Revelations review by Audioslave

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  • Released: Sep 5, 2006
  • Sound: 9
  • Lyrics: 10
  • Overall Impression: 9
  • Reviewer's score: 9.3 Superb
  • Users' score: 8.6 (202 votes)
Audioslave: Revelations

Sound — 9
Only a year after Out of Exile's release, Cornell and the Rage gang reveal their 3rd studio album, Revelations. Unlike the previous releases, Revelations takes a big leap into the direction of funky rock, much like classic Rage Against the Machine, only this time, there's a wider variety of sound and innovation. Tom Morello stated in an interview that Revelations is a fusion of the british rock gods Led Zeppelin and the American funk band Earth, Wind & Fire, quite a very unorthodox combination. Albeit, Morello hit the nail dead-on with his description. The production and sound is clean and crisp as always, populated with Morello's trademark guitar riffs and effect pedal-happy solos. A notable presence is Brad Wilk's drumming, that compared to past albums, it is much more refined with a plethora of semi-complex patterns and heavy fills. Tim Commerford completes the rhythm section with his great bass playing. What sets him apart from other bassists, is that rather than just follow whatever riff Morello is playing, Commerford branches off into his own licks at given times, rarely seen by most bassists, whom play step-by-step with the rhythm guitarist constantly. Chris Cornell, fronting one of today's and yesterday's most powerful voices in rock and grunge, still has his qualities seen in the first two records, only this time, he sticks to a more bluesy and soulful style of singing, thus the connection to Earth, Wind & Fire. Profoundly, time has taken it's toll on Cornell's vocal chords, rendering him unable to hit the high notes that were present in the Soundgarden days, it's almost like a nail in his coffin, considering his high-pitched wailing were what set Cornell apart from a lot of vocalists. Revelations is one of the best openers in hard rock history, shortly followed by Sound of a Gun, in which the nostalgic Rage Against the Machine-reminiscent riff pounds throughout each chorus. Broken City and Somedays both stand out from the rest of the album, the former with a somewhat haunting presence, and the latter sounding like an anthem to the days we just can't stand. Nearing the end of the album is possibly the best written song, Nothing Left to Say but Goodbye, full of nothing but powerful lyrics and surreal melodies. Finishing off Revelations is Moth, in which Cornell takes you into a moth's perspective throughout the epic closer track.

Lyrics — 10
Lyrically, Cornell still stands tall. His unique writing has always been a huge part of his style; keeping things subtle and discreet with his words, rather than blurting them out with no real messages. Revelations is chockful of classic Cornell, hitting various topics and themes, which I'll leave the listeners to figure out for themselves, rather than ruin the self interpretation of each song.

Overall Impression — 9
Revelations is one of this year's best albums, and Audioslave doesn't fail to show that they put in a great deal of effort, devotion and feeling into it. To say it's better than the previous two albums wouldn't be right, seeing as how each one has it's own distinct style and sound. Revelations is pure gold for the kind of release it is, and will be looked back upon as a huge milestone for Audioslave's career.

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    Got it today... and fell in love with it imideatly. Great Album!!! Better than OoE!! hope they'll continue on this high level and come to germany anytime soon.
    I'm a huge fan of theirs and I got this album minutes after begged the lady at walmart to let me find it in the boxes. I listened to it 5 or 6 times and i love it, but i can tell this is an album that will have to grow on me just like the other 2 albums. Awesome, but im not sure if i could say that it is better than their first album.
    A FREAKIN GREAT ALBUM! I LOVE IT~ the guys from RAGE and the man who broke the RUSTY CAGE have done it again! well done! cant wait til the tour for this album!
    there arent many vocalists that can touch cornell. And not many guitarists that are as genius as morello. This album is a lot groovier than the previous. I agree with most people that it is better than the last, and competes with the first. Though i still thing the self titled album is god sent.
    A number of awesome songs, "Wide Awake" is probably my favourite. I'm still undecided on whether I like this new album better than the others but its definitley a superb effort. Tom Morello rules!
    havnt heard it, but in an interview i saw on C4, morrelo said that its the closest they've come to being the band they wanna be. should be good... awesomeness guitarist, digging 'original fire' aye.
    Its freaken genius is what it is, its my fav of this year followed by stadium arcadium and wolfmothers self titled.
    i like the new road that audioslave has taken. though not a whole new road to a whole different genre, this album really shows that they can do something different yet do it well.
    just downloaded it.. its not bad, although it does sound repetative until the solos which i love.
    It's awesome. I'm tellin' y'all what. The blues/funk thing is a HUGE part of their new style. That's what Morello said though, right? So, I say they really did achieve what they set out to do. With that said, RATM fans... even Soundgarden fans might not be with it at first. However, this CD is one of AUDIOSLAVES most creative efforts. BUY IT!
    This is the better Audioslave album. The debut was ok, Out of Exile was pretty good but this is excellent.
    This is a HUGE improvement over Out of Exile. While not as great as their self titled, it is great. I would give this an 8, ST a 10 and Out of Exile a 5.
    morello is amazing... not as hard, like he said it's zeppelin meets earth, wind and fire, but still good stuff!
    My favourite audioslave album is still their self titled but this one is really good, better than out of exile. It still misses that punch that rage had though but its definately creative
    true that this album is awsome compared to the other albums, and Tom has gotten even more creative.But it still dosent have the aggresiveness that RATM had
    I like the old ones better, especially out of exile. This is a good one though. I love the intro to revelations, and moth. beautiful
    i actually got this album on the 4th and it blew me away. It is a hell of a lot better than the previous albums and it also adds a feel of RATM with all those political songs ....just amazing really. ive listened to it about 30 times all the way through since yesterday lol. these guys truly rock.... \m/ \m/ rock on
    I purchased the album about 3 days ago. There isn't alot to say to show I good I think this album is other then I have probably listened to it about 15 times or more already. It is debatable if I would prefer this album or there first but time will tell. This may not be as heavy but the funk/groove edge to the basic Audioslave sound works great. The overall finish of the album from the arrangements, layering of sounds and recording quality is in my opinion definately better then any other Audioslave albums yet.
    Awesome album, but the best track is easily wide awake. If you listen carefuly to the bridge in sound of a gun, the vocal pattern (and maybe the lyrics) sound almost exactly the same as on drown me slowly from out of exile
    i want it, i have the other two and i think audioslave is better than out of exile, more like ratm...
    I havent got this album in philippines I will buy my own copy and judge it by myself I'm excited to have it
    my first impressions of this album are good. I just have to see if i get bored of it quickly or not.