Lynch The Weirdo Review

artist: Bad Acid Trip date: 10/04/2005 category: compact discs
Bad Acid Trip: Lynch The Weirdo
Released: Apr 20, 2004
Label: Serjical Strike
Genres: Alternative Metal
Number Of Tracks: 17
It's a very loud and brutal kind of music that takes a bit of listening to get used to, like the Mars Volta.
 Sound: 9
 Lyrics: 10
 Overall Impression: 10
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overall: 9.7
Lynch The Weirdo Reviewed by: feesk8ordie, on october 04, 2005
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Sound: This band has been around since 1989, with an ever changing line up and discography of EP's and compilation appearances. They are only just making their mark on the mainstream however, having released an album (Lych The Weirdo) on Serjical Strike Records (owned by Serj Tankian of System Of A Down) and supporting SOAD on the first leg of their latest US tour. Anyway, that's enough background info. The sound of this album is completely indescribable. The closest I could get is: System Of A Down's first album crossed with Frank Zappa, and the hardcore-grind properties of Napalm Death, with heavy stop-start rythms and growling vocals. The guitar work is good, again, reminiscent of System. The drumming is great, but not too prominent (some of the rhythms are so fast and incredible) and the bass-work, it doesnt really stand out. The sound is crazy and mental, and although not to everyone's tastes, it is truly unique. // 9

Lyrics: The lyrics, I think, are one of the bands strongest points. The album covers a masisve array of topics, and every song has a completely different theme. The album starts with the line "We are your sex toys, plastic c--ts and rubber dongs" and finishes with "Conquering ourselves time and time again, be alot easier if we were friends." My personal favourite songs, as far as lyrics are concerned are Wonderful Life (a political song that contains such lines as "Build bigger, better prisons for our children" and "Killing man with their disease, causing havoc, its a wonderful life"), Jump Rope-Spray Water ("Anarchy through hair dye, 'cause punk rock's just a fashion rebellion") and the apocalyptic Zombie Nation, which paints a dark image of nuclear bombs turning humans into rotting zombies ("Rotting corpses roam the streets... where the dead no longer sleep"). One piece of advice, buy the original rather than copying the CD, as the inlay is useful, otherwise you may not be able to make out any of what the vocalist is singing. // 10

Overall Impression: Crazy, dizzy and mental, Bad Acid Tripare a truly unique band with a completely different sound to anything you've ever heard before. Althogh, this album is not for the faint hearted! A completely excellent, all round album, from start to finish. But then again, what do you expect from a band on which Serj Tankian commented "If you're still standing after seeing them live, you're at their both buying the CD"? // 10

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