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  • Released: Sep 28, 2010
  • Sound: 8
  • Lyrics: 5
  • Overall Impression: 7
  • Reviewer's score: 6.7 Neat
  • Users' score: 8.5 (30 votes)
August Burns Red: Home

Sound — 8
Since the release of "Constellations" last year, August Burns Red has been hovering around the top as a leading metalcore band today. They now have a number 24 album under their belt and they know it. They are one of the few heavier metal and metalcore bands to have even broken the top 25 on the Billboard 200, being in the ranks of other heavy bands such as Underoath, As I Lay Dying, and The Devil Wears Prada. After all this new-come fame, they decided to go to their hometown of Manheim, Pennsylvania and record a live CD/DVD called "Home" (who can guess where they came up with that?). The album starts out with chants of ABR! ABR! and a small serenade from JB and Brent. This leads into a solid performance of fan favorite "Back Burner". Jake Luhrs gives an okay deliverance of vocals, but not bad enough to displease fans. The album then has 13 more songs from all three of their previous albums including their new single "White Washed", "Your Little Suburbia Is In Ruins" from "Thrillseeker", "Marianas Trench", never-before-played song: "Meridian" in which Jake gives a very good vocal performance, their signature "Composure", and even "The Seventh Trumpet". Overall, they picked a good variety of songs from their new album to their older material. There were solid performances on ALL instruments. Matt Greiner tore up the drums with his nearly flawless skill in fills, off-meter rhythms, and accuracy. As far as I can hear, there is not a point where he is messing up. JB Brubaker and Brent Rambler deliver amazing studio-quality guitar performances, playing exactly as they did on the records. If you watch the DVD, Dustin is also tearing up the bass laying down the backbone and the spirit, as he is the person who was usually jumping, headbanging, or flipping his guitar over his head. I do have things to say about vocals, but I'll get to that in the next section.

Lyrics — 5
Jake's screams and growls sound great and full on the records, but that is probably because of multiple vocal tracks, but in concert, he doesn't have that. Overall, he had a solid deliverance of vocals, but not absolutely amazing, but not horrible either. It sounds a little bad to the listeners, but I'm sure that the people in the crowd at the time didn't really care, as the show was sold out, and the people were ready to have a good time. When Jake gets to high screams, his normal voice breaks in more than a guttural throat sound, so it sounds as if he is just yelling really loud. He also never carries out a scream or growl, but cuts it short. I almost felt bad for the horrible quality of the high scream he had to do at the start of "Truth Of A Liar". It started well for only a second and then his voice broke into a normal shout. Throughout the DVD, he also looks as if he is struggling to get the vocals right. It might just be that he is on stage at a very hot show, or he really is struggling. Like I said though, overall if you're a big fan and you truly like them, you won't be disappointed, if you like metalcore in general, you might be slightly disappointed, but then again it is just a live album, and those don't get as famous as studio albums.

Overall Impression — 7
Compared to ABR's studio albums, I would stick to those, but if you want to hear how ABR sounds live, by all means, get this album. It is a solid performance and you shouldn't be too disappointed. And the DVD is just fun to totally mess around and headbang and scream with. If you like the genre in general, I would stay with the studio albums though, because the vocal sound is better. If you're going for overall, get this album. Also, if I'm going for best song on the album, I'd have to say that "Meridian" has the best performance. Jakes vocals are perfect, JB and Brent work out the guitars beautifully, and the rest of the band is great too. I think the album was good, I bought it, If I lost it, I wouldn't buy it again because it's already on my computer. Actually, maybe I would buy it again for the DVD.

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    ^ Stop turning this into a religious debate you arsehole. On topic: The vocals on this DVD aren't a proper representation of what Jake really sounds like. There's plenty of videos on youtube showing how awesome his vocals are. My guess is he just had a bad night.
    Amuro Jay
    This live album is definitely not a very good representation of Jake's live performance. His vocals on this CD/DVD are completely shot compared to how his vocals usually sound live.
    It's a shame that his vocals weren't up to his usual high standard. When I saw them, he was faultless
    MH400 wrote: It's a shame that his vocals weren't up to his usual high standard. When I saw them, he was faultless
    Same here.
    Well, that confirms it. I noticed his vocals sounded a little funky in the teaser trailer they showed awhile back before its release featuring a clip from "Marianas Trench", but it looks like the entire album was like that. Oh well. I'm still gonna buy it...eventually. If only for the DVD, and the excellent performances from everyone else. Can't ever have enough ABR.
    crankycactus wrote: cant get down with christian bands... adults with imaginary friends r sad...
    Dude uncalled for... Get your head out your ass and show some respect geez. I would say ABR are prog, they have their moments, but not extually prog.
    Disturbdkornkid wrote: August Burns Red is prog... O rly?
    I noticed some prog influences in their newest album, but I would NEVER classify ABR as prog.
    I've had this in my car since the day it came out and essentially it's all i've listened to ... I admit Jake's vocals aren't at their best, but you can hear his passion and energy regardless, and somehow to me it all just sounds f***in amazing!
    napalm890 wrote: I love how Christians try and say that atheism and evolution is "absurd" as if believing in a triune supernatural being who speak the universe into existence is totally reasonable. Haha nice try!!
    I love how a completely unbiased look at science makes theism look pretty well more feasible than the other worldviews. Makes my day. Not even a need to break out the Bible and the notes on Christianity vs. Secularism. THAT'S a nice try.
    Disturbdkornkid wrote: August Burns Red is prog... O rly?
    what he said
    Lets keep it about the album people. Anyway I agree with the bit about the vocals, not sure what was up with it, cuz when I saw them live his voice sounded great. But the DVD is definitely fun to watch. And the CD isn't bad at all if your a diehard fan like myself, but i could understand if your new to the band and you get a bad impression from it.
    jetfuel495 wrote: This live album is definitely not a very good representation of Jake's live performance. His vocals on this CD/DVD are completely shot compared to how his vocals usually sound live.
    Yeah, this wasn't a good night for Jake. Something was off. Also, I dig your enthusiasm, but please read over your reviews or have someone proof them for you. This was very hard to read.
    Mostly agreed on the vocals, but c'mon, 6.7? The other members in the band were practically perfect, I even thought I'd put a studio version on by accident a few times, the energy the guys put off was also brilliant, 8.5 for me.
    NickSBTT wrote: Disturbdkornkid wrote: August Burns Red is prog... O rly? what he said
    Since when the ****? Its just slightly more technical than the next generic metalcore band..