Messengers review by August Burns Red

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  • Released: Jun 19, 2007
  • Sound: 6
  • Lyrics: 9
  • Overall Impression: 8
  • Reviewer's score: 7.7 Good
  • Users' score: 9.6 (145 votes)
August Burns Red: Messengers

Sound — 6
This record completely blew me away for approximately the first week. The more I listened to it, the more I realised that while ABR is a band of incredibly talented musicians, they tend to lose track of how effective simplicity can be. This 11 track CD is full of the same breakdown. They tried so hard to break from the norm of modern day metalcore, that they in-turn have created the same sound for each song. Each song, individually, amazes me, but the record as a whole goes nowhere. It's like listening to one song 11 times in a row. I know all bands have their own sound, but these songs are just too similar and all share the same elements.

Lyrics — 9
Lyrically, this band is VERY sound. Jake's lyrics and vocal approach are very intense and compliment the music perfectly. It's not easy to find a vocal structure to the music of ABR but Jake does it amazingly. His vocals can become monotonous, but not nearly as bad as their old vocalist. Jake has far more range and better structuring ability.

Overall Impression — 8
This album, in my eyes, IS a step up from Thrill Seeker. The vocals are much better, and the music is catchier. It's main flaw is lack of originality among songs. As I said before, I love each and every song individually, but when I listen to the album, I feel as if it's the same idea for every song. It's like "ok, let's make this sound as technical as possible", which should not be the case. I still like this album, but I can't listen to it all the time. It's definately a good buy though, so if I lost this record I would end up buying it again. It's kinda infectious and as much as I can say to complain about it, I'm still gonna wanna listen to it from time to time.

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    they're a really awesome band- great riffs, and everything is so tight and just well balanced. i think they're the best metalcore band out there. and i think they'll stand the test of time. even though they're not doing anything new, what they are doing they're doing a masterpiece and i think they're one of the best
    thrilla13w wrote: Christian artists can play hardcore. ABR is great.
    Just about every hardcore/metalcore band is Christian, it's not unique.
    ibanezguitarguy wrote: when i listened to ABR, i heard just about every other band i was listening to in their music. every metalcore band is exactly the same.All the band names are the same, all the vocals are the same...ect..ect.. it goes on and on
    you've gotta be kidding. there are many differences. band naes are different. tell me, is this similar... norma jean... august burns red. i see absolutly no comparing in them. screams sound different out of different people. it's not always screaming. they acually sing sometimes, i see absolulty no similarity to augut burns red at all
    bass_kid92 wrote: thrilla13w wrote: Christian artists can play hardcore. ABR is great. Just about every hardcore/metalcore band is Christian, it's not unique.
    yeah well thats just cuz there are a hella lot of christians.. i still want to find a jewish death metal band though :] just for the hell of it man. seriously just for kicks (but becoming the archetype is cool as hell, them and with blood comes cleansing are god's pimps)
    I have so say that although "Messengers" is a leap, I agree with one of the reviewers who said that it's very monotonous. ABR is my favorite band, but even as it is, I still prefer "Thrill Seeker" over "Messengers", where the songs were very much different.