Into The Future review by Bad Brains

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  • Released: Nov 20, 2012
  • Sound: 8
  • Lyrics: 7
  • Overall Impression: 8
  • Reviewer's score: 7.7 Good
  • Users' score: 7.3 (24 votes)
Bad Brains: Into The Future

Sound — 8
Bad Brains are a hardcore punk band out of Washington D.C. Since 1977, this unique rock and roll act have gained nationwide attention with their seemingly strange combination of punk, reggae, and heavy metal genres, which have made such albums as "Rock For Light" and "I Against I" considered classics. And now, the Bad Brains have rocketed back into 2012 with their first album within 5 years, appropriately titled "Into The Future". And within the first few seconds of listening to the title track, I can easily say that the Bad Brains are right back to their signature style of tunage. While dominating power chords make up the song's backbone, Paul Hudson (also known by fans by his stage name, H.R.) pushes out those vibrantly dynamic vocals and singing style that fans have come to know and love. Musically, the band is tighter than ever, with raging bass beats and thunderous drum beats echoing throughout each track, which also get your foot tapping in no time. The production quality on this new album is also incredibly noteworthy, as it helps provide the entire record with a nearly overwhelming 70's classic texture and vibe. This D.C. gang gives a pretty dynamite performance on "Into The Future", that rocks so hard there's not that much for me to nitpick.

Lyrics — 7
Lead vocalist Paul Hudson has a very unique singing style and overall sound to his voice. If I had to help pinpoint it, try thinking Green Day's Billie Joe Armstrong meets Drivin' N Cryin's Kevn Kinney. Paul adds a very heavy accent into his singing, which at times can get a little tedious, but at other times it's what helps make the entire song. In other words, it's a dual edged sword of sorts. When it comes to lyrics, throughout many tracks off the new disc Paul pays tribute to Adam Yauch, member of the Beastie Boys who unfortunately died earlier this year (RIP), by referencing such songs as "Intergalactic" in his lyrics.

Overall Impression — 8
Overall, "Into The Future" is a nostalgically powerful return for the Bad Brains. Guitar playing is top notch, vocals are otherworldly, and the bass and drum beats knock more sense into you than humanly possible. What more could you ask from a Bad Brains comeback album? I was able to enjoy the entire new album, but if I were going to play favorites, I would say "Youth Of Today", "Suck Sess", and the title track are a few of this album's brighter highlights. Whether you are an existing Bad Brains diehard, or a fan of rock and roll, reggae, punk, or metal, you should be able to find at least a track or two that suits your musical tastes.

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    "Bad Brains are a hardcore punk band out of Washington D.C." Wrong... *sunglasses* They're Banned in D.C. *YEAAAAAH*
    Noice. I've heard all their stuff but only kept their first, self-titled album. I wonder why this album doesn't get included in their considered 'best works' when people refer to Bad Brains?
    Huh? I don't know anyone that doesn't think that is their best album. Black Dots is my favorite, personally.
    I think people put some of their later efforts like I Against I and Quickness (great records, btw) on the top because of the musical evolution they took with those albums by starting to flirt not only with reggae, but also with funk, metal, etc. The first album is basically a punk album with 3 reggae songs. But regardless, it's still my favorite.
    It's refreshing to have news that isn't Aerosmith, Metallica, Dave Mustaine, Axl, Slash, or Ted Nugent.
    I would rather read something about bands like Bad Brains or Killing Joke or The Cure any day of the week than every band you just mentioned.
    this isn't technically news...
    Omniscient G
    It's a music review and it's put in the music reviews section. And I don't see how it isn't news, with this being a music site this would be appropriate news. Anyway I'm stoked to see that Bad Brains are back to their roots.
    I Against I and Rock for Light are both bad ass. Build a Nation wasnt bad either. Ill probably check this album out.
    "Nationwide" replace that with international, even here in australia people know how Bad Brains were pioneers of punk and metal
    Not feeling this. H.R. just doesn't sound very good and just ruins it. The song I enjoyed the most was "Come Down".d
    Does anybody remember when HR made homophobic statements a few years back and the singer of Leftover Crack called him out on it at a concert?? It's on youtube and it's pretty funny
    Listening to this now, has a strong nostalgia vibe to it but I think the songs are mostly solid, and Dr. Know is a killer guitarist. 8/10
    "Paul Hudson (also known by fans by his stage name, H.R.) pushes out those vibrantly dynamic vocals and singing style that fans have come to know and love." Dr. Know is the guitarist for Bad Brains. H.R. is the singer.