Messengers review by August Burns Red

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  • Released: Jun 19, 2007
  • Sound: 10
  • Lyrics: 9
  • Overall Impression: 10
  • Reviewer's score: 9.7 Superb
  • Users' score: 9.6 (147 votes)
August Burns Red: Messengers

Sound — 10
Well upon hearing the first note of the first song on Messengers, I instantly fell in love with the technicallity of this album. Maybe not as technical as Thrill Seeker, but definately stronger musically. I love the way that they twist with timings to create the most intense breakdowns I've ever heard, along with the misplaced snare hits and the tightness of the kick from the drums to create an all out masterpiece.

Lyrics — 9
As I found out that ABR had changed frontmen, I was at first apprehensive as I had set a very high standard from the previous album, that I thought it could never be beaten. Until I listened to songs such as Back Burner and the Blinding Light, which completely took my breath away, ABR's new singer (who's name escapes from me at this moment in time) has completely blown away everything that Thrill Seeker had to offer in terms of singer capability, and lyrically, who can beat such lines as "When Did You Become So Cold? Slipping on the Ice again, When did you become so cold" in Back Burner just completely sends a proverbial shiver down my spine!

Overall Impression — 10
Messengers offers a massive change in pace from all the other metalcore bands at the moment, with the diversity in all of the music from drums to guitars to vocals, it offers a breath of fresh air for people who want truly heavy music, but with just enough melody to keep our hands punching the air with devil horns and our heads nodding back and forth until it feels like your neck can't take it anymore. I don't think I can compare ABR to any other band, but I know that if my copy of Messengers were lost/stolen, I would either kill myself, hunt down the man that did it, or buy another one within the next 24 hours. Peace, Love and all that jazz, DanKraken.

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    ibanezguitarguy wrote: when i listened to ABR, i heard just about every other band i was listening to in their music. every metalcore band is exactly the same.All the band names are the same, all the vocals are the same...ect..ect.. it goes on and on
    you suck and don't even know what you're talking about. August Burns Red is one of the most influential Christian bands out there. from vox to guitar and drums, this band kills. ....and Ibanez guitars suck.
    xXcriesinvainXx Are you kidding me!!! If you think that some death metal crap is skillful you have a problem, any retart with a guitar can make some mindless shredding garbage like that. if your so musically talented why dont you write some songs that are put together like these ones. this is metalcore at its best, and even better they are brothers in Christ
    wow this is like a band that changed hardcore music, how can you not like this stuff? it happens to be very skillful. Oh and if Ibanez sucks? then why would they use it? and also for everybody who says that you can play what they are playing and that it's easy...who ****ing cares? it doesn't have to be hard to beautiful.
    IP h O IB i A
    monty44 wrote: xXcriesinvainXx is fag
    Wow... leave it to immature trolls on the internet to be COMPLETELY ignorant over nothing. a "fag"? Oh my god! can gay people even function? no probably not, because theyre not like the rest of us. do you see how stupid you sound? and how can you even tell someones sexual orientation by their music taste. really. tell me. not only is that a beyond ridiculous thing to say, the only reason you said it is because his perspective on a minuscule topic varies from yours. OH NO! Monty you have to be the least intelligent person on this page so my hat goes of to you.
    IP h O IB i A
    oh and btw im a ABR fan, cant get enough of them. sure their songs may sound the same, but that just means i love them all. they are completely mesmerizing and adrenalin-pumping