Goodbye Lullaby review by Avril Lavigne

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  • Released: Mar 2, 2011
  • Sound: 9
  • Lyrics: 7
  • Overall Impression: 8
  • Reviewer's score: 8 Superb
  • Users' score: 7 (87 votes)
Avril Lavigne: Goodbye Lullaby

Sound — 9
After four years of being busy with bringing out fragrances and designing for her clothing line, pop princess Avril Lavigne has finally come out with a new album. In contrast to her previous album 'The best damn thing', which was a collection of up-beat pop songs with punk influences, 'Goodbye Lullaby' contains mostly easy acoustic songs that remind of Michelle Branch. All songs have mostly the same instrument setting: acoustic guitar, drums and bass, sometimes piano, complemented with keyboard in the background. This gives all tracks mostly the same sound, also because there's not much variation in chord progression. 01. Black Star: cute little piano intro, that was also used for the commercial of the singer's own frangrance, also called Black star 02. What the hell: catchy pop tune that is kind of the odd one out and would rather fit her previous album, The best damn thing 03. Push: Clearly influenced by co-writer Evan Taubenfeld, who also happened to have done a part of the vocals, 'Push' has, unlike most other tracks, a catchy chorus, that is nice to listen. 04. Wish you were here: the opposite of the previous track, the chorus is a little bit dull, but I like the electronic effects. 05. Smile: An up-beat pop song, that would be my favourite, if the pre-chorus didn't sound so much like Green Day's Homecoming 06. Stop standing there: Starts very interesting, with a cool bass line, the clapping also gives a happy atmosphere. 07. I love you: has a heavy drum beat, combined with ukelele, but the vocal melody is kind of monotone 08. Everybody hurts: a very Michelle Branch-like, but nonetheless sing-along tune, that is one of the better tracks. An unchanging 4-chord progression played on acoustic guitar, gives the song a very catching drive. 09. Not enough: is clearly influenced by Sum 41's Deryck Whibley, who imo used his own song With me as an example. We can't blame Avril for that of course, since her ex-husband was the producer of this track. Still, a nice song with a great climax towards the end 10.4 real: a kind of dreamy tune, but not much different from the rest of the songs 11.Darlin:Starts very simple with only acoustic guitar, then additional vocals, violins, piano and drums come in. 12.Remember when: The acoustic guitar is traded for the piano, but doesn't stay away for long, her good friend already turns up in the chorus, but is less present. Towards the end even the electric guitar has a part. 13.Goodbye: Avril has musically saved the best for last with a calm piano ballad, which is the perfect ending for the album. The string quartet adds extra value. This calming song, is the perfect ending for the album.

Lyrics — 7
As Lavigne called it her 'coming of age record', I was expecting more mature lyrics, but the only prove of that I found was the fact that she mentioned sex: 'I'm messing with your head when I'm messing with you in bed', 'What the hell; 'I remember making out and then oh oh' Smile Other songs have a lot in common with what my 16-year old sister writes about: being in love and love gone wrong. I mean, a song titled I love you doesn't sound very promising anyway. It's a pity that in most songs, she uses the same line over and over again, it does help with singing along, but it gets boring after a while. The cutest song on the whole album would be without doubt Darlin, I can totally imagine her singing it to her teddy bear. No, just kidding, although I don't know what else to think about when I hear lines like 'put up your head'.

Overall Impression — 8
Goodbye Lullabye is sort of a mix between the acoustic sound of her debut album Let go and the lyrics of her second record Under my skin. Although I had liked to hear a more rock sound, she still managed to deliver a descent album, which is a big improvement compared with The best damn thing, a nice record to put on as background music while reading a book, but unfortunately no more than that.

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