Let Go review by Avril Lavigne

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  • Released: Jun 4, 2002
  • Sound: 8
  • Lyrics: 10
  • Overall Impression: 10
  • Reviewer's score: 9.3 Superb
  • Users' score: 6.5 (48 votes)
Avril Lavigne: Let Go

Sound — 8
For a first album this is great. Such a unquie sound. Each song has a compelety different beat, some faster then other, each song different from the last, which gives a different mood for each song. I must say for a debut ablum this is fantasic. With such a fantasic voice, muti-talented, and a unquie sound and all the way from canda I give you Avril Lavigne

Lyrics — 10
The lyrics are kinda predicatable, but yet so great. Some of the songs on the album really do get you think, one good example of this would be "I'm With You." 01. Losing Grip - this a great start to any album, the lyrics are fantsatic. I guess this song is about loving someone that dose not really care, and your just standing there crying and just wanting someone to hear you and care for but they don't. I guess this one of those songs that make you think about releationships. 02. Complicated - well the lyrics here are not so complicated as it sounds. I guess this song is about tell someone to just relaxe and chill out. It's about wanting someone to stay as they are, at they don't want the guy to change, loving someone just as they are. I the hidden message in this song is saying love people for who they don't try and change there's no point. 03. Skater Boy - the lyrics here are so ture, if you like someone say out loud, tell someone, tell them, if you don't you could lose out. Everyone has someone they like, this song goes on about a girl and a boy likeing each other, the guy telling her, the girl not saying how she feels, then she ends up losing out. I guess the morel to this song is tell people how you feel, you'll never know they could feel the same. 04. I'm With You - I think this must be the most emtional song on the album, yet if you listen to it carefully most people could relate to one or two lines of this song. These are one of those songs that really dose get you thinking about all sorts, whats happened in the past, whats happen now and what could happen in the future. 05. Moblie - well the meaning to this song is in the title. Having to move around the lot, touring the world. You think about it sounds great but when you listen to this you relise it's not so great, you don't get see your friends and family so often, having screaming fans after you every where you go, and not being able to control where you go or when you go there. 06. Unwanted - another song that has the meaning in the title. It goes not about shutting someone not really taking the time to get to know this person, and feeling really "unwanted," feeling like no one wants to know you. 07. Tomorrow - well what can I say about this song. It's another song about relationships, feeling confused about whats going on, not knowing whats going on, not knowing whats going to happen. This is one of those songs that go on about trust, the most important thing in a relationship. 08. Anything But Ordinary - this song could mean so many things to so many people. To me the lyrics here go on about not wanting to be the same as everyone else, and how some people may call you a freek and you start to believe it yourself. Some of the other lyrics in this song go on about takin things to heart and how you fell your heart has been wriped out and how you feel there is no one to help you. 09. Things I'll Never Say - now this song is the compele oppersite to "Skater Boy." Here Avril goes on about how she feels she can't say how she feels and therefore won't say anything. She also talks about how she is trying keep calm, and not try to embarese her self. I guess this is the type of song everyone can relate, not being able to tell your bf/gf how you feel, coz you feel like you'll say something stupid. 10. My World - hey it's another song where the meaing is in the title. Avril talks about here her day to day life, get up, have shower, sort out hair. Not really knowing what to do with your life, feeling like it's the same thing all the time. 11. Nobody's Fool - what can I say. Well another great song for Avril. When the lyrics start you kinda sense that it is more hip-hop, then it gets to the chours you relises it's no way hip-hop. This is way Avril explains how she feels like she's on top of the world, and no one can bring her down. 12. Too Much Too Ask - lonelyness, saddness, feeling rejrected, relieseing he's just a jurk. All these come across in this song. It makes you think both girls and boys can be jurks. Avril here explanes your trying to make somone happy but nothing seems to work and you feel your asking to much of him and you feel that it just won't work. 13. Naked - what a way to end an ablum. This song goes on about trying to impress someone, caring for someone, trying to hide how you feel, but eventral they finds out. She also explanes how she feels around that guy, and she's just worried about the guy seing right through her. Avril is so talented, shes a great vocalist, and the lyrics really go with the mood of the music.

Overall Impression — 10
I love this album, the lyrics, the music, the album ingenral is fanstaic. It's not the very best ablum I've heard but it is defentaly worth buying. There is nothing really to hate about this ablum, maybe dislike. The fact that most the songs on the album are to do with releationships, it kinda makes it predicatble apart from that it is great.

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    this album makes me want throw up it was so bad. What a pathetic excuse for music. end bad sound
    u ppl suck, avril rules!!!! she kicks britney spears ass and all that other crap that was coming out at that time.
    o wow briney spears (dripping with sarcasm) avril can only be good when she is compared to someone that awful. Compared to real musicians she is awful.
    Whatever she's a girl give her some credit. She connects with people and that's really all anyone cares about. There are obviously a lot of people more talented than Avril but she has that indescriptable thing that makes everyone want to look at her. That's all you need to be famous.
    kaiyamie wrote: u ppl suck, avril rules!!!! she kicks britney spears ass and all that other crap that was coming out at that time.
    sooo ur calling metal crap,punk crap, and ROCk in general crap nah they all kick her ass shes pathtic and oh sooo what if shes a girl Angela Glassgow in Arch Enemy is a girl,So is the girl from Walls of Jericho and Nightwish etc.. great bands right there with me giving girs a lot of credit
    avril kicks ass!!!! i mean, sure, i dont think under my skin was as good as let go, but she still rules....so shove it up your ****in asses!!!!! stupid *****s!!!!!
    "Innovatively speaking, the guitar parts are well executed; no two parts of any song are similar (actually, the solo in Mobile sounds a bit like another song I've heard somewhere). The power chords aren't over done, and throwing in the acoustic guitar is also uber cool." you have got to be ****ing kidding me... she cant play guitar for shit! if you want real guitar, real solos, harmonies and melodies listen to some metal baby!