love Attila's lyrics because they are not afraid to speak their mind. They like to party, they like to live and its awesome. They give full out blasts to what they believe in. They believe that you should enjoy your life because its the only one you have. And they don't care who they offend. People deserve to love and live who and how they want to. Also, more musicians should treat their fans properly as they do. They realize that those are the people show put them where they are and deserve as much if not more respect than the band. // 10

Overall Impression: Amazing. Attila deserves all of the exposure it can get! They are downright amazing and I love their attitude! I would buy this CD over and over. I would buy it to give to friends and family and significant others. I recommend this to anyone who agrees that we only have one life to live so let's live it! Attila rocks. They are an amazing band! Spread the word! I give them 5 stars!! A great album with a great feel. Makes you wanna rage. Throw up your fists and say: "F--k the system I live how and when I want to!" // 10

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