Down In Albion review by Babyshambles

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  • Released: Nov 17, 2005
  • Sound: 9
  • Lyrics: 10
  • Overall Impression: 9
  • Reviewer's score: 9.3 Superb
  • Users' score: 9.2 (72 votes)
Babyshambles: Down In Albion

Sound — 9
Okay, not a new album. But I would say maybe a slightly forgotten about album? Any other fans of Pete agree? A lot of shops don't seem to stock it! Well I'm going to try and remind you that it is a awesome album. I hope my review doesn't suck to much I am like new to this! I signed up like half an hour ago, as I kinda owe it to Ultimate-Guitar as it is my main source for tab. So about Down In albion! Contains 16 awesome tracks, including hit F--k Forever. The yrics rock in F--k Forever, and shows petes awesome humour by ending the song with the lines "They will never play this on the radio!" The first track on the album La Belle La Bete, has a good lively beat to it And tells a story "But you won't listen!" out the song! Also really bulids up, and features Kate Moss. The 3rd track A'rebours fits in well after F--k Forever and is followed by the 32nd of December, a mysterious track, which I can listen to time and time again! Track five is one of my favourites Pipedown, wrote about, to be honest I have no idea what, a totally random track from about Matt wanting his money back to having the right sound! To be honest this track doesnt't really make any sense and is wrote in the awesome pete doherty style. Has an kick-ass tune to it, with a jumpy feel. Next it's Sticks And Stones, a cool song with almost a ska feel to it! Next killamangiro, great song, was released and got into the UK top ten. Awesome guitar riff at start, and is about killing a man for he's giro. A totally mental kick-ass song! Then there's 8 Dead Boys, In Love With A Feeling followed by Pentonville which is a weird track to be honest not my type of song. And Pete doesn't sing in it. Babyshambles even try out some acoustic balladry at the end, such as the quiet, strangely poignant closer "Merry Go Round." A good song, very mysterious. Then you can't forget What Katie Did Next, a follow up from the Libertines What Katy Did. Written about Kate Moss, and it tells the story of Pete and hers strange love story. Theres even the quite, Albion. Which makes gives the album a soft touch and shows Petes writing talents. Written strangely, and cleverly.. won't spoil it for you I just suggest buy this album! Still sold on Amazon. COntains everything from headbanging tracks, to acostically ballads! The Sun newspaper may say Pete is a wreck, okay maybe he is when on drugs, but his song-writing amazes many people, so why miss out?

Lyrics — 10
The lyrics varie all the way through the album, from the careless ones in F--k Forever, the strange story of La Belle La Bete, the soft clever lyrics in Albion, to the perfectly random in Pipedown. Pete Doherty, looks at all aspects of life in his lyrics, even sometimes they don't quite add up. But that's Babyshambles inderviduality and total difference. Pete releases a totally different sound and storys with Babyshambles rather than the Libertines.

Overall Impression — 9
A totally varied album no songs are the same! Pipedown is my favourite, but the lyircs in albion just make you go wow! If this album was stolen/lost I would go and buy another copy whatever the price and prbably get a spare one! But don't go into Babyshambles' debut album expecting to hear a replay of the Libertines. Doherty puts in a totally new effect and makes this album rock! I love the strangeness, and unordered totally random selection of songs on the album you can't get bored of it! Trust me, Peter Doherty is an extremely talented guy and despite his drug use he is still putting out amazing music. I love every track on this CD, even the strange ones. Some People think that Dohertys mad for taking a risk and putting all these random tracks on an album. But, everyone knows that people who take risks make the greatest achivements.

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    Theres something about this album, its not brilliant its barely good but you get the feeling that it could be a classic
    pete doherty is a genius and his lyrics have always been good . he never 'tries' to get into the papers the papers go to him the fight with the photographer was provoked i love pete doherty!!!!
    hes good but he isnt awsome ....dude i like him but i dont absoloutley adore him.... hes astandard artist....y do so many ppl care...jst cos hes always in the media....ooooo if any1 else had a fight with som1 pissin em off who cares...but cos its pete doherty...GET OOOOVERRR ITTTT
    theramone wrote: hes good but he isnt awsome....dude i like him but i dont absoloutley adore him.... hes astandard artist....y do so many ppl care...jst cos hes always in the media....ooooo if any1 else had a fight with som1 pissin em off who cares...but cos its pete doherty...GET OOOOVERRR ITTTT
    the people who love him are the ones who are libertines and babyshambles fans, not cos hes always in the papers nowadays. if u didnt know who pete doherty was beforehand and started reading about him i doubt u would run out and get one of his albums cos he comes off to be the biggest piece of s*** alive. his fans like his music but hate all the coverage of him.