Night Fights review by B.A.M.H.

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  • Sound: 9
  • Lyrics: 10
  • Overall Impression: 9
  • Reviewer's score: 9.3 Superb
  • Users' score: 7.6 (5 votes)
B.A.M.H.: Night Fights

Sound — 9
If there was ever a grindcore album meant to be played in a dance-oriented setting, it's this one, and yet it's brutal as well! The masterful way this album combines dance and extreme rock is reason enough for a listen! Where there are vocals they are generally the type very typical of grindcore, with most being pig-like deep guttural growls. The instrumentals are truly the highlight of the album, and their uniqueness can be entrancing. Not only is this a good grindcore release, but also a good electronica release!

Lyrics — 10
As mentioned in the sound section, the vocals are generally typical grindcore vocals, however there is a hint of raspier vocals. In grindcore it's fair to say that as long as the vocalist gets the job done they get the jon done and this vocalist certainly does! Do you really listen to grindcore for the lyrics though? Point made, the sound is what should be the main focus, so I rate this a 10 for making the vocals a secondary focus in the mix, it allows the listener to give more attention to the music itself, which really is the best thing about this album!

Overall Impression — 9
This is a superb cybergrind album, simply because it does very well adding a club vibe, but it could use slightly more variation in sound (have songs that differentiate from each other more). "Mental Heartache", "Death Will Rise", "I Believe In 2013" are tracks to check out, because they have some eerie keyboards. My least favorite track would be "Cuntgrinder" because it's too stereotypical "grindcore" in comparison to the others, "Drunken Vomiting" is a bit more stereotypical silly grindcore, but it works well. Overall tracks 1-4, and 6-13 are amazing; 14 is a toss up simply because it could be considered humor or filler, but as a whole this a worthy release!

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    Surprisingly, I like it Quote from artist page: "Im a one man band trying to get heard even when money is always tight and cant drive so stops me from doing a lot of things like doing shows selling my demos. Really life is tough as a one man band but nothing will stop me I get rep all over the world from people saying I should play shows really soon but my sound is just like devil wears prada breakdowns with beneath the massacre guitar shredding"
    Yep I do have humor. Cuntgrinder was the first nintendogore trak I made and it was thrown down to quickly. If I could I would wprk on it more and make it better
    Yet to hear it...but it is nice to hear that it is just one guy doing this video-game/grindcore thing....interesting