Messengers review by August Burns Red

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  • Released: Jun 19, 2007
  • Sound: 8
  • Lyrics: 7
  • Overall Impression: 9
  • Reviewer's score: 8 Superb
  • Users' score: 9.6 (147 votes)
August Burns Red: Messengers

Sound — 8
August Burns Red's newest CD, Messengers, is a great success. With new members Jake Luhrs (vocals), and Dustin Davidson (bass, vocals) adding in their singing/screaming/growling talents adding to the heavy riffs and tasty licks of the guitar team and the powerful drums and machine gun double kicks of Matt Greiner, ABR continues their strong sound, but keeps it fresh and new.

Lyrics — 7
The lyrics took much thought (beyond the colorless words of other death metal and metalcore bands). Though repetitive at times, it adds to the overall meaning of the deep message beyond the heavy instrumentation and praising Christ in every growl (look at the words to Redemption). Jake's new addition to the mix fit perfectly. It was along the lines of their previous vocalist, but more polished while before they were more raw sounding. All good and still intense (like campings "in tents" doo doo ch).

Overall Impression — 9
Though I find Thrill Seeker a better album, Messengers is still a majestic work of art. If Messengers had a few melodic releases within the songs like that of Thrill Seeker (listen to Too Late For Roses) I would be more psyked. I do find the guitars more skillful in Messengers by the musical improvement of JB and Brent. The song Vital Signs is my favorite due to the licks in the begining and The Eleventh Hour doesn't fall too far behind via intensity. Great Album. Buy It! I would. that is if I lost my previous copy.

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    whoever said abr are talentless and that there songs all sound the clearly have NO musical knowledge at all, i play all but three of the songs on that album on guitar and they deff are NOT all the same
    I have to give to ABR, they know how to make one album sound like one long song. And No, Its not just you XenititesX, all the song sound the same, just at different tempos. Nothing new here. "Matt's one of the best drummers by far." Wow, that's disrespectfull to all the technical drummers out there, I.E. Necrophagist, Braindrill, Rush. And Papasmurf was right, you really have to open you ears on this one, but even if you try, there's still nothing new. And..this band will not change lives, just another 99c Store cd, floor punching pit-chads. Another band fans will forget about in 5 or 6 years, look for it at Hot Topic in the bargain bin. Tell them Foul sent you....."The trend is dead and gone forever" In Necrophagist We Trust.
    yeah XenititesX and FoulBodyAutopsy your absolutely. the description misleads. saying they show musical skill. that is false. they play the same rift in the same scale just with different speeds, slides, and pull offs. then directly after that, they go into a breakdown behind that riff. then they just play a drop c palm mutes in between a bunch of 4 5 8 7s. its ridiculous how unskilled bands have become and are famous. and his screaming. so monotonous maybe he should take some lessons from someone on how to change pitch or change a scream. shit blows An American Dream The Balance Eleventh Hour Vital Signs The Blinding Light Back Burner all sound exactly the same the rift just with different slides and hammerons and pull offs nothing special i will look for this album in the bargain bin cuz it will probably be there
    and to the guy saying you play them on guitar and there not the same listen...the dudes are doing that on purpose they dont feel the same while playing its about the sound and you say i have no guitar knowledge? i could tell you every note in every song without looking at them playing it the scale what ever you want to know they have no talent you want something different and something difficult to play on guitar? that has different keys in almost every song? that i guarantee you couldnt play if your wasting your time on shitty bands like this? go try and play some songs off of all that remains cd the fall of ideals then come talk to me about guitar knowledge learn all three of there cds and come talk to me
    this album is wat would happen if as i lay dying had a kid with killswitch engage oh and this cd is sick
    Why did somebody compare this band to Necrophagist. It is a different genre of music, Necrophagist are insanely talented, but they have nothing to do with August Burns Red. German Death metal and American Metalcore cannot be compared, so, you are dumb. Go see them live, they are one of the few bands that sound as good live as they do in their production.
    i would just like to point out to everyone that this singer is not new at all. learn a thing or two before you review shit. he was on thrill seeker.