Constellations review by August Burns Red

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  • Released: Jul 14, 2009
  • Sound: 9
  • Lyrics: 9
  • Overall Impression: 9
  • Reviewer's score: 9 Superb
  • Users' score: 9.6 (167 votes)
August Burns Red: Constellations

Sound — 9
August Burns Shred! These guys are real metalcore. This is probably their sickest, brutallest, most epic album so far. Its quality, non-generic breakdowns, awesome riffage, and overall sound is legit jugganot-status. Also, unlike Messengers, Constellations has more softer parts that make the heavier parts even brutaller. Definitely an album to throw down to.

Lyrics — 9
The lyrics are flat-out amazing. When Jake Luhrs screams "You're the straw that's crushing my back, you are the salt that's burning my wounds"--it's just epic. But probably the most meaningful lyrics are found in "Meridian"--"I am the painter making this mess a masterpiece"--which is about willing yourself on and realizing that what doesn't tear you down will build you up twice as strong. "Indonesia" contains heavy and heartfelt lyrics about a guy named David Clapper who died in a plane crash--and "died to better this world." Also, "Meddler" screams in desperation, "If everything's relative, then why the emptiness in our souls", and ends with the realization of a greater purpose. And unlike most screamo-y screamers in the scene, Jake Luhrs' voice sounds more rooted in hxc.

Overall Impression — 9
This is probably one of my favorite albums. I like each and every single song on this album, but my favorites are probably "Meddler", "White Washed", "Existence", and "Marianas Trench" and "Meridian". What I love most about this album is the raw brutality of the songs but also the religious overtones and meaning behind them. There is nothing I can pick out about this album that I don't like. This album's never gonna get stolen or lost, because I guard it with my life and whoever tries to steal it is in for a beatdown.

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    i agree with breakdown. Messengers was a better album. Constellations is a step down. it just isn't as brutal as their old stuff. still a pretty good album though.
    good album, i had pretty high expectations and was a little disappointed. not as strong or entertaining as messengers, but still a pretty good effort.
    XenititesX wrote: does anyone else know that tommy rogers of between the buried and me guest stars on indonesia? fav song by far.
    No... No... No... You've got to be KIDDING ME? Seriously is that true? Probably one of the best metalcore band around today. ABR kicks ass I'm gonna buy that album...
    ABR Is Ear Rape
    Absolutely Incredible..Energetic, Technical, Moshworthy..I grew up near these guys and have had the fortune of seeing them develop into a truely phenomenal act.
    Love this album so much! The lead toward the beginning of White Washed is the best thing ever! Definately the top album of 2009, it's such a shame I waited until December to even give this band a chance! Hoping to see these guys at SoulFest this August...
    I personally think this album blows Messengers out of the water. Don't get me wrong, Messengers is an amazing album but for some reason the production of it gets kind of annoying to me sometimes. Constellations is the perfect mix of everything they've ever done alone with some new sounds. Indonesia is the best song they've ever done in my opinion, Tommy Rogers was used brilliantly.
    Co&Ca11 wrote:Indonesia is the best song they've ever done in my opinion, Tommy Rogers was used brilliantly.
    I disagree; his guest appearance was a little disappointing.
    Brilliant album. Far superior to Messengers in song production and structure. Not as many killer riffs as Messengers though, IMO.
    Personally to me, i loved this album alot more than Messengers. Believe me i love the hardcore breakdowns especially in Truth of a Liar and Composure and such, but this album seems more developed i guess? When i first listened to the album, i chucked it on and went on with my day and after it finished i instantly went back to search for one track to stuck out to me, Marianas Trench. The Intro is so... Non August burns red and the 5/4 timing is insane, and then after that wicked jazzy intro the drums roll in and the distorted guitars. Incredible song. Indonesia is sick as well, the clean singing caught my attention at once, not to mention the little solo piece at about 10 in Meddler sounds sick even though its simple, and a instrumental is always great, even more if its Meridian, blasted this one nice and loud and grabbed the tab fast. Overall its a little less brutal than Messengers and Thrill Seeker, but the Vocals never seem to impress me and the fact theres more guitar leads makes me jump around and headbang like nuts. Rock on ABR
    More fandom reviews I see :/ Constellations was a +1 for me, their song writing has improved. I was able to listen to songs without getting bored or cringing. Pretty good band, for being in a cluttered genre filled with "cookie cutter" and "unoriginal" bands.