Under My Skin review by Avril Lavigne

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  • Released: May 25, 2004
  • Sound: 9
  • Lyrics: 9
  • Overall Impression: 9
  • Reviewer's score: 9 Superb
  • Users' score: 6.5 (140 votes)
Avril Lavigne: Under My Skin

Sound — 9
This new and well-produced album is a total different sound compared to Let Go. Under My Skin is more guitar driven and much more melodious. Simple piano sounds can be heard in "Together" shows how much she had changed from the last album. It is more rock, emotional and personal in a way that the sounds show the mood of the songs in this album.

Lyrics — 9
Lyrically her songs could be improved. She could have wrote more lyrics to the songs like, "Slipped Away" and "Together". But no one can deny her songs describe well how she feels about broken relationships, when her grandfather died and so on. What is amazing is that some lyrics are as catchy as the last album. "Don't Tell Me" is a more matured song of "Complicated" and the lyrics is amazingly done. It is good that Avril made contributions frm other talented songwriters and artists. Butch Walker did well for her songs, so as Ben Moody which made her single, "Nobody's Home" hot rated. Chantal did a good job with helping her in the album too in couple of songs.

Overall Impression — 9
It may not be lyrically as good as the last album but the sounds of the album bring out the song, not only the words. This album is more of modern rock which most people would like it. I like this album so far because it is well written, although could add some more lyrics, and it is well composed with heavier guitars and piano's melodious sounds. It is worth buying the album because the songs can relate to one's personal life. That's the whole amazing thing about this second album.

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    under my skin... the ulbum does what it says, gets under my skin... i cant stand the sound of avril lavigne, the sight... phwoar, what a gorgous young lady, i think i love her, but only if she doesn't sing
    I don't know why you people are trying to compare her music to different genres of music than hers. Now, i'm a complete metalhead, thats really all i listen to. But coming from a critics veiw point, this album is really amazing. The first one is too. I think you all should listen to the album and actually take it in before you write useless, uneducated comments. I've always been a fan of Av, theres a lot more to her than what people see.
    AVRIL LAVIGNE IS MY FAVORITE ARTIST IN THE WORLD. check her out live and get it through your damn heads that she actually has a natural pure singing talent. Avril is an individual and deserves way more respect than you people give her. but hey, it doesnt matter, cuz she has fans, and you dont. i LOVE this album. its so moody and incredible how she uses true lyrics about things many people go through.
    i was reading up the top of the list two people talking about how bad they thought the album was I HATE IT WHEN PEOPLE DO THAT talking about how its bad reasuring themselfs dont comment.... bet you think your real men!!!! GROW UP
    Yeah she writes most of her own songs. I'm not a big fan but the song writing is decent and deserves at least a 7. Calling it worthless is a bit strong. I'd save that for the third album, which is comparable to sewage.
    agree!!! ****ing haters here sucks!!! I'm a male fan of hers!!! I have her 3 albums Let Go, Under My Skin and The Best Damn Thing Hello!!! Avril writes her songs and co-writes. Evidence is buy the album and look at the booklet Pop singers today can't write their own songs, and that makes Av unique, she also plays instruments if you look at youtube
    Avril hasn't had any musical lessons (apparently, haha) and her lyrics are incredibly simple but you have to respect her for connecting to such a huge audience. I love Avril, and she is the only pop act I really enjoy. So, yeah. :]
    I wish to get her head and smash it with an spiked hammer, but before, I want her to listen to TRUE music (well, to music in general, something she doesn't do), like Dark Funeral, and make explode her head, then.
    go avril!!! rock on! her new album rules, it's much louder than b4, and she does more vocal stuff, which sounds amazing!!! go avril!! btw 3d album coming soon
    Ugh. Avril Lavigne is yet another example of a studio-only musician. Were it not for all the "studio magic tricks" like pitch equalizers and auto-tuners, she'd sound like a reject for American Idol auditions (just like she does live). How anyone can respect Avril as any kind of an artist is beyond me. And of course, the simple truth is that Avril is not that bright (never having graduated high school) and subsequently most of her song lyrics are shallow and vapid. This girl does not rock, she is yet another "artist" taking advantage of a pretty face to market pop that stays well within the mainstream. I dare say this is a worse imitation of punk than Greenday.
    I think UG put this review on here so everyone could trash her. There's a lot worse artists than Avril Lavigne, like the Black Eyed Peas & that Gwen Stephani solo album. The problem with Avril is she rips off other people on this album. She managed to rip off Alanis Morrisette, Green Day, Linkin Park and Evanescene on this album. I wouldn't mind getting a piece of her Canadian ass.
    y is ne one even critiqueing this album on this site cause i guanrantee you 98% of the people who come to this site hate april lagvinee ( she doesnt deserve the proper spelling of her name)
    i agree avril is one of those people that if you heard her you would want to kill yourself
    lol i think shes getting desperate all ways talking about her break ups if she needs a real man she can knock on my door any day
    indeed looks and lack of musical talent seem to be a very popular mix these days...i wonder what happened to the times when rock meant something apart from teenage overpaid rockstars breaking up with their equally overrated boyfriends. I fear the day when, like what happened to our hip hop brothers, coke dealers will be making our music and pedophiles ruling the labels.
    el drew wrote: i am disgusted by the fact that this cd is even on this website, and even more so by the fact that it got so many good reviews. you people who gave this wretched cd a decent review should all be ashamed of yourselves...
    Amen brother. This also had alot more reviews than the other new albums like "Stadium Arcadium" and "Broken Boy Soldiers". Shocking, UG should ban all these young teenage girls thinking they're rebels and showing off their aparent "angst".
    el drew
    i am disgusted by the fact that this cd is even on this website, and even more so by the fact that it got so many good reviews. you people who gave this wretched cd a decent review should all be ashamed of yourselves...
    yeah anybody who says "who is david bowie?" is neither rock nor punk in my book, if this album were stolen from me (assuming i had it in the first place) i would feel bad for the idiot thief..... and probably shake their hand and give them $10
    So basically all her lyrics are written by someone else? and all the music bits by someone other guy? heeh...i wont even bother
    ^agree dude, the users who gave her negative comments haven't listen to avril's songs yet. I wonder if they can write better song than Avril's songs, because if they can't, they don't have the right to post comments here right?