Waking the Fallen review by Avenged Sevenfold

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  • Released: Aug 26, 2003
  • Sound: 10
  • Lyrics: 9
  • Overall Impression: 10
  • Reviewer's score: 9.7 Superb
  • Users' score: 9.2 (480 votes)
Avenged Sevenfold: Waking the Fallen

Sound — 10
The sound was great! It had this heavy dark sound that gives the band its metalcore taste. Even the clean parts were dark which made it all flow. The singing was screaming so it went well with the guitars well. 01. Waking The Fallen - this seriously sounded like a quire or church because of the chanting plus the screaming/faint singing. The guitar riff was pretty cool and acted like a bass line, keeping the rhythm. 02. Unholy Confessions - one of the best on the album, the riffs were sick and even there there was no solo, there were a ton of harmonies and an interlude to make up. 03. Chapter Four - the drumming here show why the Rev is one the best hardcore drummers around. Zacky and Synyster had tons of interludes/harmonies that made it great. the Singing was the best though, because Matt would be creaming over Zacky and Syny singing, gave it a darker sound. 04. Remenissions - sounds a little like a Pantera sng in the beginning, but then a harmony and tells you it cant be dimebag. I like the acoustic parts in this song. 05. Desecrate Through Reverance - I love the first little riff that comes up behind the drums. The drumming again was very good. The verses were weak in my opinion, except for the singing. 06. Eternal Rest - the intro was very well put together, fast paced drums with a crazy solo, plus fast palm muting. This is one of the faster songs on the album, sounds a little like a old Metallica song. This had some very cool singing. The riffs were amazing. Same with the interludes. 07. Second Heartbeat - Avenged Sevenfold's best song ever. the beginning riff/interlude was very good. And I like that in the middle of the song, they play that same riff, but slower. The Verse had another little interlude going on. The pre-chorus interlude was the best, it was a little darker than the rest of the song. The solo was the best I have seen from Synyster, sweep picking plus a litle legato, and just some melodic stuff that made this song great. Very well put together. 08. Radiant Eclipse - the intro is very good. Zacky and The Rev were in sync which made the drumming and guitar playing in the intro sound really cool. The song was pretty slow but very good in palm mutings. I love the chorus, the riff for lead plus the chords Zacky were doing gives it a little more life for me. The solo may have been short, but it was very melodic. 09. I Won't See You Tonight Part 1 - this shows that Avenged Sevenfold has a little softer side with the piano, little melodic solos, and just the soft singing. the piano and solos were just the best though. 10. I Wont See You Tonight Part 2 - the singing was that great, but the riffs and interludes made up for that easily. 11. Clairvoyant Disease - the opening interlude made you automatically want to listen to this. The singing was soft in the verses. The was a nice verse riff going on in that song. 12. And All Things Will End - the acoustic parts were the best part of this song, it gave this song a diferent feel to it. The ending solo was very well put together.

Lyrics — 9
The singing skills were actually very god. The screaming was good, the soft singing shows the Matt Shadows can have a softer side. Lyric wise, it was great.

Overall Impression — 10
This is by far their strongest album. The dark fast slow paced songs made this album one of those CDs you can listen to when your pissed, the mixture of softness and darkness in a song made it so beautifully put together. Zacky, Syn, Matt, The Rev, and Johnny all contributed to make this CD great.

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    I bought City of Evil first, and thought, hey this awesome. Then I heard some of their older stuff, and I didn't like it because of the screaming. But I bought Waking the Fallen last year, and holy shit, I love it! The screaming and singing are arranged perfectly, so it's not one more than the other. (And you can understand what Matt's saying). i used to think CoE was the greatest CD ever, but now Waking the Fallen blows it out of the water. If you are an A7X fan, you need this CD.
    A7X_Green_Day wrote: If you are an A7X fan, you need this CD.
    Um, ya, they only have 3 CD's. This CD shows the transition from their crappy 1st CD to the 3rd Cd which is a beautiful blend of the 1st and 2nd.
    Seth Shadow
    wings4marie wrote: Um, ya, they only have 3 CD's. This CD shows the transition from their crappy 1st CD to the 3rd Cd which is a beautiful blend of the 1st and 2nd.
    Do you quite understand WHAT youre saying? CoE has no screaming in it compared to WtF... so how is it a blend? and how is StST Crap? really...
    Well... 4 CD's if you count the very first one... but it was only 15 minutes long. It's called Warmness on the Soul. So, there's Warmness on the Soul first, then StST second, then WtF third and CoE fourth. Warmness, as I said before is only fifeteen minutes long or something like that and only has four tracks: Warmness on the Soul, We Come Out At Night, Darkness Surrounding and To End the Rapture (Heavy Metal Version) ....yay!
    jack black
    a7x is byfar the most osmest band that has ever existed in the popular metal of today. i'm not huge on screaming but these guys have completely changed my outlook on how bands can use screaming to benefit the music. if it wern't for bands like MAIDEN and A7X i would have never continued to play guitar. Now soloing is as smooth as butter and i have to give all the credit to SYNYSTER GATES AND ZACKY VENGENCE. ROCK ON FOREVER. \,,/
    Like most people i heard A7x for the first time on the radio through Bat Country....I looked up some of their other stuff ..didnt like StST cuz the screaming went kind of overboard...but waking the fallen was perfect....guitars are great and good mix of screaming and singing...A7X ****ing Rocks
    zacky gates
    Kiotaka wrote: I take it this CD is good... I have a City of Evil and thought is was just ok (7 outta 10) I'm thinking of buying this album...for those who own a city of evil, how much better is this CD from it?
    way frikin better than city of evil
    loved this cd, i almost avoided listening to avenged because of the whining in bat country, but now i find that song awesome and waking the fallen even more awesome, A7X is sweet