City of Evil review by Avenged Sevenfold

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  • Released: Sep 21, 2007
  • Sound: 8
  • Lyrics: 7
  • Overall Impression: 9
  • Reviewer's score: 8 Superb
  • Users' score: 8.5 (1,117 votes)
Avenged Sevenfold: City of Evil

Sound — 8
This is the first CD I heard by A7X. amazing instrumental work, the singing isn't as good as on Waking The Fallen but it's still pretty damn kickass, he does what he can, and it never seems like the musics out of place. They seem more together on this one. 01. Beast And The Harlot - asmazing opening, good lyrics, amazing solo, this intros got it all (I'd say). Definitely a favorite. 02. Burn It Down - the intro to this song kicks your ass and never stops after that, great song to follow "Beast." 03. Blinded In Chains - yet another amazing intro, though the song starts to slow up after that, but still, pretty good song. 04. Bat Country - awesome. from beginning to end, a great song. everyone does their part well. second favorite on this disk. 05. Trashed & Scattered - good intro, awesome verses, great bridges. the rest of it falls flat in my opinion though. 06. Seize The Day - great mellow song, it's not one of my favorites though.. 07. Sidewinder - this is my favorite song on the CD, cool lyrics, great guitar work, alright drumming, nice bass, awesome acoustic work, best solos, I just love this song because nice and long and everything fits into place. 08. The Wicked End - this song is crazy, definitely one of my favorites, awesome lyrics, great intro, nicely synced guitars, wicked solos and great transitions throughout. 09. Strength Of The World - awesome intro, lyrics are well spoken, everyone puts their talent to use on this song. 10. Betrayed - this is one of my favorites too, great intro, into a mellow section after he sings the first part, good song. 11. M.I.A - when this song comes on, it's awesome, the lyrics are amazing, and song very well, up until the end where he does this dumb sounding part. Sorry it's true. Awesome instruments all the way through, this is like my third favorite.

Lyrics — 7
The lyrics and the music fit so well, and the singing is pretty awesome pretty much throughout, the lyrics are good but I wanna hear more solid lyrics on the next album. The backing singing is kinda mediocre, in some songs like sidewinder and missing in action it's good, but on betrayed they sound kinda played out. But the singing is more good than bad.

Overall Impression — 9
I think this is an awesome album, can't wait for the next one. The songs that stand out to me are Sidewinder, Bat Country, Beast And The Harlot, and Missing In Action. This is one of my favorite albums altogether. If it was stolen from me, I will probably go to jail for violence; and I will buy it again when I come out of jail.

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    Time Paradox
    avenged sevenfold have come a long way, especially in the city of evil album. synyster gates and zacky vengeance have taken on faster and more destructive-sounding riffs with an intense pace that can rattle the mind. the rev seems to have put more creativity into his drums, and johnny christ has been recognized more as a bassist in the song, blinded in chains. the songs have become detailed in every aspect. the political challenges mentioned in blinded in chains and the gut-wrenching song of seize the day sending a powerful message to their audience saying to take what you have and hold it, leaving ill-minded people smart. this band has become a top competitor of today's metal bands. they have really attracted a huge crowd, leaving fans wanting to hear more and more from them. the album city of evil is a great piece of work if i must say. the songs have more meaning to them and they havent been like every typical band; guitar, drums, bass, vocals. they have added things to them such as a large choir, as heard in the wicked end. m. shadow's lyrics have neither improved or lacked anything. he has put forth his best since his vocal chord surgery. but what some fail to understand is that his vocal chord surgery wasnt the uprise or the downfall of the band. he could have stopped screaming and chosen to sound the way he did in city of evil. now, during a live performance, he can barely hold a note because his voice does not have the endurance needed because of the surgery. (listen to the wicked end live and you will see my point.)
    lyk hey zomg! im Zakky, ive changed my name so i sound uber-pro dudes! and my buddy synester fence, he holds is pick like an atheist! poor album, theyve totally lost their sound...
    Stuminton wrote: good album but too long!
    True.. Very true. Thats just put a little too much. Like some songs your like "Oh.. that was good, next song" and then it'll keep going on.
    i bought this album, with an open mind, too bad i didn't keep it closed, there are only like 3 good songs on this thing, i smashed the crap out of it within a week
    Avenged Sevenfold are a f***ing sweet band and deserve more credit than they get. They are one of the best new bands out there. Synyster and zacky are awesome on guitar, the drums and bass are sweet, and M's voice just tops it all off perfectly. Rock On guys.
    By the way city of Evil is way better than any of their previous work. People complain about it being too mainstream but if they can't take it when their band becomes popular then thats their problem.
    Oh please... Like I said, decent band for younger people or just people to get into heavier music. Nothing more. I doubt they have any credibility within the true metal scene. Should have stayed metalcore, like on WTF. Decent band, good musicians, nothing more. Just something different for the mainstream. But damn, there are some awesome melodies and riff on City Of Evil, that I can't take away.