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  • Released: Oct 30, 2007
  • Sound: 10
  • Lyrics: 10
  • Overall Impression: 10
  • Reviewer's score: 10 Gem
  • Users' score: 8.5 (919 votes)
Avenged Sevenfold: Avenged Sevenfold

Sound — 10
So, Avenged Sevenfold decided that it was time they took the reigns, and produced their own album. Years before this, they decided that they wanted to stop screaming in their music. And this morning they probably all decided to get wasted tonight. All of these pissed somebody off somewhere, but that doesn't mean jack shit when it comes down to the nitty gritty of the product just released. This album is phenomenal. It is a no holds barred unleashing. The sound is tight. The tones the guitar players get sound beautiful. Nice and pretty to the in your face crunch, and everything in between. The only thing is that Johnny Christ's bass lines seem to get lost in the mix most of the time. It's hard to pinpoint what genre you would classify this as, but if you are a fan of just good music, it doesn't mean a thing. Sounding the Seventh Trumpet was a hardcore punk album, Waking The fallen was Metalcore, and City of evil was a guitar driven poppy hard rock. Avenged Sevenfold is definately not a poppy record. Some of the heaviest stuff they've ever written is on this album. That could have a little to do with the tuning down a half step, but hey, we like heavy here. it's the next step that needed to be taken. The best tracks on here are actually the ones that the Rev wrote, such as almost easy and A Little Piece Of Heaven. The albums writing is much simpler for their rhythm sections, most likely due to the above reason, but they wanted a groove oriented album, so that's what we all got. This release just shows that they know what they want, and after this, I can't wait for them to get back into the studio to do another one.

Lyrics — 10
The lyrics aren't the most impressive thing on here, but the vocals are so well done it doesn't matter what he's singing about. I don't know how many know, but all the band members contributed to the vocals on here. The Rev especially, has a great voice. He all over the place in personality, so his voice is as well expectingly. Whether it's the pre chorus in almost easy, to his part in a A Little Piece of Heaven. Gates shows his nice low voice on this song to. The bands whole approach to the vocal stylings is great. hey we all sing live, so why don't we all sing when we record instead of doubling Matts voice 20 times. Shadows himself being the lead singer, this time around, experiments with the different tones he can get for his voice. He had the best scream back in their beginnings, so it's no surprise that he has one very dynamic voice. On COE, he whined to much. He's finally discovered how to use it well.

Overall Impression — 10
This album doesn't compare to their other albums. They get better each release. I didn't like city of evil the first time I heard it. But it doesn have it's moment, minus bat country and burn it down. And even this didn't really hit me until the 2nd or third time I listened to it. The CD opens with their 2 singles, which if you listen to the radio, skip critical acclaim. But there's no way to pick out favorites from here as they are all amazing and unique from then out. A little Piece of Heaven is the best if I have to pick a favorite though. ottom line is if you want a good, groove oriented hard rock album to bang your head to. This is perfect.

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    Contrasting Dear God with I Won't See You Tonight Part 2 made me pretty sad. Avenged Sevenfold, you've changed. It's not a bad album, it's just that... they turned into Eighteen Visions with all of the ballady choruses rather than hold on to their epic Chapter Four style choruses and.. ugh.
    Well, I bought the album and I have to say. I overly enjoyed it...Except for the last track, it kinda set me off with the whole country sound. A Little Piece of Heaven, is by far the coolest Avenged Sevenfold I've heard.
    This album has received so many mixed reviews. It seems that their true fans are giving them a chance (at least i have). I thought the album bad at first, but because I love Avenged so much I didn't want to abandon them, so I gave the album a few more listens. Surely the songs grew on me. Yeah, I miss the sounds of previous albums, but I think that its Avenged's ability to grow that makes them such a fantastic band. I can understand that die hard metal fans want to hear more 'metal' from the guys. Whatever that means, whether its complexity or heavy riffs or screaming, i dont know, but all I can say is Avenged have written some great new material. All you complainers, I appreciate that you have an opinion, but come on, don't have that attitude towards the band you know you love. I seriously doubt you've actually 'LISTENED' to the songs properly!
    Ok something I noticed noone said. In "Lost" the chorus was not synthesized. They said before the CD came out they would be experimenting with the "talk box." Which is wat they use for the chorus. Personally I liked the effect. Just thought I'd throw that in there.
    I've only heard the Critical Acclaim song and I loved it. I wasn't a big fan of Avenged Sevenfold, but now I'm thinking of buying this album.
    I actually really like this album, it's different and really gets me going
    I hate you. Seriously, how could you even like A Little Piece of Heaven? It's so shitty its not even funny. Gunslinger is probably the forerunner of the entire album, along with the bad-ass old scholl sond opf A7X. Personally i think your full of shit.
    RipDime X, i bet u can't even play a pantera song u f ucking 12, i've been playing guitar for 9 years and i've been in a band for 4 , and i can play every track on city of evil(the great masterpiece) but this cd is just garbage the only good songs are unbound and scream. and p.s. suck my D ick B itch
    P-Bass Pirate
    phasesevenfold : I hate you. Seriously, how could you even like A Little Piece of Heaven? It's so shitty its not even funny. Gunslinger is probably the forerunner of the entire album, along with the bad-ass old scholl sond opf A7X. Personally i think your full of shit.
    who are you to say what's good and bad? we all have our own opinions. same to everyone else on either side of this argument. yelling at one another won't change anyone's opinion. some people like it, some people don't. if you don't like it, why do you go out of your way to yell at others about it? do you really have nothing better to do?
    RHCP Maniac
    Amen to "P-Bass Pirate", "a little piece of heaven" is pretty close to complete crap compared to most of A7X's usual stuff, along with a couple other songs on this album. I was dissapointed when i first listened to this album it was way, way, way too slow, and calm and bland compared to "City of Evil". I did like Afterlife, Lost, Unbound, and Almost Easy. I thought M. Shadows didnt sing, or scream nearly as well as he could, A7X is one of the best bands out there in my opinion, but they just didnt do as well as they could have with this album. So...7/10 from me.
    RHCP Maniac
    WOW!!, I just went and listen to "Gunslinger" again, i read some1s coment that said it was the best song on the album, at first i didnt agree, but now that i listened to the whole thing, i have come to realize that A7X did alright, but not great this time. They only had a few bad songs on this album....ugh...DEAR GOD!!!....and i agree with hendrixreborn and i think that people are judging this album unfairly. I admit its not the same as their past albums, but i think they still did a pretty good job. I think it deserves an 8 or 9/10
    I love the song "Dear God". I like the way the song was written and the it was sung. the lyrics for it are amazing. the is such a great inspiration to write a song. Avenged Sevenfold is such a great band sooo many people hate them if they would listen to there songs they would understand what there singing about. like one of there older song "warmness on the soul" is also a good song just listen and you'll see
    i wrote a review for this cd a few days after it came out but now if i wrote review it'd probably be a bit different becuase no one gives anything a chance. they hear one thing and decide the whole cd. try expanding your mind. after listening to it several times i really love it but i still say that it could have been alot better. Im just getting across to ppl that they should thinkmore indepth.
    People just don't get it. This album is unique. Avenged Sevenfold has changed on every single album, and they're a bit more experimental this time. I still love it. I haven't stopped listening to it since it came out. But they said time and time again not to expeect another City of Evil or Waking the Fallen. Go into it with an open mind.
    RHCP Maniac
    Yeah, i guess "In The Clouds", and "olheiser" are right, the album is different, and people do need to just need to "go into it with an open mind", and not be so critical. I admit when i first listened to it, i was really dissapointed, because it was alot different then before, but now that i listen to it all, and give all the songs a chance, its not so bad at all. Now "Dear God", and "A little piece of heaven", and "Gunslinger" especially are some of my favorite songs, different, but still, they have really good lyrics, that fit the music better than all their previous albums. So..yeah...people just need to give their new styles a chance.
    hey there again, i believe some people mis-interpreted what i was trying to say and convey to the rest of the readers on this forum, and i cant honestly say i speak for "fatwanker" but i believe we were both just trying to get the point across that an album should be fairly reviewed, and that is not possible if certain fanboys love one band. for instance i like RedHotChiliPeppers and i wouldnt review an album for the simple fact that my opinion would be biased, whether you like the band or not all we were saying was, judge an album by content, originality and in comparison to every record ever made. it wasnt my intention to upset the 12 year olds reviewing the album, i was simply saying if your going to give an album a 10star rating for everything, it has to be justified, which i feel it was not. so if i was you guys id calm down with the testosterone and try and listen for once, i herd the album and personally didnt enjoy it, however i thought they were brave to do a political song. and again thats my two cents, now stop bitching. ~Peace~
    This is a great album. Igot it as soon as it came out and have found it hard to stop listening to it. Dedicated Avenged Sevenfold fans wont be dissapointed.
    Fatwankers name is fitting as he cleary is a naive tosser. He endlessly slags off A7X's ltest but really if we step back could he do the same, no. A7X have always tried to write out of the box unfortunately this is a step too creative for fatwanker who likes classicallly metal music such as screaming and a bit fat guitarover the top. I see why, he doesn't get anything in bed. Oh well. Btw A little piece of heaven is my faveorite song. X
    matt_h wrote: GiantRaven wrote: matt_h wrote: let me just say this, **** avenged sevenfold and **** everyone who likes them. yep they suck ****ing balls. and have since shadows voice went from suckin to much balls. You're an idiot, since when did people deserve to be insulted because of the bands they listen to? because this band is terrible, im not saying you cant listen to it, but everyone who reviewed this sounded like they wanted to suck all there dicks, thats not how you write a proper revue, you have to have an unbiased opinion for it to be accurate, otherwise it just sounds like you want to blow them all, like 90 percent of the reviews for this shitty band
    well maybe you could give us all an example on how someone sounds when they want to blow someone. im pretty sure you can do something like that on the cannibal corpse album reviews -.- get some appreciation for artistic talent in whatever form it comes in. the people reviewing this did seem to have a pretty unbiased opinion...if you read them all, that is.
    just wanted to say that the album is amazing, and to the people who think some of the lyrics in a little piece of heaven are a little weird, well the entire song, and the lyrics make perfect sense, he killed his wife/lover and raped her dead body hence the heater for your thighs part, and the whole coming back from beyond the grave, then they are both dead and get remarried. all the songs do have a deeper meening, those who say there don't just aren't looking deep enough into it.
    gthis cd is awesome! they taken a drastic new direction but it still sounds good, the guitaring is fantastic, so its not as heavy anymore, it is still A7X and they are amazing! i've heard a lot of people talking about how the lyrics in a little piece of heaven are weird, in particular the i always knew my crime wud be cold so i got a heater for your thighs, if they knew what the song was about they would see it makes perfect sence. its a bout a guy who loves his gf/wife so much that he's afraid of it failing that he kills her so he can always keep her to himself, and has sex with her dead body, hence the cold crime and heater for her thighs. And then she comes back from the dead and kills him and then they get married lol a really dark song, but easily my favorite on this album, and anyone who was complaining that the songs don't have a deep or medaphorical meaning, well simply put, they are wrong lol
    dammit...i knew i was gonna get bashed...but if you want me to explain my reason, it's because it's a very bland record. most of it is the same and gunsling is a bunch of style that was put togather in a very wrong way. and again, i'm sorry if i offended anyone. I'm only a washed up metalhead who's in a band. DON"T KILL ME!!! anywho, tootles!!
    RipDimeX wrote: jesus are all of you still 15 year olds? i know most of you dont have a professional music background. so if you dont , you really do not know what you are saying. you cant get how they were creative on this album and for that fatwanker guy or others like him, tell me your music background then huh? and for those of you saying that this song sucks well let me hear you make something as creative as that that im most positive if most of you were giving a studio and some instruments for a day you would not know what to do. what happen to the professionalism in people? people just to say this songs sucks that bands sucks they are emo blah blah. grow up and learn.
    we all have opinions dude. get over yourself. And if you did give me a studio and instruments (and maybe some weed) i could probably make a pretty way out record. But i'm only one person...what do i know.
    that1l)ude wrote: I lost any ounce of respect I had for A7x when i heard critical acclaim.
    last_biscuit wrote: myrhymeandreaso wrote: Critical Acclaim is the most amazing song. I love the album.. but it just isn't City of Evil. I don't know. I hate the western style.. I absolutely despise the girl that ruined three of the songs on the album. I don't even listen to half of the album.. maybe on rare occurance. The first five are incredible.. and it just dies there for me. I agree that there is the Nightmare Before Christmas sound in the one song ahha. It's ok. A7X is capable of SOO much and it seems they half-*ssed this one. It's a shame. Hearing this, it makes me think of Audioslave's debut album...now I'm torn to whether I buy this album or just wait til someone sends me the songs to check out.
    point 1....how did the girl ruin three songs? she did minor vocals at the end of those songs....a little bit more than that on a little piece of heaven but thats not uncommon for most bands to have some female vocals in their songs at some time or another....my point is that she didnt do enough to possibly damage the song...if the singing was bad or something i could understand what you said...maybe you could define damage for me..... point 2....the western style was only on 1 song....notice that they are in 'alternative' not metal...the piano in unbound and the drums in Brompton Cocktail fit in quite well....no matter what Avenged Sevenfold does in their next album its still going to be good...
    matt_h wrote: let me just say this, **** avenged sevenfold and **** everyone who likes them. yep they suck ****ing balls. and have since shadows voice went from suckin to much balls.
    2 YEAR OLD ALERT!!!! wow you cant make your critisism just a wee bit more specific? looks like someone needs to stop listening to Cannibal Corpse.
    Murderface x3 wrote: kennydabomb wrote: matt_h wrote: listen to howie from killswitch, listen to good music. shadows can learn a thing or two from him killswitch sucks. same crap every song. you like A7X, who are you to say what sucks?
    cuz a7x is better than any band you listen to. and i can tell that alot of bands have the same thing every song. you cant.
    Just got this album today. It's definetely nothing like the other three, but that seems to fit their style; something has changed between each album that keeps me coming back for more. I won't deny that only 10 tracks is a bit depressing or that 'A Little Piece of Heaven' is just a strange song, but their songs like 'Gunslinger' and 'Almost Easy' are still amazing and must haves if you enjoyed CoE at all. If you're looking for a return to WTF of StST, you're better off looking for a different band.
    oh yeah synyster said. "People either hate everything about us or have absolute undying love for us. there is no middle ground." by the looks of all the people who like the band, WE DONT NEED YOU HATERS! stop leaving reviews on a good band. go cut yourself over a fall out boy album.
    I love the split opinions on "A Little Piece of Heaven"...tbh I love it, although if you asked me why I couldn't possibly give a reason - it's just a bit different I guess not such a fan of the rest of the album, prefer City of Evil any day, but it's good that they're evolving, I'd much rather they had an album that's not so great but different to being like certain other bands and essentially releasing the same album again and again...
    Punk Skum
    for the record....theres no guitar in "a little peice of heaven" and m. shadows didn't harm his throat preventing him from screaming....he decided he was going to sing the rest of the albums....and no...A7x doesn't suck....there def more talented then u....u just prefer to listen to different music....
    A little piece of heaven is the worst a7x song ever thats coming from a die hard fan reminds me too much of bands like fall out boy and panic at the disco in myopinion i understand why people like it as it's different but i feel a7x could have easily put another face melter on this album instead but the whole album is good better than City of Evil but not as good as Waking the fallen + ST7T but thats just my opinion
    I personally like this album, bu I respect everyone's opinion. I personally like all kinds off musi, so I don't care if they're playing hard core or not. Plus I was never a big fan of the screaming. If it's a good song, I like it, no matter who the ban is.
    Now I'm going to start off by giving my opinion about everybody elses opinion. First of all if you think Avenegd Sevenfold sucks then I won't stop you from saying that cause it's your own opinion. Second of all the people saying that "A Little Piece of Heaven" is just a horrible song and sounds like Fall Out Boy are just ****ing idiots. What makes it sound like Fall Out Boy anyway...the orchestra in the back haha then you gotta be ****ing kidding me. To give you MY opinion "A Little Piece of Heaven" is one of the best songs on their album period and no buts about it. I personally like orchestra music cause it's brilliant just like this song...this song is brilliant. Every aspect of this song is good. It shows that Avenged Sevenfold can make music that's not just M. Shadows yelling a lot and instruments mashing together. A7x shows that they can compose good music and that M. Shadows is a very good singer and much better than City of Evil and Waking the Falling. Personally I like City of Evil and this album better than Waking the Falling just because I'm a big fan of all the A7x members especially their guitarists. Synester Gates and Zacky Vengance definately bring a bigger presence on COE and this album than both previous albums. Last thing I'm going to say is even if people hate Avenged Sevenfold or think they suck should consider the fact that they have created their own sound. A7x isn't metal, metalcore, hard rock, punk or alternative they are Avenged Sevenfold that's their genre and they made it that way and further more this ablum is a piece of work adn you should atleast listen to it once even if you don't like the band. I'm a big fan A7x and I actually mean it because I know some people say it on here then make a bad opinion about the band after doing so. If you're a big fan then suck it up and support them if you're a big fan. I'm also talking about those bastards that reviewed this cd badly and don't even have the balls to register on UltimeGuitar.com and have a user name so they don't get bitched out by the population. Maybe instead of hiding behind the "unregistered" name you should try being a man, or woman, and write a opinion without a curtain covering you. -Peace
    I just got the album yesterday and was really excited. Now, I already have City of Evil, so I was comparing it to that album. let me tell you, it wasn't anywhere near up to par. A few of the tracks are ok, and there's a couple decent solos in there, but all in all, City of Evil was much better. It seemed like kind of a rushed album really.
    Black Label
    fatwanker wrote: 09. A Little Piece Of Heaven - to be blunt this song is terrible, It reminds me of a bunch of childrens cartoons theme tunes put together mixed with Panic! at the disco, it is also very long and boring, at over 8 minutes of cheesey lyrics, and what sounds like a childrens pantomime/cartoon.
    Although I seriously doubt a children's cartoon would be about necrophilia. I love this album, and A little piece of heaven is undoubtedly my favourite song from it