Suffer review by Bad Religion

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  • Released: Nov 1, 1988
  • Sound: 10
  • Lyrics: 10
  • Overall Impression: 10
  • Reviewer's score: 10 Gem
  • Users' score: 9.9 (19 votes)
Bad Religion: Suffer

Sound — 10
OK, I'm back again with another review of a Bad Religion album. 1988 was the year for those guys to do a sucessful come back with an album and the reincarnation of the "How Could Hell Be Any Worse?" line-up, adding Greg Hetson (of Circle Jerks) as the second guitarist of the band, who officially became a member of the band for their 1984 EP "Back to the Known". By many, this album, Suffer, is always credited as one of the best punk albums of the 1980s (along with "How Could Hell Be Any Worse?" and this album's follow-up "No Control"). It is a must have for everybody who listens to punk rock, and everyone who knows how to play guitar. Songwriter Mr. Brett is one of my guitar heroes in the world. The other instruments are also very well played.

Lyrics — 10
Greg Graffin and Brett Gurewitz wrote some great lyrics on this album. Some lyrics to the songs off this album could be based on hard lives ("When?"), the U.S. is treated like a bomb threat ("Suffer") and funny tricks ("Give You Nothing"). I think the lyrics to "When?" are kind of hilarious (like "the world will stop turning, so will you?") and "Do What You Want" ("Break all the f--king rules and go to hell with Superman and die like a champion"). Good lord, those guys just don't seem to stop writing lots of funny lyrics, don't they? If you get Suffer, I recommend you listen to "You Are the Government", "1000 More Fools", "How Much Is Enough?", "Give You Nothing", "Land of Competition", "Suffer", "Part II (The Numbers Game)", "Do What You Want" and maybe every single track.

Overall Impression — 10
I've always been a huge fan of Bad Religion and Greg Graffin has a fine voice that sounds like Social Distortion's Mike Ness and like I said before, Mr. Brett is one of my guitar heroes in the world. This is a great album with Brett and and it does sound quite as good as the next two albums (1989's "No Control" and 1991's "Against the Grain") with original drummer Pete Finestone before his departure in 1991, nearly three years before Bad Religion rose to popularity with the "Stranger Than Fiction" album. I've always enjoyed listening to lots of Bad Religion albums with Brett in them and never liked any without him, but "The Gray Race" was a fine album, though. Over all Suffer is a higly recommended album for the guys who are into punk like me. If I ever lost it I would diffently buy it again. If I lose my own copy of this album, I'm sure I can buy a new one or just download the all songs and burn them onto a CD-R.

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    What Can You Do? is loads of fun to play. There are a lot of great songs on this CD and most of them are a minute and a half. This album and No Control are definitely the BR albums I listen to the most.