Avril Live Acoustic Review

artist: Avril Lavigne date: 12/10/2004 category: compact discs
Avril Lavigne: Avril Live Acoustic
Released: 2004
Genre: Rock
Styles: Teen Pop, Adult Alternative Pop/Rock
Number Of Tracks: 6
Comparing Avril performing acoustic to electric, it's obvious that she sounds way better acoustic.
 Sound: 7
 Lyrics: 9
 Overall Impression: 10
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overall: 10
Avril Live Acoustic Reviewed by: starbomb13, on august 06, 2004
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Sound: Comparing Avril performing acoustic to electric, it's obvious that she sounds way better acoustic. She has that pure, natural voice that goes perfectly with the crisp sounds of the acoustic guitar. The sound is very clear-so you can feel every note. Listening to it, you can't help but think to yourself: "F--ck, I don't know what some people are talking about when they say she has a bad voice, because she sounds damn good". She has that voice that is very soothing to listen to unlike people like Amy Lee (jeez, that girl is straining the living hell out of her voice, it makes my damn ears feel strained as well) or George from Alexisonfire (I'm surprised that guy can still speak after all that screaming and what the hell is he singing, anyways?) // 10

Lyrics: The lyrics are well put together and have that catchy hook that captivates the listener. It's sung confidently, honestly, and beautifully by Avril. On this cd- there's 6 songs that were recorded from one of her mall tour stops: He Wasn't, Nobody's Home, My Happy Ending, Don't Tell Me, Sk8er Boi, Complicated. All the lyrics to these songs, just like all her songs, are just relatable and it's kind of a "girl power" thing-except it's not cheesy. // 10

Overall Impression: This is the cd to listen to-if you want to hear her in live acoustic. I love everything about it, and I mean, everything. The only thing there is to complain about is that it's kinda too short, but then again, she only sung 6 songs during every mall stop, so it's exactly the same. This CD is only available at target stores and on target.com, where it's sold for 5.99$. I really recommend it, especially for Avril fans who didn't get the chance to see her live. If it were stolen, I'd f--ckin' run like the wind to the target store and get it, or I'd run to the computer, log on the the website as fast as I can to order it, despite the fact that I have some shitty AOL internet that takes hours to load. Anyways, my point is it's so good, that I'd be devastated (I know I'm exaggerating, bear with me)if it were damaged or stolen. // 10

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overall: 7.3
Avril Live Acoustic Reviewed by: unregistered, on december 10, 2004
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Sound: The guitar was great. I like the way she did 'Sk8er Boi' in this album, the acoustic guitar without drums was much better than the original. However, most of her songs have this repetition feeling & the intros from the songs had basically the same sound. I was disappointed by this as it has alot more room for improvement. You can notice a slight similarity with 'He Wasn't', 'My Happy Ending', 'Sk8er Boi' & 'Don't Tell Me'. Overall, it wasn't bad though I still think it could be much better, judging from the other albums. // 4

Lyrics: I have to say that I loved the lyrics. The lyrics were soulful & looked into the feelings of many people, like myself, talking about breakups, being unwanted etc. I like songs lyrics with a dark feel (& good use of acoustic) so I was very pleased with 'my happy ending' & 'Nobody's Home'. Avril's voice has improved alot compared to her voice in last year's tour, My World, where it was completely out of tune. Her songs could use abit more of vocal power though as it is quiet flat without many high notes for a vocalist. Avril should have pushed her limits abit more for this album. The lyrics & music suited each other well. It was also very much better than her last live album, My World, but it also shows that she needs a studio to sound her best. Overall, I was quite pleased. // 8

Overall Impression: Some of the best songs here have to be 'Sk8er Boi', 'Nobody's Home', 'My Happy Ending' & 'Don't Tell Me'. 'He Wasn't' was alright but 'Take Me Away' was a complete failure. It definately was better than My World but it has a darker feel than Let Go, so if you like happiness, stick to the first album. This is great for those who like soulful insights & are opinionated. This album has songs from both Let Go & Under My Skin. I loved it. The music was not to good but with her lyrics that are awesome, you can't notice. The only thing I hated about it was the song 'Take Me Away'. This album is great to say the least. If you are wondering which Avril album to buy (if you don't have one yet) get this one 'cos it shows you the best of pop, rock, acoustic guitar & Avril. I give this album a overall rating of 5/5. // 10

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