The Best Damn Thing Review

artist: Avril Lavigne date: 12/24/2009 category: compact discs
Avril Lavigne: The Best Damn Thing
Release Date: Apr 17, 2007
Label: Arista
Genres: Punk-Pop, Teen Popm, Pop/Rock
Number Of Tracks: 12
The Best Damn Thing, in contrast, builds on every one of her bratty strengths, which makes for ridiculously catchy pop, the kind of music that provides a soundtrack for teens and guilty pleasures for everyone else.
 Sound: 7
 Lyrics: 6.8
 Overall Impression: 7.2
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overall: 8
The Best Damn Thing Reviewed by: unregistered, on april 23, 2007
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Sound: Avril's back with the third studio's album that got the earth rocking. The sounds for this new album has basically changed drastically compared to the last sophomore 2004 released album, that claimed to be much darker, Under My Skin. With claps and beats that reminds you of hey Mickey, Avril has take a step forward to try different things. it's a bit risky for her to go into different beats and go on cheerleading-beats style. She goes on rapping in some of the songs like Girlfriend, The Best Damn Thing and it sounds, just freaking bratty. But who says it's bad? Personally, the change is awesomely, but surprisingly, refreshing. The guitars and drums are definitely much more powerful because the songs are basically much more up-tempo. The rhythms are really progressive and it just makes you wanna go jump! For songs like Innocence and When You're Gone, it shows that Avril is still a good strong ballad-emoted singer. She knows how to create a ballad that as the song goes on, it creates a heavy feeling at the back with the strings arrangements, thanks to David Campbell, and her background vocals, which was really impressive. And also thanks to Travis and Luke and all other collaborators for the contribution in the sounds as well. Stevo did his part too. And all of them just rock the album out! Although the downside of this new album is that Avril is too much of a bitch and that the sounds are just damn feminine, listen to the album, or your most preferred songs, many times and you know what her voice is actually capable of. // 8

Lyrics: Personally, I feel her lyrics improved a lot more in this album. Compared to Under My Skin shallow but deep and intense lyrics, The Best Damn Thing shows that she can write pop songs without much help from The Matrix, the collaborators for Let Go. Her writing for this album shows her true style just like in Under My Skin. Although the sounds may turned freaking crappy and poppy to you, you have to give credit for her writing in some of the songs. The meanings for the album can be improved though but seriously, she is in a happy mood. She probably writes what other had experienced or just fictional characters to fill in the songs. And still, it didn't fail her as a songwriter because Avril writes songs, with only one tool of what she has. Her freaking unique edgy powerful rocking voice. And that I think no one can deny. // 8

Overall Impression: Fans may hate it. They may like it. Personally, it's worth buying. Fan or No fan, the songs in this album carry the vibes that make you wanna go rock out. The songs which I highly preferred are songs like I don't have to try. This songs remind me of Sum 41, The Hell Song, and she can really do Pop Punk. Amazing. Runaway is a "laid-back" rock song which can enticed you to just keep bobbing your head when listening to it. "Innocence" is one well-written and composed ballad that "makes you wanna cry" ( literally) and sing-a-long as you stroll down the street or sit in a park. To make a good start of your day, and keep you all hype up, I Can Do Better and Girlfriend will keep you going and get that freaking beats and anthemic sounds play in your head everytime. Don't mind about the lyrics if you must because listen to her power packed voice that builds up the energy. When You're Gone is a nice, relaxed and, for Avril, an improved ballad which just reminds you of the little memories you have with your love ones. The songs may be a little too short but still, that makes you wanna play them again and again and AGAIN. =) Enjoy the rest of the songs, especially if you're having happy times like how the married pop punk princess is feeling right now. The Best Damn Thing is an album that shows who she really is, in her bratty-side, but with this album, you can predict that Avril is just too grown-up to make another in the future like this. So enjoy this album like a Christmas Present and lets wait for the next one. All in all, Avril is still Avril Lavigne, and she had nothing else in mind but rocking herself out on stage! // 8

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overall: 10
The Best Damn Thing Reviewed by: starbomb13, on april 19, 2007
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Sound: Definitely more pop than her last 2 albums-very catchy with nice lyrical hooks and riffs. Various songs seem to be influenced with her personal favourite bands. For example, "Everything back but you" has similar drum beats to Blink 182 in their "Dude Ranch" days, fast paced, kinda choppy. "I Don't Have To Try" has singing that reminds me of the HorrorPops. Her first single from the album, "Girlfriend" is full of hooks, with stamping and clapping. Think back to the "Hey Mickey, you so fine" song. I especially love the song "Runaway" with it's acoustic strums in the verses switching out to full electric in the choruses. Butch Walker and Evan Taubenfeld are backup vocals on that track, which makes it all the better. Really, I didn't think that I'd like the new album, after I heard Avril describing it as "poppy, bratty, cocky", but surprisingly I'm impressed by the evident growth in her sound. The sound is a bit lighter, very fun, and some tracks are still mellow along the lines of "How Does It Feel" from the second album. What really defines it is the direction, her transitions from verses to choruses, the fact that the tracks will make awesome live concert pieces etc. // 10

Lyrics: Avril admitted in an interview that this album's lyrics are very light, not serious like her previous album. She wrote a lot of the songs while intoxicated, which explains the "I'll drink as much Limoncello as I can, and I'll do it again and again." This isn't to say that it's bad, just that the songs are no longer moody. Very upbeat, happy, carefree. I like the change, I would've have liked another album full of angry words. // 10

Overall Impression: My favourite songs from the album are "Runaway", "Best Damn Thing", "Hot", and "Innocence". I love how she worked with Butch and Evan again on this album, as well as Dr. Luke and Avril's husband Deryck Whibley (from Sum 41). She's the executive producer of the album, which is something different from her past CDs. I also have to mention that it isn't as polished as "Let Go," which is very nice. I am slightly disappointed that she didn't work with Raine Maida or Chantal on this one, but I guess she wanted to try something new. If lost or stolen, I'd get my pitbull to track the bastard down. // 10

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overall: 1
The Best Damn Thing Reviewed by: Jau_Peacecraft, on april 21, 2007
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Sound: Essentially the same old same old, only now, apparently, Avril doesn't feel obligated to lie. This album, if it's to be remembered for anything, is to set in stone forever, and bury the argument, that Avril Lavigne is a poser, will always be a poser, and is nothing more than transparent, pop trash that takes the minimal requirement of neurons for any human being to process. Yet another product of the RIAA poisoning the youth of today with even more "drama lulz". I would give everything this artist has produced a zero, but the rating system prohibits this. Really, I'm being generous here. // 1

Lyrics: I honestly couldn't remember any other songs or lyrics or sounds or colors or sensations, as the entire time I listened to the few songs I did, I had to shove a spoon up my ass to take away the pain. Failure. // 1

Overall Impression: Ms. Lavigne, what you've just made is one of the most insanely idiotic things I have ever heard. At no point in your rambling, incoherent response were you even close to anything that could be considered a rational thought. Everyone in this room is now dumber for having listened to it. I award you no points, and may God have mercy on your soul. // 1

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overall: 7.3
The Best Damn Thing Reviewed by: blakeeaton, on may 18, 2007
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Sound: Avril is back with a new album, and it sounds awesome. Compared to her previous albums, The Best Damn Thing is much, much more upbeat. I would highly suggest you check out her other albums before you fall in love with/hate her because of this one. Like her previous albums, it's all pretty much rhythm guitar and drums. But this time, it's much more upbeat and exciting. You can dance to this CD. It's pop rock at its fullest. // 8

Lyrics: If you are a die-hard lyric fanatic, you will be disappointed, no doubt. The lyrics on the album are very "cat" and "hat" rhyming. Songs such as "Hot" and "Girlfriend" prove this. None the less, they are extremely upbeat and fun. I could see a lot of 8th-10th grade girls relating to these lyrics. While she claims to have been "a little tipsy" while writing a few songs, they seem to be pretty planned out and always fun. Like most of Avril's songs, the talent and melody itself is in the singing. She sounds great on the album. Avril has a voice that you want to hear again and again. // 6

Overall Impression: All in all, The Best Damn Thing proves to be just about Avril's best damn album yet. I am 110% positive that many fans will be afraid to touch this album, and for two reasons. One; the look. From the album cover to her blonde hair, Avril's impression has changed a ton. Two; the sound. I wouldn't dare trying to relate The Best Damn Thing to a Britney Spears' album, but the sound is a lot more upbeat and casual-listener friendly. She went from one extreme to the next. Buy this album. Love it. Hate it. // 8

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overall: 8.7
The Best Damn Thing Reviewed by: MattTravis, on december 24, 2009
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Sound: At first, not really being a fan of Avril Lavigne, I thought the CD had lost its rock quality and given in to at first mindless lyrics. But they fit her style perfectly, and this becomes apparent after you get past girlfriend. At the time I listened to it, I didn't realise that rock music was the coded version of its true name, sex music. And this whole CD refers to sex in a non-descript way that keeps you listening. Plus despite the lack of guitar solos the instrimentals are high quality. If at first you don't like it, you will. And this probably explains frankly why the CD and the track girlfriend won a worldwide acclaim and masses of awards. Avril Lavinge did something that not a lot of rock artists have tried to do. She sold rock music to young girls and males alike, something that generally if attempt becomes a complete failer. The style she uses is very American but not in anyway as dramatic as American rock. She uses a college rock style, the sort of tracks you would get played when the bad girls are dancing with the jocks at the dance. Basically, I liked this album. On recollection to her other ablums thoguh, I personally thought it wasn't as good as its two predosessers. // 8

Lyrics: The lyrics once again fit the style. Basically guys think shes singing the lyrics to them, and yoong girls think they're singing the lyrics. What a great marketing plan. 10/10 for that. They fit the music perfectly, probably because the lyrics were written before the songs, but because I am no expert on the music of Avril Lavigne, I cannot say. Although her performance are not as emotional as her previous two albums, it is still good lyrically. // 9

Overall Impression: It seesm every ten years or so you get a major college rock song hit the charts and loads of others that fail around it. The Kinks with 'You Really Got Me', were probably the original sound, and some early Bon Jovi such as 'Breakout' also fits well into the genre. Basically, its a full college rock album, something that was waiting to be realised for years and years, and yet did not come until Avril. Personally as I know more and more like the genre, I think a standing ovation is in order. Two songs impressed me highly on ths album were the first track, 'Girlfriend', which at first I didn't like, and 'Innocence', which probably has the best instrimental supporting it, as well as the best vocal performance. I can honestly say, hand on heart, I love this album. If I were to loose it and didn't have the files backed up on my pc, I would rush out and buy it again. // 9

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