Avenged Sevenfold review by Avenged Sevenfold

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  • Released: Oct 30, 2007
  • Sound: 10
  • Lyrics: 9
  • Overall Impression: 10
  • Reviewer's score: 9.7 Superb
  • Users' score: 8.5 (919 votes)
Avenged Sevenfold: Avenged Sevenfold

Sound — 10
01. Critical Acclaim - as soon as you put this cd into your pc or stereo and press play, you know it's going to be so different from Avenged Sevenfold's previous three albums. The slow, flowing organ intro to Critical Acclaim sets the tone for this more groove-bsed album, and a riff-packed first song. Synyster Gates and Zacky Vengeance do an amazing job of another duel solo, backed by a third guitar, and The Rev does his bit in the vocals section in the chorus. 02. Almost Easy - this song starts off quick and fast straight away, blowing you away immediately. Although very simple, the riff suits the song perfectly, accompanied by a very Latin-sounding drum beat from The Rev. The quick, flowing tempo continues throughout the song, forming a near-perfect song. 03. Scream - one of the more moodier songs on the album, immediately introduced by a high-pitched, spine-tingling woman's scream. When the two guitars of Synyster and Zacky come in, they go together very well, using a scale similar to the noise a slot machine makes. (As quoted by M.Shadows on the "Making of the album" feature on the bonus DVD.) 04. Afterlife - my personal favourite song on the album, Afterlife, again, starts off slow, with a string arrangement, but is soon replaced by another duel intro solo from Syn and Zacky. Johnny Christ gets to show off his skill in his small but effective bass solo part at the beginning, too. But the real hit in this song is the solo. An absolutely blistering flood of notes from Synyster's guitar fills the speakers, rounding off the song amazingly. 05. Gunslinger - this song has a more country-like feel to it throughout the first minute or so. After this, heavy electric guitars replace the acoustics, with a cry of "Yeah!" from M. Shadows, to make an awesome country/rock/metal track. 06. Unbound (The Wild Ride) - previously titled "Disneyland Acid Trip," Unbound (The Wild Ride) is a not-too-heavy song with fast riffs, excellent piano work and another catchy chorus, backed by some amazing arpeggios from Synyster. Towards the end, another first for Avenged Sevenfold, children singing. However different, the effect works very well. 07. Brompton Cocktail - carrying straight on from Unbound (The Wild Ride), Brompton Cocktail starts off with some eerie orchestral string-work, into heavy electric guitars, then back to strings again through the whole verse. The orchestral parts still have an "Avenged Sevenfold feel" to them, and work very well with Shadows' voice and an accompaniment rhythm guitar. 08. Lost - another of my favourites on the album, Lost is a non-stop chaos of riffs, solos and pop-style voice effects. The song starts off with some duelling guitars over a keyboard background, until the song explodes into life with a very quick, fast-paced drumbeat from The Rev. M.Shadows' voice has a poppy touch in the chorus, which, although very much unlike anything any rock band has ever done, fits the feel of the song. 09. A Little Piece Of Heaven - this is one of the songs that The Rev wrote for the album, and has an unusual storyline. A man proposes to his significant other, who declines. He murders her, the preserves her body. But she comes back from the dead, kills Him, then they get married and go on a murderous rampage. The song essentially tells the story, with The Rev singing the narrator's part, and M.Shadows singing the main vocal sections. A small downside for this song would be the length and the virtual impossibility to play it live. 10. Dear God - formerly titled "Country Rocker", Dear God is a slow, relaxing ending to the album. It starts off with a very country-like feel, and gives the feeling of being on a long journey for a very long time. The solo for the song is very complex, and a masterful piece of guitar work from Synyster Gates. Overall, the sound of this album is near-perfect.

Lyrics — 9
M.Shadows has the capability to write very heart-felt lyrics, as demonstrated in the songs "Dear God", "Gunslinger" and "Brompton Cocktail". However, on this album, all of the band had a say lyrics-wise, and all did a very good job, especially The Rev, who wrote "Almost Easy", "Afterlife" and "A Little Piece of Heaven". The latter of those three songs is the best on the album lyrics-wise, as they are both twisted but have an element of humour in them at the same time. M.Shadows has a brilliant voice, and even without the screaming used on "Sounding the Seventh Trumpet" and "Waking the Fallen" he can sing a song and make it sound perfect, whatever the style or subject.

Overall Impression — 10
"Avenged Sevenfold" is easily the best album from Avenged Sevenfold, based on music alone. However, in terms of how heavy an album or songs are, I prefer "City of Evil". At the moment, Avenged Sevenfold are easily one of my favourite rock bands. The most impressive songs from the album are "Afterlife" due to the amazing solo, and "Critical Acclaim", thanks to the sheer 'catchy-ness' of all the riffs and solos. I love the guitar work in every song, and I can't say that I hate anything. The only thing that I would like to see is maybe a larger bass solo-type section for Johnny Christ. It this album were stolen, I would definitely buy it again, over any other album on the shelf.

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    this album is different from anything out there right now. i think its pretty awesome, even the slow songs are good. you have to admit a7x are different from every band out there they have their own distinct sound. kudos to them oh and little piece of heaven is ****ing awesome
    Sergeant Rock
    SyN6661 wrote: yea so this album made me cry..... it was ****ing terrible i only like about 5 songs critical acclaim, bropmton cocktail almowst easy scream and afterlife but ive still only listend to it once since october 30 =[ 4/10
    well theres only 10 songs on the album so your halfway there
    powerage225 wrote: Led Zepper wrote: 2nd, not that it matters, wanna get this, I just recently got into them, and then I heard "Almost Easy" liked the song, though I wont judge the whole album on that one song, can wait to buy it, I'm not a metalhead, but these guys are allright!! if you were a metalhead, you would hate A7X
    I'm a metalhead. I like all metal, from nu metal to black metal and all things in between, above all Progressive Metal and Symphonic Metal, my favourite bands being Dream Theater and Nightwish. And I loved this album, and I reckon all Avenged Sevenfold's albums are at least decent (although I haven't actually heard the first). I think the problem that most people have with this album isn't that it's bad. Because it's not. Imo, it's quite possibly their best album. It's that it's different, and people can't handle that. With songs like "A Little Piece of Heaven", "Afterlife", "Unbound" and "Brompton Cocktail" (All awesome songs btw), the band really went in a different direction. Their other albums were great, but this album definitely isn't rushed. It seems that they actually put a lot more thought musically into this album than their others.
    Icons of Evil wrote: odd i hear ppl saying this album rocks and others that say it sucks thsi album is not even near as heavy as city of evil but yet everyone likes this one better it sucks....city of evil was the cd that i started with then went backwards and got the first two cds
    same for me. the new album doesnt suck, it doesnt really fit me, but it is still a very good album but i like the city of evil more
    Hexagram wrote: Metalhead118 wrote: ok...i know this is not something i usually do, because it wasts my time, but a7x are gay enough that i have to do it. A7x sucks...hands down...just a bunch of emos who are metalhead wannabe's. whoever says that synister queer is the second best guitarist of our generation shouldn't be on this site. all of their albums sucked. yes i listened to them all and not only did my IQ decrese by 50, my sperm count is lower. I can't find a damn thing that this new album is tryin to do. it also sucks when two magazines i subcribe to (Guitar World and Revolver) show these faggots and i have to ignore half of it so i can read the good stuff. This new album killed any hope of me liking them. City of evil sparked something...but this is bullshit. sorry emos....yet again your music proves howmuch your sorry excuse for a culture sux. i give it a -100000 out of 10 if i insulted anyone...i don't give a ****...the truth hurts...get used to it. Nah, you didn't insult me; you simply showed me your lack of intelligence. Don't come in here and start being a dick. Learn some respect, grow up some more, and at least give some input as to why you dislike the band or their music. Kids can say they like or dislike something--grown ups explain that reason
    TheFarsight wrote: matt_h wrote: GiantRaven wrote: matt_h wrote: let me just say this, **** avenged sevenfold and **** everyone who likes them. yep they suck ****ing balls. and have since shadows voice went from suckin to much balls. You're an idiot, since when did people deserve to be insulted because of the bands they listen to? because this band is terrible, im not saying you cant listen to it, but everyone who reviewed this sounded like they wanted to suck all there dicks, thats not how you write a proper revue, you have to have an unbiased opinion for it to be accurate, otherwise it just sounds like you want to blow them all, like 90 percent of the reviews for this shitty band well maybe you could give us all an example on how someone sounds when they want to blow someone. im pretty sure you can do something like that on the cannibal corpse album reviews -.- get some appreciation for artistic talent in whatever form it comes in. the people reviewing this did seem to have a pretty unbiased opinion...if you read them all, that is.
    i Lol'd hard at two things. 1. calling a7x the next led zeppelin. 2. saying that only people with professional music experience can understand how creative they are.
    Zangetsu 101
    I love the album. Unlike Trivium and BFMV's latest album, this wasn't a complete let down to me. They've experimented, and they did it right. Also every song on this album is better than anything the complainers here can create. Yes the guitar solo's and lyrics may be lacking to some extent but can anyone on this site prove that they can do better? No? Thought so. =]
    Icons of Evil
    odd i hear ppl saying this album rocks and others that say it sucks thsi album is not even near as heavy as city of evil but yet everyone likes this one better it sucks....city of evil was the cd that i started with then went backwards and got the first two cds
    U Guys Need To Shut The F**k Up! I'm Tired Of Hearing Your Damn Whining. A7X Made A Album That Made Them Feel Good About Themselves, Not To Play What Other People Want Them To Play. I Agree With Sergeant Rock. They Make Music That Pleases Themselves. So Quit Whinging!!!
    Sergeant Rock
    Bands don't write songs to please their fans. They write music that they enjoy playing. I doubt they were sitting around the studio saying to each other "Hey, Fatwanker and matt_h won't like this style. We should make music that makes them more happy." Would you rather go to a concert with awsome songs, but the band looks like they don't want to be there, or a concert with ok songs but a kick-*** show? BTW has any1 even tried playing their songs? They might not be the most difficult, but they're fun to play.
    solid guitar, each song made me bob my head. cant ask them to top Waking the Fallen but they produced this album by themselves so I cant ask for any more.
    yea so this album made me cry..... it was ****ing terrible i only like about 5 songs critical acclaim, bropmton cocktail almowst easy scream and afterlife but ive still only listend to it once since october 30 =[ 4/10
    Eternal_One wrote: Hendrixreborn wrote: hey, just thought i'd have my 2 cents, well to start off, whoever is reviewing these albums should call it a day, i understand u love this band and cant wait to brown nose them but u cant judge an album if ur a Avenged FanBoy which u all are, except "fatwanker" who seemed to give a decent opinion given that he liked the other albums, so all of you guys and girls giving 10for sound 10for lyrics and 10for impression, are sadly mistakened with an average age of 12 years old and listen to fake metal. So next time give a REAL and In-Depth opinion of an album whether you like the band or not. ~Xx peace xX~ Wow, who made you god?
    obviously, not u. Hendrixreborn, ur absolutely rite. this album SUCKED.
    Sergeant Rock
    ok one more from me.....people keep complaing that a7x fans shouldnt review the album...people are also saying that if you hate a7x you also shouldnt review the album..Who does that leave??? People who don't care either way! That makes for a good review.
    Sergeant Rock
    btw... A little piece of heaven was made for fun. it wasnt meant to be serious. try to find the making of on youtube
    Sergeant Rock
    Mr.Tea wrote: It sucks when a band with this much talent produces an album that can't surpass COF, but i admit M.Shadows voice improved and it was more melodic and i did love the little bit of country added into it. I miss the snaky drum lines though, and a little piece of heaven sucks its so morbid.
    COF? hmmm....
    Sergeant Rock
    Wow if you don't like A7x, then it's your loss. For all the people whining that "This isn't metal" IT"S NOT SUPPOSED TO BE!!!! They have matured beyond the point of the stereotypical metal band. And for all the people who said they only listened to the first song on the album before they decided that it sucked.?????This is Avenged Sevenfold's style. They don't have one. Since when is it a bad thing to have every song on every album sound completely different? In my opinion that is the mark of a great band.
    This album wasnt upto my expectations definitely not upto the mark of the previous ones,but hey,they try changing styles on every record and this seemed more like turning over a new leaf for these guys evident by the SELF debuted title Still a hardcore fan though
    ****ing awesom cd not my favorite band but definitely my favorite album, dear god is now my favorite song too. anyone who says this album sucked....is a tardmuff
    totalxanarchy wrote: this album SUCKED.
    Whats wrong with U? this albums awsome! open your mind and have another listen, and listen to the solos CAREFULLY. reckon you can play like that?
    oh and fatwanker, a lot of the points made in your review I will accept as your opinion. It's your opinion that the album sucked, and I accept it. However, too many things make you seem way too close minded. Firstly in unbound. There's nothing wrong with having a choir accompany the vocals, or having someone that sounds like a little girl sing at the outro of the song. It's called variation. Good bands use it. Secondly, in Brompton Cocktail, there's nothing wrong with having keyboards being the focus of the song rather than guitars, and also that would explain why they only play powerchords in the song. Sure, it gets annoying if that's all a band plays throughout an entire album, but every now and then it's good for metal bands to switch the focus from guitars to something else, and have much simpler guitar lines. And finally, A Little Piece of Heaven is their attempt at an incredibly original, theatrical piece, and imo they succeeded there. It's not that you don't appreciate the original elements of this album. It's that those exact elements seem to be the thing that you hate about it. So I just have one question to ask: How can you claim to be a part of a prog metal band when you don't appreciate originality?