Vultures review by AxeWound

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  • Released: Oct 1, 2012
  • Sound: 8
  • Lyrics: 8
  • Overall Impression: 8
  • Reviewer's score: 8 Superb
  • Users' score: 7.2 (35 votes)
AxeWound: Vultures

Sound — 8
When listening to the record disregard the fact the this is a side project of Matt Tuck of Bullet For My Valentine listen to it with "open eyes" so to speak this is AxeWound. The sound of this record is heavy in your face music. Best way to describe their sound is if Slipknot and Pantera had a child. Track by Track: 01. "Vultures": By far the most disappointing track on the record (not saying it's bad just disappointing). I expected more from this track seeming as how its the title track and Synyster Gates wrote the solo. Vocally not to impressive. It does have have cool riff's and drums, but its not really a memorable track. 02. "Post Apocalyptic Party": This track is weird. It goes from complete heavy in your face to a little clean section back to the in your face then a unnecessary breakdown. The breakdown goes on for to long should be cut down instead of a 1:15 breakdown to at most a 30 second breakdown. It is very catchy vocal wise which is what saves this track. 03. "Victim Of The System": Okay now this track has some cool sh-t going on in it. The drumming in the intro is pretty cool and the guitar is pretty sick all the way through. This track is a pretty killer track all around vocals guitar and drums. 04. "Cold": By far the worst track on the record. Its not even that it's a bad track it's just so out of place from all the other music. Its just out of place. Guitar is pretty heavy and vocals are heavy till chorus. 05. "Burn Alive": Starts of a little to slow but it picks up really quick. This is one of those tracks that is very catchy and very heavy at the same time. The drums on this track are pretty freaking awesome and the guitars are just in your face the whole song. Vocally its pretty in your face and the chorus is pretty catchy. 06. "Exochrist": This song is one of the best tracks on the record. It's intro is epic and the riffing is epic and memorable. The combination of the drums and guitar fit the vocals perfectly. Great song its really surreal. 07. "Collide": Kinda a weird track to talk about. It's heavy and soft at the same time. Starts off with a piano but when the guitars come in the song just gets weird. This is a track you'd have to listen to for yourself. Its a good track overall. 08. "Destroy": Okay this is a good example of the "Pantera Slipknot child". Its guitars and drums are just epic and vocally insane. The song is awesome and the vocals are probably one of the best parts of this song. It has that 80's metal thing going on but modernized. Second best track on the record. 09. "Blood Money And Lies": Best track on the record fast and heavy and the best example of the "Pantera Slipknot child" it has amazing guitar parts and the drums flow with the track, the vocals are pretty stellar and are flowing with this track as well. 10. "Church Of Nothing": this ones another one of those bad ass tracks on a record. It starts out with drums then a cool little bass part and then guitar comes in. Pretty cool riffing but the chorus is kinda iffy but its solid. The riffing is what save this song and keeps it afloat.

Lyrics — 8
Overall the lyrics are decent however some tracks stand out like "Church Of Nothing", "Blood Money And Lies", "Destroy", and "Exochrist". Songs they weren't so good on were "Cold", "Vultures", "Post Apocalyptic Party" and "Collide" (well "Collide" is good lyrically but it's just not as creative as the other tracks). Liam's screams fill every song and are more understandable than your average screamer and fits the songs I couldn't see anyone else screaming these tracks. Matt's singing fits when it applies. "Exochrist" is a track where his vocals are just awesome and the screaming is awesome. "Destroy" is another track with awesome lyrics "so now the time has come to kiss your a-s goodbye" the way its whispered is just stellar and is one of the many things that make that track stick out. "Blood Money And Lies" has an awesome scream part where Liam screams "f--k you, f--k me, f--k everything" and it's just brutal. "Church Of Nothing" has some pretty awesome moments lyrically such as "we're all dead in the eyes of the lord".

Overall Impression — 8
This record is an amazing record and every song on the record is a great song not one song is horrible, their is some bad tracks but no horrible. Matt Tuck wasn't lying when he said it's a heavy record. If my physical copy was broken or lost and I couldn't find it I would absolutely buy another copy because this record is so surreal.

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    Why all the hate for Bullet For My Valentine? I'm definitely a prog metal (Dream Theater, Symphony X, etc.) kind of guy but I kind of like Bullet. I mean they aren't half bad As far as the review goes, I would listen to the record myself before I would trust this. It sounds like a mix between a box review and some one who has no clue what they are talking about.
    The jazz Man
    No I don't think he does know what he's on about. Id defiantly give it a listen first
    The jazz Man
    I like the album. It's tight and aggressive Vultures is a killer track though. I think this guy is a little hard to please at times
    Yeah he just doesn't know what he is doing. His review is VERY biased, and he probably only listened to the record maybe once or twice before reviewing it.
    He also said the solo in Vultures sucked because Synyster Gates wrote it. Syn might have a negative image from being in A7X, but he's still a damn good guitar player.
    I did not proof read this at all my apologies for all the typo's and wrong wordings, but if you don't like the review I made of the record make your own then. I appreciate the feedback positive or negative you all have given me though.
    Honestly, i like music with a mix of clean and screamed vocals, that's why I'm excited for Vultures. Post Apocalyptic Party was ok to me, but i didn't really like it. I liked Cold, even if it has a little bit too much pop element in it. When I first heard Exorchrist, I was blown away. I think it's a really great song in my opinion. I'm going to buy the Album.
    If I read the words "in your face", "stellar", or "awesome" just one more time, I was going to freak out in the office.
    The singer from Cancer bats is okay, but every other member here... writing such awful music.
    this is the first time im going to agree with sir epi. i hear no pantera, no slipknot. it seriously sounds like bfmv(at some points) with a different screamer. i tried listening to the whole album and really couldnt. the guitars are really boring, reptitive with the same metalcore breakdown esque verses. i love liam from cancer bats and old bfmv.. but this album in my opinion is weak.
    It just seemed like the band's lyrics don't fit them at all. In BFMV's "Fever", I distinctly remember Matt saying that they're not worrying about satisfying everyone, they're doing what they want, and almost all the songs were love songs or about some girl. I'm not familiar with Cancer Bats, but Mike from Glamour of the Kill is the other guitarist, and that band isn't very heavy; they're more or less another BFMV, just less corny in my opinion. The pieces don't seem to fit at all. I guess part of music is experimentation but this just seems like Matt was trying to change his initial image that he got from BFMV.
    I kind of agree. I love Cancer Bats, like Bullet and all the bands the other members are from are dgoshite!
    I think the album is great! I love these guys, not too sure if this review has been done very well though, but then again with spelling mistakes and incorrect use of 'to' and 'too' can't expect too much. I watched them last night in Manchester and they were very good. Those that say it sounds like BFMV with a different screamer clearly havn't listened to the album. These guys do some great 'punk' music.
    If Cold's the worst song one the album, I'm certainly getting this. I don't love that song, but I think it's really good, besides Liam from Cancer Bats sings for this band, they've gotta be good!
    To be honest you have to be quite impressed for what they've done on this record, after all, they wrote the album in 10 days... For **** sake have some respect instead of saying "Oh this part is quite shit, but I like this" blah ****ing blah etc Matt said its not to be worldwide successful, he and Liam have come together to do something for fun that some might dig and or dislike.
    I dunno what everybody is going on about when they say this sounds like Bullet. I hear Bullet influences, same as I hear Cancer Bats or GOTK or R2R influences, but that doesn't describe the music. The reviewer has paraphrased Matt Tuck, who said in an interview that his side project would be 'Metal as F--k' and 'like the bastard love child of Pantera and Slipknot', so his inaccurate description is not his own. I imagine compared to Fever, this would have seemed quite Metal to Matt, and if that what's inspired his songwriting, good for him, although it's not how I'd describe the album. As for everyone who has opted to have a go at AxeWound: how about you listen to the album before you go 'Oh, well Bullet, GOTK...sounds like girl's music'. Yes, it has Matt Tuck in it. Yes, a lot of people like to call him a whiny b-tch, but I ask you - have you seen his biceps? I thought this album was great. I've been really disappointed with Bullet since about 2008, and it's good to see that Matt hasn't lost it. AxeWound strikes a great balance between heavy and melody, metal and -core, screams and cleans. I thought it was killer.
    Im sorry but this album is leagues ahead of anything he did with BFMV
    I am a big fan of BFMV (haven't got into Cancer Bats... sorry C.B. fans...) but I wouldn't say that these are leagues ahead. Some of the songs are better than some BFMV's songs, but I wouldn't go that far. Personally, I think this album was pretty good, considering all the hate they managed to get before they even released the album. Still waiting for BFMV's new stuff though... one more month left...
    Cold is the worst track on the record? That's why it's made more money so far than any other track on the record right
    I don't know whether you're agreeing or disagreeing whether Cold is the worst track there. If you're agreeing, then I would agree that the beginning was sht, but then I have to disagree with you. It's a good song with a good breakdown. The bridge in Post Apocalyptic Party could have been done better, but it's done and it's been released. Barely anything we can do now (apart from ask for a re-record...)
    Knew about the band, wasn't that interested. Now I hear Liam Cormier is doing the vocals, I'm off to give it a spin.