The Best Damn Thing review by Avril Lavigne

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  • Released: Apr 13, 2007
  • Sound: 8
  • Lyrics: 8
  • Overall Impression: 8
  • Reviewer's score: 8 Superb
  • Users' score: 5.8 (302 votes)
Avril Lavigne: The Best Damn Thing

Sound — 8
Avril's back with the third studio's album that got the earth rocking. The sounds for this new album has basically changed drastically compared to the last sophomore 2004 released album, that claimed to be much darker, Under My Skin. With claps and beats that reminds you of hey Mickey, Avril has take a step forward to try different things. it's a bit risky for her to go into different beats and go on cheerleading-beats style. She goes on rapping in some of the songs like Girlfriend, The Best Damn Thing and it sounds, just freaking bratty. But who says it's bad? Personally, the change is awesomely, but surprisingly, refreshing. The guitars and drums are definitely much more powerful because the songs are basically much more up-tempo. The rhythms are really progressive and it just makes you wanna go jump! For songs like Innocence and When You're Gone, it shows that Avril is still a good strong ballad-emoted singer. She knows how to create a ballad that as the song goes on, it creates a heavy feeling at the back with the strings arrangements, thanks to David Campbell, and her background vocals, which was really impressive. And also thanks to Travis and Luke and all other collaborators for the contribution in the sounds as well. Stevo did his part too. And all of them just rock the album out! Although the downside of this new album is that Avril is too much of a bitch and that the sounds are just damn feminine, listen to the album, or your most preferred songs, many times and you know what her voice is actually capable of.

Lyrics — 8
Personally, I feel her lyrics improved a lot more in this album. Compared to Under My Skin shallow but deep and intense lyrics, The Best Damn Thing shows that she can write pop songs without much help from The Matrix, the collaborators for Let Go. Her writing for this album shows her true style just like in Under My Skin. Although the sounds may turned freaking crappy and poppy to you, you have to give credit for her writing in some of the songs. The meanings for the album can be improved though but seriously, she is in a happy mood. She probably writes what other had experienced or just fictional characters to fill in the songs. And still, it didn't fail her as a songwriter because Avril writes songs, with only one tool of what she has. Her freaking unique edgy powerful rocking voice. And that I think no one can deny.

Overall Impression — 8
Fans may hate it. They may like it. Personally, it's worth buying. Fan or No fan, the songs in this album carry the vibes that make you wanna go rock out. The songs which I highly preferred are songs like I don't have to try. This songs remind me of Sum 41, The Hell Song, and she can really do Pop Punk. Amazing. Runaway is a "laid-back" rock song which can enticed you to just keep bobbing your head when listening to it. "Innocence" is one well-written and composed ballad that "makes you wanna cry" ( literally) and sing-a-long as you stroll down the street or sit in a park. To make a good start of your day, and keep you all hype up, I Can Do Better and Girlfriend will keep you going and get that freaking beats and anthemic sounds play in your head everytime. Don't mind about the lyrics if you must because listen to her power packed voice that builds up the energy. When You're Gone is a nice, relaxed and, for Avril, an improved ballad which just reminds you of the little memories you have with your love ones. The songs may be a little too short but still, that makes you wanna play them again and again and AGAIN. =) Enjoy the rest of the songs, especially if you're having happy times like how the married pop punk princess is feeling right now. The Best Damn Thing is an album that shows who she really is, in her bratty-side, but with this album, you can predict that Avril is just too grown-up to make another in the future like this. So enjoy this album like a Christmas Present and lets wait for the next one. All in all, Avril is still Avril Lavigne, and she had nothing else in mind but rocking herself out on stage!

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    Obviously, you are immune to the concepts of sarcasm, humor, and differing opinions. People who tend to be immune to such concepts tend to increase the level of "drama lulz" as well. Please understand it. I also do not understand you zeppelin reference, unless it was just purley used in a hypothetical statement. Hopefully, someone else will think your clever and post a comment in consensus with your opinion. Also the definition of a true fan is very subjective. For instance, I could easily point out that 'true fans' of Avril Lavigne probably had a lobotomy while waiting in line at FYE, but that doesn't necessarily make it true. Although it could be argued... oh sorry, my sense of humor again :\.
    I can post reviews too and look like a credible source who knows everything there is to know about this subject (news pundits have taught many well I suppose): [from mer-reviews.sort_by=%2BOverallRating& x=13&y=10&s=music] Yo, what it is, my righteous punkerz? I just finished, like, totally watching TRL today and I found out about the new album by the best punk rock artist ever, Avril Lavigne! It's called The Best Damn Thing because, like, having the work "damn" in your title is, like, so PUNK RAWK!!!!! It's good to see her fighting the good fight with other anti-authority anarchists like Simple Plan, Plain White T's, Fall Out Boy and Good Charlotte to keep hardcore alive! The punk rock nation flips the bird and spits in the face of "The Man" anywhere and everywhere, because we're PUNK RAWK!!!!! We're rebellious and extreme because we knock over counters at grocery stores and push old people around because it's fun! I hope they continue to kick sand in the faces of these moronic faux-punk bands like Dead Kennedys, Black Flag, The Exploited, UK Subs, TSOL and Bad Religion - TRL doesn't play them because they're nothing but a bunch of dumb boy bands! I really love the song "Girlfriend" because everything about the song makes me want to kick the person next to me in the face and mosh all day and night! I love lyrics like "She's like 'so whatever' / And you can do so much better / I think we should get together now / And that's what everyone's talkin' about" because they're so deep and profound and, like, speak to my inner soul and stuff. My mother loves the song "Keep Holding On" which is awesome - I never knew my mom was punk rock ... even more punk rock is that she stole the chorus from a 30 Seconds To Mars song, because stealing is like so uber-punk rock! All the other songs are about Avril loving and hating boys, which we all know have been the primary components of punk rock since 1984, when Avril was born. That's right, punks and punkettes - Avril Lavigne invented punk rock as soon as she came into this world! She put on a striped tie and Chuck Taylors and the first word out of her mouth was "Punk" - thus it was born! How cool is that? Long live Avril Lavigne and REAL punk rock forever! ... Ah, who am I kidding? Not only was typing like that difficult, but I think I lost a few brain cells in the process. Avril Lavigne's "hardcore punk muzik" will have the same effect on any willing listener. I pretty much mentioned everything wrong with it in the guise of high praise in the last paragraph - overproduced pop music masquerading as punk, bad singing, irritating hooks, and lyrics so bad and juvenile they make "My Humps" look like a work of genius. If that sounds like a ringing endorsement to you, feel free to jump in, but don't say I didn't warn you. I know that both Avril Lavigne's previous albums are Multi-Platinum so it appears that people actually enjoy shallow fluff - I guess ignorance really is bliss. Congratulations, America - thanks to you, Avril Lavigne and her husband, Deryck Whibley of bubblegum pseudo-punk band Sum 41, have just moved into a $9 million mansion. Meanwhile, there are millions of people homeless and starving around the world. It's good to see that we are supporting people that have their priorities straight - forget about those who are less fortunate, it's more important to live it up, drink champagne and eat caviar instead! Because we all know just how "punk rock" it is to put material possessions over everything else in life. Right on, Avril and Deryck - rock on with your bad selves! In summary: Just when you think Avril Lavigne's music had hit rock bottom, she puts out The Best Damn Thing and surprises us once again with her utter ineptitude. You people who still think that you're listening to punk rock should take a look at the "I'm so cute" cover photo, the lyrics of the songs (listen everybody - she's "precious" AND a "princess"!) and the choreographed dancing in the video - then you should realize that she's no different from Britney Spears, Jessica Simpson, Ashley Tisdale and all the other pop tarts. I highly recommend looking away from the Top 40, MTV and other outlets controlled by huge media conglomerates - they're just looking to push what they can sell to the lowest common denominator. I'm struggling to find even one good thing to say about this album, but I just can't. If you have money burning a hole in your pocket, check out anything else instead - maybe Joan Jett & The Blackhearts or the new Nine Inch Nails album for starters.
    Congratulations, America - thanks to you, Avril Lavigne and her husband, Deryck Whibley of bubblegum pseudo-punk band Sum 41, have just moved into a $9 million mansion. Meanwhile, there are millions of people homeless and starving around the world. It's good to see that we are supporting people that have their priorities straight - forget about those who are less fortunate, it's more important to live it up, drink champagne and eat caviar instead! Because we all know just how "punk rock" it is to put material possessions over everything else in life. Right on, Avril and Deryck - rock on with your bad selves!
    oh well what the **** is wrong with you jaupreacecraft? do you think that it's av's and deryck's fault why the other people are starving to death? we have nothing to do with them but to help them, Don't you know that Avril, Sum 41, Blink 182, My Chemical Romance, Fall Out Boy joined the charities and organizations of helping these people, so that makes them good people because they care about others!!! All I want to say you that is to STOP UNDERESTIMATING AVRIL, maybe she's a better guitar player than you, not just guitar but drums, keyboard, sk8board, hockey. If you want an evidence, go to youtube!!! before you say something jau_peacraft, think first!!!
    paramore_fans.... i laughed my ass off by reading jau_pearcraft's posts. i have no idea why the hell u take them so literally. they're full of sarcasm man!!!! oh and ya avril has sold out... i was a sorta fan of hers and i have to say there are a few nice songs on the album but there are some songs that just irritate me so fukin much. oh and bout her being a crazy guitar player.... dunno much bout that man, see i would call her a crazy guitar player if i only knew how to strum powerchords and played 8ths at 60 but if i spent half my time trying to play summin other than random powerchords.... i would consider her a crappy guitar player. but honestly, i do like a few songs... but the bad parts of the album are so bad..... i don't lik to talk bout em... oh and ya the lyrics ARE extremely immature... i would give em a 5/10...
    k, i am an avril fan, and i agree with a lot of people, this doesn't really get a 10/10. But, the songs are pretty catchy on this, and it feels like a bit of a sugar rush, something to get you up and hyper (she said she was just trying to have fun). I don't think she was seriously trying too hard, but you still have to admit that her voice can go places where most people don't even dream of, she now can (kinda) dance, play hockey, skateboards and she can play 3 different instruments. I would give this an 8/10... lyrics may not be as "deep" but all the fast songs have catchy hooks, and the ballads show her amazing vocal range. And people, please dont get into the punk or not thing, avril said a couple of times she wasn't punk, or her music. oh yea, her songs are fun to sing... and a big FUCK YOU to a lot of people here who don't respect her( i dont mean everyone who gave her a bad review, just the little ****ers who cant except that she's more famous than they are).
    there are 2 versions of TBDT album 1st is the white background, no swearing of curse words in Girlfriend, I Can Do Better, Everything Back But You and I Don't Habe To Try. These songs were censored 2nd is the EXPLICIT or the PINK background, these 4 songs above have curse words + a BONUS DVD of the making of Album Conclusion: You should buy the Explicit one, it's ****ing more WORTH BUYING!!!
    I havent purchased this album yet because I do not have the money right now but from the songs I heard on aol..doesnt seem that bad....and ppl stop bringing up my chemical romance, falloutboy...and plz do not compare that crap to blink 182--blink rules....quit using sellout btw..we live in America people...this is capitalism so stop bitching about people who make money..i bet half of you aspire to make money as well so stop contradicting yourselves...bands and singers do this $hit for a living so stop jumping on the sellout bandwagon every time some band or singer gets successful...And who gives a $hit if Avril is changing her music...Sum 41's Chuck was an amazing tranformation in my eyes so maybe you guys should stop crying about bands/singers who change...metallica changed too (i wouldnt say for the better ) but it not bc they sold out..its bc they got older. You expect james to sing about the same things he sung about when hes 17? When I get some money..I will buy this album.!
    deanosaurx wrote: i dont mind it. but a 10 out of 10 is totally exaggerated. 10 out of 10 is like....the beatles white album....maybe. id give it a 6.5 or maybe a 7. metalisimortal wrote: kop4 wrote: "HEY HEY HEY I WANNA BE YOUR GIRLFRIEND!" how can this possibly get 10 for lyrics? :S haha agreed, she;s a sell out. but she's totally hot now lol the term sell out is very ignorant. you have to take into consideration that these peoples JOBS are to make music. so if you pass up a promotion at work, then you are not a sell out. otherwise, i'm pretty sure that youd do whatever you can to get a promotion (in most situations), or pay raise in any situation unless you are completely out of your mind. so, even if they change their music to make it easier to sell, then who the hell cares. listen to whate ever you listen to, let the people who like it listen to it, and let it be.
    well considering that shes always bragging about doing her own thing and not acting like brittany and then pretty much doing everything she ever said she wouldnt and pretty much overhyping everything about herself and how 'different' and 'real' she is....i'd say she's a sell out. of course all artists grow and change but i'd agree that in her case...this is a step backwards.
    no it's not a backward step, can't you see she likes having fun, 3 years ago since UMS album is released, her lyrics are so EMO, but now she's over the EMO phase because there's n oreason to be sad and she married Sum 41's Deryck Whibley, so therefore she deserves to be happier!!!
    lol this is more than experimenting. Why the hell she attempts to rap all the time is beyond me, particularly considering she was so determined that she's a punk icon. I just think this album is so poor. I think her older music is alright, but on this album, there are two songs I like. The rest aren't even average; they actually make my ears cry. One in particular where she squeals like a pigeon, I think it's the only song ever that has ACTUALLY made my ears hurt (you know, apart from hardcore trance and the like). And really - 'she's like, so whatever, you could do so much better'... I have to say, that is the worst lyric anyone has ever written. It beats 'air hostess, I like the way you dress' by Busted. O_O
    paramount, the mere implication avril would be better than anyone else at anything, let alone myself, is just too hilarious to even contemplate without shitting my pants. damnit paramound, now i made willy wonka on the floor. You better go get the hose.
    do you think that post is necessary here? get the **** out, if you hate av, go away!!! Me as a fan of her, It's my obligation to defend her from haters. For her ex fan who became haters like clazz, GREAT MUSICIAN ISN'T SUPPOSE TO SING THE SAME SHIT OVER AND OVER AGAIN!!! Think of this, Every Avril album is unique Let Go = 2002, She's new to music business, great lyrica and music about her juvenile years. Under My Skin = 2004, Most here are personal like a diary, sad songs and close to EMO. Her grandpa died thats' wh yshe wrote Slipepd Away, She broke up with her ex boyfriend that's why she wrote the ultimate masterpiece song that everyone loves even though haters MY HAPPY ENDING. The Best Damn Thing = 2207, Like she said in the interview, she's over the personal and juvenile years because she wants to try something else like having fun and she's married to Deryck Whibley which produced the album. Rappring and cheerleady stuff are the things she never tried before in her past 2 albums, if Under My Skin is super serious, thsi album is Super fun!!! The misconception of the Girlfriend video is the ex fans assume that Avril stole Deryck that's why they hated her for that. In fact that this album is not as personal as UMS, this is having fun!!! 4th album is another material too according to my prediction. Again, Great musicians should experiment different levels of music rather than staying the same and that's the true maturity
    +1 so true I bet most people who have rated this album so low have only heard one or 2 songs at most, and therefore havent heard When You're Gone, which is purely amazing.
    Unreal! She is a poser of the highest order. Worse then any teeny bopper before her. She has this attitude that she is better then the other pop poser chicks and the fact is that she is the same as Britney. It's pure bubblegum drivel. BTW, anyone else notice that that awful girlfriend song is to the tune of "Mickey" by Toni Basil