Lost Messengers: The Outtakes Review

artist: August Burns Red date: 04/14/2009 category: compact discs
August Burns Red: Lost Messengers: The Outtakes
Released: Feb 24, 2009
Genre: Metalcore / Progressive Metal
Label: Solid State Records
Number Of Tracks: 7
Lost Messengers: The Outtakes is August Burns Red's third EP. There are seven tracks total, a few of which have never been heard before.
 Sound: 7
 Lyrics: 8
 Overall Impression: 7
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overall: 7.3
Lost Messengers: The Outtakes Reviewed by: Amuro Jay, on april 14, 2009
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Sound: August Burns Red recently released this little EP in order to stave off hungry fans who are eagerly awaiting a new album. Well, it's kinda working. There are seven tracks total, a few of which have never been heard before. Some people have said that August Burns Red's riffs are too generic, but to be honest, I don't see it. If they are generic, then they are the most complex-generic metalcore riffs I've seen in a while. The first two tracks, Chasing The Dragon and Mosley, are pretty damn good tracks. They are basically what makes this EP worth having. Mosley has a pretty nice solo at the end of it, and the outtro on that song is probably one of the best ways I've ever heard to end a song. Chasing The Dragon is pretty good as well, but maybe not as good as Mosley. It does have some pretty decent riffs and leads, though. Both of these tracks are pretty atmospheric, in my opinion. There are little touches which don't seem necessary but have a huge impact on the feeling the song leaves you with. All the other new tracks on here I wouldn't really consider "songs." Carol Of The Bells is an instrumental, To Those About To Rock is a parody (quite funny, I might add), and Piano Man is another instrumental. The other two tracks are demos from Messengers, which don't really catch my interest. // 7

Lyrics: Gotta love the lyrics from these guys. Chasing The Dragon deals with heroine addiction and how it can ruin your life, and Mosley is about the death of a friend in a car crash. To Those About To Rock is... Just... Ridiculous. But I laugh everytime I hear it. Not only are (most of) the lyrics real, but they'd make really good live songs, perfect for singing along with. Chants like "now affection has abandoned you; can you still feel?" and "you'd be so proud... My dearest friend" are things that a crowd can definitely put their energy into. Fit's the music nicely as well. A lot of people don't like the singer's voice, however. It's something you might have to get used to, because it's pretty different from screams in other metalcore bands. But he's good. // 8

Overall Impression: It's definitely better than a lot of metalcore that's coming out these days, that's for sure. My only complaint is that there was only two really good songs on it. But man, those two songs made it totally worth it. Hopefully the first two tracks on this EP hint towards the direction that August Burns Red will be taking on their new record. Because if that's the case, then the wait will be worth it. // 7

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