Roll Away review by Back Door Slam

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  • Released: Jun 26, 2007
  • Sound: 8
  • Lyrics: 6
  • Overall Impression: 7
  • Reviewer's score: 7 Good
  • Users' score: 8.6 (20 votes)
Back Door Slam: Roll Away

Sound — 8
Back Door Slam's debut album Roll Away is a blues sound for a new generation. While Back Door Slam definitely has a traditional blues sound, it is combined with it's own sound as well, creates individuality, and it feels like there are other influences on the album Roll Away, that you can hear throughout the album. First, I'll mention the different influences that were heard on Roll Away. Some of the songs reminded you of classic rock songs, and almost of Bob Seger at times. One song that had a country-western twang to it, was the song It'll all Come. Davy's use of a steel guitar gave the feeling of a country influence. One of my favorite songs on the CD was Come Home, this song sounded like the band had a lot of fun recording it, and it reflects strongly in the music. Come Home was a fun song too, it had a nice bass riff throughout the song that was pretty cool. There were a few ballads on the song and the best one in my opinion was Gotta Leave. But my most favorite song on Roll Away was the song Roll Away, this song a had a certain soul, and emotion to it, it was just a good song. The guitar parts on this song were very well written and played great. That was the highlight of the CD. Every song had it's own riff and guitar sound that gave it a unique sound seperating it from the others, while still having their signature sound consistant. The solos were great and so were the riffs, really well done guitar work throughout the whole album. The only things about the riffs were that there were not enough to each song in my opinion.

Lyrics — 6
The lyrics are just blues lyrics basicly, singing about hard times. One song that the lyrics really had meaning was on the song Stay. The song, the way I interpreted as, was about the loss as of a friend and his pain and misery having to live without his friend. But most of the songs are just blues type lyrics, that are self explanitory by the title of the tracks. The song Come Home was about his woman that was with another man, and he wanted her to come back to him, and trust him. The song Roll Away was about him leaving and maybe coming back some day. I didn't really pay much attention to the lyrics because I was too busy listening to the guitars. The singer and guitarist, Davy, his vocals remind me a little of the vocals for Bad Company. The vocals also sound a little like the vocals for Hinder, almost like Davy sings through his nose, at least that was my impression.

Overall Impression — 7
Back Door Slam has their own sound, at least out of everything I've listened too I can't really think of anyone that sounds like them. It almost sounds like it would come from the days of Don Kishner's Rock Concert. All the songs have a staple riff that the entire song is based off of, that is one thing I didn't like very much was that the songs were not very catchy or exciting. It also sound like Davy used one scale to solo throughout a lot of the CD, and did it in the same manner each time. The songs did not have enough hooks or melodys that kept you interested in the music. Like I said, the guitar work was good, but it wasn't exciting really. If I lost this CD, I probably wouldn't buy it again, but if you like blues, I would give this CD a chance. In my opinion if Back Door Slam, would put hooks, and more catchy tunes and riffs in the songs, they have will have a good future.

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    As i have know the singer for a while, played on stage at school with a battle of the bands. The words to the song 'roll away' is about him having to leave the Isle Of Man (where back door slam are from). Which can be a little daughnting i think moving from a island not many people have heard of to try and conquer America...i will tell u this everyone back here on the isle of man are damn proud of them!
    Coming from the island i know that these guys are quite simply amazing live! there album captures there composing ability. but to see the real back door slam as the performers they are is something truly epic. They suported The Who a few months back and have just got back form their 2nd america tour! its all goin well. I would recomend this album, even if its just to hum along too. I disagree with the satement made by the UG team in the review when they said none of the songs were memorable. Roll away and Come home are two songs that will glue to your mind!
    Come home has a great riff and keeps me interested the entire time. the rest of the album is good(not great) but worth a listen