City of Evil review by Avenged Sevenfold

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  • Released: Sep 21, 2007
  • Sound: 10
  • Lyrics: 10
  • Overall Impression: 10
  • Reviewer's score: 10 Gem
  • Users' score: 8.5 (1,118 votes)
Avenged Sevenfold: City of Evil

Sound — 10
Avenged Sevenfold are a Heavy Metal band hailing from the OC California. The band had released two albums with Hopeless records before releasing this, their major label debut City Of Evil on Warner. Combining the sonic guitar assault of Iron Maiden with the frenetic pace of Bad Religion and the musicianship of Dream Theatre, City Of Evil bursts with displays of Synyster Gates & Zacky V's virtuoso guitar playing. From the intricate tempo changes of Burn It Down to the spaghetti western intro of Strength Of The World and the riotous Bat Country the album has now sold well over 800,000 copies worldwide. Singer M. Shadows has completely changed his style of singing making the A7X sound more of a classic rock sound than that of the metalcore sound shown on the previous two albums. And both drummer The Rev & bassist Johnny Christ have also upped their game making A7X one of the most thrilling heavy metal bands on the guitar at the moment. A7X combine the looks of Motley Crue, the song's of Guns N Roses and the skills of Yngwie Malmsteen.

Lyrics — 10
The lyrics range throughout the record ranging from talking about the war in Iraq to Dimebag Darrells death. The lyrics are written with such maturity you would be fooled into thinking Avenged had been around for much longer then they have. Singer M. Shadows has had minor sugery on a burst blood vessell in his throat but with the help of Axl Roses old vocal coach his voice has been changed into a more melodic version of Axl Rose. Vocally M.Shadows is very talented at what he does and is also a superb lyricist.

Overall Impression — 10
Avenged Sevenfold have a sound that is different than their piers in bands such as Bullet For My Valentine and Trivium. Where they have more of a thrash sound Avenged have opted for a more classic sound combining their influences of bands like Pantera, Iron Maiden and Guns N Roses to create and all more fearsome sound. 01. Beast And The Harlot - the opening track on the album has a riff that is similar to that of Pantera and the solo is on par with that of Slash. 02. Burn It Down - a song with many tempo changes combining several arpeggio section with straightforward drop D mosh riffs. 03. Blinded In Chains - the most political song on the album with great dual guitar work and an awesome chorus. 04. Bat Country - again a song with a great chorus. The solo is probably the best on the album and one of the Synyster Gates has ever done. The single of the album. 05. Trashed And Scattered - great guitar work on this track aswell and wonderful lyrics. 06. Seize The Day - the soft song of the album with a good message. Another good solo from Synyster Gates. 07. Sidewinder - a great song with an infectious chorus, a winding melody and a flamenco guitar solo. 08. The Wicked End - this song starts out heavily and after another wonderful solo goes into an inspired classical part. One of my favourites. 09. Strength Of The World - this song is a slow starter but around the 1.20 mark goes into a great riff and what follows is something from another world. Great lyrics, wonderful guitar work & solo. 10. Betrayed - if their had to be a weak point on the album this song is it. After the riff at the beginning my interest seemed to waver and I found myself skipping this track after 4 minutes. 11. M.I.A - this is how you end an album. Infectious chorus with dual guitars almost all the way through. And the solo is an amzing way to cement your name into rock stardom. Amazing.

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    This album is excellent, I love it, and I love the other 2 albums, this band is one of the greatest because they actually have 3 different style albums, one is almost complete screaming, and ****ing heavy, the second is partially screaming partially singing and still stays heavy aswell as melodic, then the third contains absolutely no screaming, has ****ing powerful vocals, the lyrics are excellent, the music is ****ing melodic, heavy and god damn interesting, city of evil really does show the skills of all 5 members
    I have to say, it'd be a decent album if not for the horrible vocals and shitty guitar tone. It sounds like a freakin' MIDI file, or a 8-bit console game music or whatever. These two things put me off. Mind you, I'm not bashing A7X in any way, they're a decent band and a great band to get younger people into metal and heavy music. The guitarists are alright in the studio, but they are (well, Synyster) is VERY sloppy live and when he did that Total Guitar video lesson, he couldn't play without making a mistake for 30 seconds. He has the skills and some of his stuff is awesome, but he's in a commercial professional band so he ain't supposed to be sloppy. So that's my honest verdict. Decent band, decent musicians, bad vocals (really bad, I don't understand how you all can praise them... Perhaps maybe on Seize The Day the vocals are fine, but that's it). And no, I'm not talking about the lack of screaming, I actually mean he's singing voice sucks. He can sing, but the voice itself putts me off instantly. And the guitar tone (in the solos only!!!) is very very bland and kind of digital. Solos should be more, well, rounded. It sounds as if he's using a single coil without all the bass and mids, or whatever. Please don't just bash me, I gave constructive criticism, haven't accused the band of anything and so on. I like WTF and this album is actually very good musically, it really is. It's just that some stuff really prevents me from enjoying it as a proper METAL album, you know, the \m/ moments. I just can't get that from here when he's singing and there's a solo. The riffs are great. And the drummer ain't that good, mind you. Brann Dailor, Chris Adler and countless other drummers are miles better. And the double-bass sounds really weak. Again, turn to Lamb Of God, Machine Head and other similar bands for a proper double-bass tone. But that's a question to the producers, not the drummer. Cheers!
    Worst a7x album to date, and they are even worse live now because M.shadows can't scream or sing cause he messed up his vocal chords.