All Excess [DVD] review by Avenged Sevenfold

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  • Released: Jul 17, 2007
  • Sound: 5
  • Content: 3
  • Production Quality: 8
  • Overall Impression: 3
  • Reviewer's score: 4.8 Poor
  • Users' score: 9 (103 votes)
Avenged Sevenfold: All Excess [DVD]

Sound — 5
As an Avenged Sevenfold fan who has been with them since before Waking The Fallen, a DVD has been long anticipated. Expecting to see the concert I attended a year ago at Soma in San Diego they filmed to later show on MTV2, I was somewhat saddened to hear it was strictly a documentary.

Content — 3
It certainly is not a live concert DVD, but more of an homage to the many places the band has gotten hammered, plastered, shit faced, etc. The first half shows the coming together of the band and where they grew up and went to school. They also made sure to mention the many bars, fights, and arrests that also occurred in their growing up. However, the second half was slightly more interesting with their discussing the coming together of City of Evil and the very brief shots in the studio showing the orchestra that played on a couple tracks. As a musician I would have much rather seen footage of them in the studio recording tracks or just jamming rather then seeing them in bars drunk off their asses. To be honest the special features were more interesting than the documentary as a whole.

Production Quality — 8
The quality of the DVD as a whole is quite good. The live concert shots, though far too few, are professionally done with multiple angles as opposed to a stationary camera that doesn't pick up everything well. There were shots of each individual band member interview style talking about certain things which weren't spectacular but well put together.

Overall Impression — 3
My overall impression as someone that appreciates the music more than anything was the DVD was disappointing. They briefly talk about at the end how much they admire Metallica, however Metallica has a few live concert DVDs, and even on "Some Kind Of Monster" there is a lot of footage of them in the studio. Perhaps somewhere down the line A7X will follow in the footsteps of their heroes, but as for now I don't think the DVD was worth the money or the time spent watching it. Sadly if it was stolen I would just let it go.

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    Ok, First of all. You guys apparently expected WAAY too much. It has everything. Live performances that were ****in SPOT ON. Background info on the band. Some funny ass special features. Its thier FIRST DVD! cut some ****ing slack. They are a great band. They deserve what they have when theyve waited 8 long ass years.
    cyclonus78 wrote: i tell u what, listen to a song called 'innocent exile' by iron maiden and ul see where avenged got the idea of using the opening and bridge riffs in Second Heartbeat from
    um, i think its called 'inspiration' and its only like a chain of 5 notes that sound the same; which is totally not out of the ordinary considering theyre both using guitars.
    cyclonus78 wrote: i tell u what, listen to a song called 'innocent exile' by iron maiden and ul see where avenged got the idea of using the opening and bridge riffs in Second Heartbeat from
    Innocent exile sounds nothing like second heartbeat u desperado.. get a life.
    i tell u what, listen to a song called 'innocent exile' by iron maiden and ul see where avenged got the idea of using the opening and bridge riffs in Second Heartbeat from
    poona wrote: MikESPviper wrote: Avenge are a wana be punk band with a singer who tries to much. and they was they dress they must be backstage like... 3 hours getting their bandannas around their head "just right." Nothing wrong with pushing yourself to become the best you can be. 'No pain, no gain', as they say. The guitarists do look pretty silly though. Sounds like a pretty lame DVD, if its just footage of A7X being drunk I might as well watch Metallica's 'Year and a Half' video, or even Some Kind of Monster (actually that movie is fun to watch)
    Dude, Year and a half has lots of performances, studio shit, rehearsal stuff and music videos and that legendary performance with James doing vocals and Tony Iommi playing rhythm guitar for Queen. Cut it a bit of slack there bud! Sounds like A7x went the way of Shadow's Fall in terms of DVD output. The Shadow's Fall DVD is pretty much the most grotesque waste of the slimy stuff that they make dvd's out of since Britney live in Vegas.
    Personally, I loved it. Alot. They even said in interviews that they didn't want to do a normal ol' "live footage" DVD like all other bands do, but they wanted to do something that actually shows what a day in the eyes of a member of A7X is like. And they captured that very well. Most of their day apparently includes alcohol.
    Haven't seen it but i'd like to check it out. I've seen a7x live, and they were way to damn quit, the openers put on louder potentially better shows. Anyways i'd much rather see them getting drunk than in concert again. And dont get me wrong, i love their music. Big fan. I download everything.
    I hate ACDC! A7X has been one of my favorite bands for a while now, and if they go anywhere in that direction, omg I will be ticked! As for they DVD, it'll be kinda kool to see whow they started and everything, but no live shows is just annoying
    Damn. I was looking forward too this and was going to buy it yesterday but the store never had it.
    Wow. This is BS. WTF are they thinking? When you buy a bands dvd you expect concert footage, not "Well here's the place i got so f***ing drunk that me and Shadows had gay sex in the back of some guys car". And AC/DC? Why don't you just make a polka album. I mean ive been a fan for a long time, but it seems like nowadays their trying to stick it to the fans...
    AC/DC! I hate AC?DC! Are you serious? I can't believe A7X would even consider going in that direction.
    god i REALLY hope you are GF got it and im going to watch it at her house when i go over there.....ffingers crossed!
    What a letdown. Thanks for posting this and keeping me from blowing 20 bucks on a bunch of stupid hijinks and BS I probably already know about the band... Man, WTF (no pun intended) is up with A7X nowadays? Cancel their whole entire tour to make an album that they haven't given any insight into since they said "we're cancelling all our dates and going into the studio." Oh, I'm sorry, they said there's songs that sound like AC/DC. I don't like AC/DC and I just think Shadows and the gang are gunna look like a bunch of goofs playing music like that in this day and age. How about some more ground-breaking metal? Or is that too much to ask... Then they say they're putting out a DVD in the spring... I totally forget about it, comes out in the summer, and sucks ass. I really hate this new spell check too.. >.
    I have it and I was really expecting a lot more live concert footage. There are only four songs though. Beast and the Harlot, Trashed and Scattered, Syn's Solo and Bat Country. The one song I was hoping for a high quality live version, Second Heartbeat, wasn't there.
    ah all your haters make me laugh if you dont like a7x why do you still post here? to piss of people? or make a fool of yourself? keep it to yourself give me a good reason why you should tell people a7x sucks and all that its just jealousy that runs through all of you i want to see your band make a dvd tour with metallica get as much fans as a7x has if your band can do that then ill back off there is better bands then a7x but they are just starting