City of Evil review by Avenged Sevenfold

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  • Released: Jun 7, 2005
  • Sound: 10
  • Lyrics: 8
  • Overall Impression: 10
  • Reviewer's score: 9.3 Superb
  • Users' score: 8.5 (1,118 votes)
Avenged Sevenfold: City of Evil

Sound — 10
There are various musical styles used on this CD. A lot of the time it sounds like Guns N'Roses. Sometimes, there's flamenco style solos, acoustic breakdowns, black metal orchestration, and a boys choir, thats all you have to know. Theres even a mexican solo. Arriba!

Lyrics — 8
The lyrics aren't great in every song, but I dont give a flying f--k. They may not be too good, but they fit the songs so well. Shadows' vocals aren't as good as the last album, but thats because of his throat surgery. He sings all the time, which is a good thing in my opinion. I hated his Cradle Of Filth-like scream.

Overall Impression — 10
This is the best album so far this year. It is also better than their last CD, Waking The Fallen. Honestly, they're the best heavy band out now because of their melody, unlike Lamb Of God and their s--t. With no screaming, they're bringing heavy music back. If it were stolen I'd shoot the person and piss on them and steal it back. It is worth buying even though I stole it, I'll still buy it though for the "amazing" artwork. I love everything about this CD.

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    steve vai82
    Ok, it may be true that Dragonforce can shred really well. But as a band I think A7x is a lot better. Because Dragonforce's songs are very repetitive and sound the same, and not to mention the cheese factor.
    This is one of the best cd's I have heard in a long time the sound of this album is like a cross between pre-newstead Metallica and Motley Crue It is such an original sound. The solos on this album are friggin amazing and Matt Shadows voice is so freakin' enchanting that its near impossible to turn off. All the people who revied this album did great and i respect their oppinions!
    The a7x guitarist are incredible. The lyrics are also writen very well
    i agree with avengedsoul synyster and the reverand are both extremly talented well i think they all are but whatever
    campbed_2000 : you cant just go around comparing everything to dragonforce
    ya that is just unfair everyone here is an idiot. the only one in this band with ANY talent is Synyster Gates, and he is nothing special. the Rev sucks and Johnny Christ sucks. when i saw them live one of the opening bands, 3 Inches of blood, the drummer played and insane drum solo, and the bass player was shredding his fender bass, literrally. and Zacky is nothing compared to Synyster. and they may not sound Emo, but they look like the biggest Emo posers EVER. and to the point, the older cds are better than this one.
    I think A7X are a great band and they are extremely talented. I think all their albums, past and present, are amazing. They are the best band I have ever heard
    A7X is the best metal band I have herd in my life but there is only 1 thing that freaked me out on the cd on the song M.I.A at the end M. Shadows voice sounded a little soft not that I have anything against it or anything but I still think the cd kicks @$$
    Dude City of Evil is good and all, but for A7X, ehh. I guess I was too into Waking the Fallen and this was a lot different. Great guitar and drum work though. They are amazing.
    I really hate scream bands in general (As I Lay Dying, Underoath). But when I hear Zacky and Synester shred those guitars i can't help myself. These guys are great.
    WOW!!!! i loved this album. this is theyre best one yet. A7X is my favorite band and they all did great on this album. especially Synyster Gates on the bat country solo a nd The Rev on all the songs. over all i'd give it a 10/10.
    this cd is the best ive listened 2 since.....eva! its totally worthy of a 10!!!!
    man i love avenged sevenfold my favorite. i seen them in louisville last weekend man it was freakin great. they can shred zacky and synyster are very talented.this cd is good too beast and the harlot wow great kick ass song.
    Oh City Of Evil is the best Cd So far.Both Synyster and Zacky hava an amazing talent.Hope to be like them someday.
    a drummer
    i wish people would quit bitching about the lack of screaming. I'm sure if he could he would still,but... he can't anymore. which alot of people dont know, he blew a vessel or something like that in his throat. Therefor he can't scream anymore, i personally think the CD kicks major ass, but i like Waking the Fallen better.
    Avenged were NEVER an emo band. Jesus christ nirvanafan11111! This is an incredible album. Don't buy it just because you're a fan of Waking The Fallen though, they're very different albums. I honestly can't decide which i prefer, Waking The Fallen or City of Evil. Waking the Fallen was an incredible album, i think for general listening i'd prefer it. But every time i listen to City of Evil i just listen to those Iron Maiden influenced duel guitars and think.. 'wow'. Zakky and Synyster are incredibly talented.
    *sigh* -No Avenged Sevenfold bashing -No Metalcore genre bashing -No more 'ITZ METALZZ!' discussion Checked/Deleted.
    okay it sounds like he pluged his nose and statring singing! what happened to the sceaming???!!!? thats what i wanted!they are sell outs!!
    i thinked a7x was so cool before city of evil because this cd sucks ass!
    well, i definitely prefer Waking The Fallen to this album by FAR. actually, i prefer WTF to even most of everything else... ('cept early Metallica, nothing beats that...nothing). But even tho this album definitely has a good spot, i don't know if A7X can ever attain what they did in WTF again. Since that blood vessel burst in Matt's throat...idk know if it'll ever be the same. i really hope they blow EVERYONE away with the next album tho...so0n as they stop touring. i won't deny them this: the DO have the potential.
    This album contains one of the best solos, in the song Beast and The Harlot, is freaking awesome, starting an album with this its just nuts.
    its a shame M. Shadows had surgery on his throat because he lost it. this CD is terrible. Waking the Fallen is one of my favorite CDs of all time but this CD didn't impress me at all
    The best CD of 2005 probably. A7X proved they were the best young metal band in the business, with the outstanding oslos they did. Awesome CD.
    Anyone saying they're sellouts are stupid. They sound NOTHING like any so called "MTV band". No MTV band has harmonized solo's, a crazy ass bassist, an INSANE drummer, or a singer as good as Matt. Oh, and for all you complaining that he doesn't scream. Two things: He can't. He broke a blood vessel. And also, as a band, they decided they didn't want the screaming anymore. They wanted a sound a little bit more like their influences, but not to copy them. And their influences are, among others, Iron Maiden and Pantera. Neither of which screams.
    Oh yeah, and this CD is great. Waking the Fallen is a bit better, I'll admit. Both are really good though.
    this is a cd where you can listen to the whole thing and not have to skip songs. i love this cd and a7x
    Agreed.....someone's been kissing NSYNC posters a bit longer than they shud've.....Justin Timberlake isnt even the hell did he...oh...forgive me....SHE make it in here ?
    Julian H
    matt's vocal may be slightly annoying (check out his "ayayayay" on "seize the day"), but synyster gates and zacky? they are two of the best young guitarists out there man, their playing is tight as. sure they are no zakk wylde, dimebag or slash or jimmy page, but synyster's use of outside notes (of a scale) is damn badass. no a7x probably wont go down in history as one of the greastest bands, but why compare them with pantera? pantera is a f***ing real metal band, a7x is just a soft punk metal band man ("trashed and scattered" is their best try to capture the stuff from pantera's "vuglar display of power", but still a7x is not a heavy metal band! and justin timberlake? i can only say its good that a7x is bring solos back to mainstream).
    The reason i like a7x is bcuz they combine the rhythm of punk and bring in the greatness of metal with shredding and such. personally i cant get enough of this cd and has been in my cd player for almost a month and i don't plan to take it out.
    Julian H
    yeah they are punk metal for god's sake, that's the whole point, they aren't heavy or emo man.
    Thank the Lord for intelligent people like Judas_rising and the majority people who commented. Oh yeah, Mr. Fatali, who thinks good grammar goes a long way, your not supposed to start a sentence with "And." Also I'm laughing at you because your a guy that sounds like he lives in his mom's basement, who appears to know jack shit about music and guitar.
    The intro riff of "Trashed and Scattered" is actually a riff from another band. Falconer, a power metal band (Power metal owns mediocre metalcore in so many ways), wrote a song on their 2003 album "Sceptre of Decepton" called "The Coronation". Why they had to jack the riff, I don not know. But I DO know that it earns them massive fail points. And Avenged Sevenfold ARE NOT a metal band.
    Murk wrote: if u think these guitarists are "incredibly talented" then i have just one word for u : dragonforce. Ohh yeah a7x sux
    u r right herman li and sam totman are pretty great but syn gates is a great guitarist just as herman li and sam totman
    If you don't want to hear about them, why are you on the City of Evil page? If you don't like them, don't come here. It's just common sense.
    not there best cd but its good. there guitarists are amazinga along with the rev so dont bash on them. synester won shredder of the year for 06!!
    Avenged Sevenfold are ok for a commercial boyband. Not bad at all. Can't wait until they tour with justin timberlake or someone, even though they'd have to support, cos Timberlake owns their asses.
    great cd. saw them in concert. i prefer their last cd but its like compareing apples and oranges.
    I can see that the author of this only likes other rock besides metal, and that is why this Nirvana dude rated it LOW.
    Who hasnt borrowed riffs ?? Hell...Metallica borrowed the riffs of One and Enter Sandman from other bands.....but those songs STILL rock...
    why, why, why, why, why, why are people classifying this as "emo"? Sure, they wrote one song that can be labelled as emo. ONE DAMN SONG. Out of eleven. If the entirety of the album was emo I can understand, but ONE song! Anyway, isn't all music meant to be emotional? Fantas tic album anyway. Cannot stop listening to it.
    This Cd has had so much to live up to i think AX7 done it really well. With songs like betrayed, seize the day, trashed and scattered. It showed to people that without the screams of M.Shadows Avenged Sevenfold, could still be as great now as they where then. I cant wait till the next album =]