Cease To Begin review by Band of Horses

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  • Released: Oct 8, 2007
  • Sound: 7
  • Lyrics: 9
  • Overall Impression: 8
  • Reviewer's score: 8 Superb
  • Users' score: 9 (18 votes)
Band of Horses: Cease To Begin

Sound — 7
Band Of Horses's follow up to their critically acclaimed debut, "Everything All The Time" is set to be released and I've got the first review on the internet. Lead singer Ben Bridwell said about the album in an interview: "I guess the first record had some kind of country-ish leanings and things [but] I think there's maybe a little bit more of [that] feeling on it, a little more down-home, I guess, and not so much indie rock." After hearing this album, I'm going to have to say either he was straight lying or he was talking about a different album. This album is more electric based than the previous album, and in that sounds more like a typical rock album. The new album does have a bit of a country twang to it, but nothing over the top, infact it's hardly noticable in it's electric alt-rock attitude. It's almost as if you took one part My Morning Jacket and mixed with it one part Foo Fighters and one part Cold War Kids. It's a weird hybrid to be honest and I'm not exactly sure it lives up to their debut's brilliance. This time around the band works with legendary indie producer Phil Ek, who has produced bands from the iconic Built to Spill and the groundbreaking Pretty Girls Make Graves, so they were in good hands. There are parts in the album where it swooned with violins and and a grand beauty that almost escapes this album, it's a beautiful piece, but I think it falls short to their debut's power.

Lyrics — 9
Ben Bridwell (who I only assumes writes the lyrics) has written some beautiful lyrics this time. More reflective of today, and less reminscent of the past, like on the last album. The lyrics fit the music wonderfully, and his voice has really stepped up this around as well. He's vocally stunning, and now he's understandable. The reverb on his voice isn't as heavy as once was, and it really lets the lyrics become the main focus in some of the songs. The singer really impressed me this time around and I think this may be the strongest aspect of the album. I think the really amazing aspect of the lyrics comes from the first song, "I could sleep/when I lived alone/Is there a ghost in my house?" The only lyrics in the entire 3 minute song.

Overall Impression — 8
In comparision to their debut, I think it's a close call, this album is sonically more consistant, it has a togetherness that really shines unlike the last album, which was all over the place stylistically. The most impressive songs from the album are, "Is There A Ghost" a great opening (not as brilliant as "The First Song" on their last album) the beautiful "No Ones Gonna Love You" and the heavy hitting "Cigerettes, Wedding Band." The album is particularly hard to hate, and I don't hate anything about, I'm dissapointed there aren't any really stand out tracks as there was in the last album like, "The Funeral" or "The First Song." Overall this album works as a whole and it's a really nice listen all the way through. Overall, it's great, but it doesn't have the peaks of brilliance that their debut album had.

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    best new band out right now.. every song is amazing but i think my fav is "islands on the coast"... theyre destined for fame!