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  • Released: Oct 30, 2007
  • Sound: 5
  • Lyrics: 7
  • Overall Impression: 6
  • Reviewer's score: 6 Neat
  • Users' score: 8.5 (919 votes)
Avenged Sevenfold: Avenged Sevenfold

Sound — 5
To begin with, this is quite a departure from City Of Evil, and a massive departure from Waking the Fallen and Seventh Trumpet. If you thought they changed quite a lot with City of Evil, you haven't seen nothing yet. Personnaly, I'm not a big fan of this new sound. It is a more mature sound, but maybe not for the best in terms of their exisitng fanbase, although this will probably gain them more fans. Also, I would not consider this metal. This is more hard rock than Metal. Techniccaly, it also seems to be different. There seems to be less of the sweep picked harmonies so common in City of Evil and more of a crunchy, power chord sound. 01. Critcal Acclaim - this is a hard song to judge. It may be the heavist song on the album, with a crunchy yet quite simple riff running through most of the song. It opens with more proof M. Shadows hasn't lost his screaming ability, with a blood-curdling roar in the intro. There are two parts to the solo, the first being melodic, then a harmonised minor key solo, with plenty of divebombs. The track also showcases The Revs singing ablitys. While not as pitch perfect as Shadows, his unique voice makes up for this. 02. Almost Easy - this is much more radio friendly song, even though the tuning appears to be dropped down to Db. The chorus is quite annoyingly repetative, and guitar-wise it's unremarkable, apart from a thrashy riff. The first half of the solo isn't great, full of off-beat sweeps, and the melodic section seems rather repetative. 03. Scream - very unremarkable song, which seems to be an odd-cross between a Waking the Fallen song, and a City of evil song. Solo is ok, with an interesting harmonized lick. The main riff is very heavy, and some quite fiddly picking. 04. Afterlife - this is probably the albums highlight. The main riff is much less crunchy, and with some cool trills. The solo beats every solo on the album hands down, and maybe is Synysters best solo so far (close to Beast and The Harlot and To End the Rapture). 05. Gunslinger - this is were the album starts to turn and not really for the best. The song opens with some acoustic slide playing, and it moves into heavier territory about a third of the way through, but still very melodic and mature sounding. The solo is very short, and sounds like a Dream Theater solo, which isn't bad, but isn't very AX7 either. 06. Unbound - wow. This is probably the closest glimpse to City Of Evil, with a sweep picked harmonized bridge section, and is quite a high tempo song. No solo this time round. 07. Brompton Cocktail - this is a very dark song, and really isn't a very happy song to listen to. There's some strings mixed in with the guitars, and gives it a more epic sound. 08. Lost - this is quite a prog rock song, the intro is wave of layered guitars, and is quite cool. There is no real riff to this song, and focuses more on lead guitar work. The chorus is interesting, and I think it's a talkbox, but I'm not sure. There are two solos, one in the bridge and one as the outro, both are very melodic, yet not that technical. 09. A Little Piece Of Heaven - personnaly, I think people have taken this song the wrong way. It's not meant to be serious what'soever, esspecially when you listen to the dark yet humrous lyrics. I won't spoil it, but they are quite hillarious. The sound is nothing like AX7 of course, as it's not meant to be taken seriously. 10. Dear God - I wish this was another jokey song. This song is truly terrible. Not song writing wise, but as a AX7 fan. AX7 is probably one of the lighest bands I listen to. I ussualy prefer bands such as In Flames and Pantera. If they had deleted this song from the album, I would give it a much higher rating. It sounds like a Sheryl Crow tie in.

Lyrics — 7
M. Shadows has obviously been training his vocal tone since City Of Evil, and it's extremely impressive. His voice never cracks once in the album, and it is more or less pitch perfect, and very powerful. Sepcial mention must also be made to The Rev, who pops his AX7 vocal cherry on Critical Acclaim. He is not as pitch perfect, and his voice cracks on occasion, but his voice is extremely unique. In terms of lyrics, there is more or less no reference to biblical litrature such as in the past 3 albums. There is more of a political stance on songs such as Critical Acclaim and Lost. Most songs revolve around relationships, such as wanting someone back (Almost Easy), hurting them on purpose (Scream) and just twisted (A Little Piece Of Heaven). I like the variety, but the biblical literature was unique lyric points for the band. and the new topics are extremely overused by other bands.

Overall Impression — 6
Compared to AX7's previous albums, this falls exremely short. The only songs I listen to freaquently are Critcal Acclaim and Afterlife. This 'mature' sound really doesn't suit my tastes. I like the extra effort Syn has put into his solos, but the actual songs themselves don't have the technicallity or even the 'fun-factor' of any other of their albums. If it was stolen, I would shrug my shoulders and simply download the two good tracks once again. Quite a dissapointment for a AX7 fan.

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    Sergeant Rock wrote: Wow if you don't like A7x, then it's your loss. For all the people whining that "This isn't metal" IT"S NOT SUPPOSED TO BE!!!! They have matured beyond the point of the stereotypical metal band. And for all the people who said they only listened to the first song on the album before they decided that it sucked.?????This is Avenged Sevenfold's style. They don't have one. Since when is it a bad thing to have every song on every album sound completely different? In my opinion that is the mark of a great band.
    THANK YOU.....i one hundred percent agree with him...
    first of all metalhead...i am a metalhead as well and i do have to admit that this album isnt no Platinum...but seriously man if you dont even like them then there is no reason for you to be even looking at the review...you are just looking to bash on a band...Second, Synyster Gates is a bad ass guitarist...sure he is no zakk wylde or eddie but he is bad ass...i wouldnt say second best though...thirdly, this band and its members are far from emo...they are just different...they change every album...and im pretty sure they could care less about reviews because they are huge and always selling out shows....their solos arent even boring...some of them are simple yea but they go with the song...a solo does not make a song....This album was good but not their best...their best album still by far is Waking The Fallen....A7X rocks ass...
    Eh it would seem like the album isn't as heavy as their past once but thats not what it depends on and Synyster still kicked ass so this album was great.
    so i don't know if anyone's said this but at first listen, i was really skeptical on how the new album would be... and i know its not so new anymore but i decided to go back and read the reviews. i got this album back in october and ever since, my impression of it has only grown. this album definitely sounds better on the 3rd, 4th, and 5th listens and is by no means boring. afterlife is one of the best hard rock guitar solos i've ever heard... i still get goosebumps when i hear it. great record... by far their best
    Goddamn I hated this album. Why is it I'm the only person who seems to notice how incredibly boring all the new guitar solos are? Anyone who hasn't noticed how incredibly out of place the solo for almost easy was desperately needs ear training now. I don't care what genre it is, it's just boring and they've done better.
    matt_h wrote: let me just say this, **** avenged sevenfold and **** everyone who likes them. yep they suck ****ing balls. and have since shadows voice went from suckin to much balls. You're an idiot, since when did people deserve to be insulted because of the bands they listen to? because this band is terrible, im not saying you cant listen to it, but everyone who reviewed this sounded like they wanted to suck all there dicks, thats not how you write a proper revue, you have to have an unbiased opinion for it to be accurate, otherwise it just sounds like you want to blow them all, like 90 percent of the reviews for this shitty band well maybe you could give us all an example on how someone sounds when they want to blow someone. im pretty sure you can do something like that on the cannibal corpse album reviews -.- get some appreciation for artistic talent in whatever form it comes in. the people reviewing this did seem to have a pretty unbiased opinion...if you read them all, that is. [/quote] Agreed.
    i like A7X and all their albums and don't get me wrong but their songs on thir self-named album seem all a little to alike
    Metalhead118 wrote: ok...i know this is not something i usually do, because it wasts my time, but a7x are gay enough that i have to do it. A7x sucks...hands down...just a bunch of emos who are metalhead wannabe's. whoever says that synister queer is the second best guitarist of our generation shouldn't be on this site. all of their albums sucked. yes i listened to them all and not only did my IQ decrese by 50, my sperm count is lower. I can't find a damn thing that this new album is tryin to do. it also sucks when two magazines i subcribe to (Guitar World and Revolver) show these faggots and i have to ignore half of it so i can read the good stuff. This new album killed any hope of me liking them. City of evil sparked something...but this is bullshit. sorry emos....yet again your music proves howmuch your sorry excuse for a culture sux. i give it a -100000 out of 10 if i insulted anyone...i don't give a ****...the truth hurts...get used to it.
    EMOS UNITE!!! KILL ALL THE EMO-BASHERS!!! (sarcasm...I'm not serious. Sorry to all the people who wanted to tear me apart because I mentioned emo) I'd call myself emo...but not because I'm one of those look how cool I am I'm so emo kids...I just get called it so much that I just save myself the time. So anyway before you go bashing a band or a subculture, I'd suggest actually learning something about it first. A7x is no emo at all. You know how I know? Well go read a book about the subculture and it will quickly become clear why. Dashboard Confessional is emo, and that guy plays an acoustic guitar. Jimmy Eat World is emo (or was emo when they originally formed). Neither of these bands sound anything like A7x. Learn what emo is before you call a band emo. Maybe people call Synyster Gates may be called the second best guitarist because like all the great guitarists like Rhandy Rhodes a great deal of people actually know who he is. I'm not saying he is but there's clear, logical reasoning instead of sh***y plays on a name like synyster queer. Go back to elementary school. Everybody back then still thought that comebacks like that were cool. Maybe I should start listening to Bodom and Shadows Fall and Cannibal Corpse, that way you'll be listening to a band that emo kids like and therefore you can no longer listen to them because you're that f***ing ignorant. Let people listen to the music they want; f***tards like you don't add anything productive.
    Just before I started on my opinions I wanted to say Shanna Crooks isn't Shadow's girlfriend. Also, I do like their new album. It does lack in a few places after following on from city of evil. The songs aren't as long so they try to fit everything in a smaller space, meaning some of the songs do sond a bit rushed to some people. I think it's a brilliant album and the fact that it was self produced shows a great deal of maturity and growth in the band which is reflected in their music. I find it difficult to pick out a definite favourite from all of the songs, but overall I wouldn't say it's a huge stand out from city of evil but is definitely on, if not above, par with it.
    OMG Synyster gates solos are so amazing OMG YOU CANT PLAY THEM!!!!! get over it not even he can play them live.
    have you noticed the rev acting a little to rev lately? lol jk The Rev's vocals are ****ing amazing shadow and him just make this album kick ass
    let me give my pros and cons on the album: pros: mature revs vocals stronger vox from matt little piece was very cool, very unique and catchy other musical influences (blues, classical, country) cons: guitar work was weaker vocals don't fit too often seems the album was half-assed songs seem like cut ideas from CoE, sown together randomly and without much thought as songs seem to go from section to section rather than have an even flow hate matts rants about politics on acclaim i give the album a 3 out of 5, just because even though there were many good things this album brought to the table, but there were twice as many kinks, cracks, and holes in the overall album ps to all you haters and non a7x fans, who really cares what you think whether its "**** avenged sevenfold and all their ***** emo fanboys!" or "a7x sucks cock" your entitled to your opinion and thats fine, but don't dismiss other people just because you and your musical taste always has to be right if you want to disagree, give actual thought out criticisms and reasons for the albums/bands fault not just stupid insults and complaints that make you look like a total douchebag with no social life thank you a7x for life
    this one of a7xs best albums! loads of peeps dont lyk it y? synysters guitaring rocks the vocals r great. and a little piece of heaven is meant 2 be funny. and dear god is a klass song. just cause its not lyk their other albums does not mean its shit